Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 32

“Well, Sabbath it is then.” Margret said with such pride in her voice. Mrs. Cambridge just smiled at me as I hugged the small little fur ball that began to purr more loudly then ever. The kitten seemed happy about the name as well as it continued to do that weird rubbing its head against my chest thing.

“Looks like he loves the name.” Mrs. Cambridge laughed as she continued to pet the kitten gently.

I smiled, “Yeah it looks like he does.”

“Here child. This is something to start you up with.” The old lady said as she placed a huge basket filled with what looks like a year supply of cat food on the table.

“Wow. Thanks.” I said to her gratefully as I reached up to the basket to take it but was stopped by Mrs. Cambridge who slapped my hand away lightly.

“No, I will take the basket. In the mean time, you can connect to that kitten.” She said to me as she lifted up the basket without fault.

“Are you sure?” I said to her.

“Yes I am, besides that's the whole reason why we are here in the first place.” She said to me lightly as we both made our departure from the store.

“Bye! And thanks again!” I called over my shoulder at the old lady who waved at the both of us in farewell.

Sabbath tried his best to squiggle his way out of my hand as he tried to look around his new surroundings in curiosity. I held him a little tighter for doing this because his curiosity might kill him. Ha! Curiosity killed the cat get it? Ah never mind.

Once we finally made our way to the car, I placed the small kitten on my lap before strapping my self back in and held him once more. Mrs. Cambridge placed the basket in the back seat before coming to the driver side and situated herself as well. The car ride back was a pleasant one as I played with the cat. It shocked me on much this cat means to me in the short amount of time as I continued to play with him. He had his back laid down on my lap, his arms were outstretched in the air and every time I brought my hand down gently on his tummy he would automatically lightly bite my hand as I made fake growling sounds at him. It didn't hurt when he did bite me or scratch me when I did this. In fact it tickled me so much that I continued to do this to him during the whole ride back at the house.

Mrs. Cambridge gave out light chuckles here and there as I did this to Sabbath.

“You know,” I said to her, “I am a bit worried.”

“About?” She said to me.

“That I don't know how to take care of him.” I said sheepishly to her.

“No worries. I can teach you.” Said Mrs. Cambridge as she stopped at a red light.

“Really?” I asked in a hopeful tone.

“Why not? The kitten has grown on me as well.” The lady laughed in joy as the kitten meowed as if to agree with her. I smiled another grateful smile at her as I continued to play with the black little fur ball.

As soon as we got home and parked the car, Mrs. Cambridge automatically got out of the drivers seat and made her way to the back to get the items out while I gently got out of the car with the kitten as well. I patiently waited for her in case she needed help of carrying the basket but again my help wasn't needed.

“Hayden, Lets go to your room and we can set things up for our new friend here.” Mrs. Cambridge said as she walked towards my bedroom with basket in hand. I nodded my consent and walked along side with her. I opened the door with one hand for her to enter through once we made it to my room. The room was bare, saved only with a simple bed, a few books and some clothing but all in all it was nice to be in it. It took less then twenty minutes for Mrs. Cambridge to help set up Sabbaths things in my room and even lesser time to tell me how to take care of him much to my amazement. After she was done drilling me in about how to take care of the kitten, she left to take care of some other business while I stayed in my room through out the day and played with my new found friend.

A week went by and things were starting to slowly look up for me. Sabbath also seemed to improve on his health as well as mine. We were like each others therapy and each time I was sad or depressed about a certain thing, he was always there to help cheer me up by playing with me. In a sense he also reminded me of Axel who seemed to always care about what is going on with my life and had a made a bit of an impact with it by being my first friend that started the line of small net of friends after him. I missed them, all of them. Even Sasha who was the pushy mean one of the group and kind Vivian who always seemed to never not smile at anyone no matter how horrible they are to her.

I sighed a little bit as I stood up from my bed and went towards my shelf to pull out my mothers sketchbook that I brought with me to the foster house. I was going to draw Sabbath who was sleeping on the middle of my pillow when I saw something fall to the ground. I knelt down to inspect the thing that I dropped wondering what it could be. I picked it up and opened the small paper only to see Evailynnes phone number written on it. It dawned on my that I didn't have any email contacts from Evailynne and besides, the foster home had a land line that Mrs. Cambridge reminds me daily that I could use it instead of just emailing all of my friends. I remembered telling her that I didn't have any of their phone numbers which was true but now that I have atleast one of their number I might as well call her up to see how she is doing.

I looked at the simple clock that hung from my wall to see what time it is only to see that it was four in the afternoon. Well it doesn't hurt to call her now and if she doesn't pick up then I could go and leave a message for her to call me back or something. With that thought out, I opened the door to my room and made my way to the kitchen where the land line was at. The house was quiet because Dave had some sort of sport game going on and everyone except me went there to cheer him on. They asked me if I wanted to go and Dave actually pleaded with me to come and see the game but I politely turned it down and so here I am now, in another quiet house but this one was more pleasant.

Before I could change my mind about calling her, I picked up the receiver and started dialing her number. I pressed 'Enter' on it and it immediately started to ring. The first ring went by and then the second. It wasn't until the third ring that I heard a very familiar voice answer the phone but she sounded more tired if anything.


“Hi Evailynne” I said to her on the phone.

“HAYDEN!” She yelled out so loudly that I thought my ear drum was going to burst.

“Ow.” I said on the line.

I heard giggling on the other side. “Sorry, I am just happy that I finally got to talk to you after so many days of not seeing you. Hows the trip?” Evailynne asked innocently.

I winced from what she had said. A few moments ago, I wasn't too sure on why I decided to call her but now I know.

“Actually, Evailynne. I haven't been exactly truthful to you.” I said.

“Okay.” she said, sounding a bit scared for some reason.

“I am not on vacation. I am actually in a foster home.” I said to her truthfully.

“Oh. How come?” She asked, I could practically hear the concern drip on the floor from her words on the line. I sighed, thinking that maybe I shouldn't have done this and hung up but that would be rude so I sucked it all up and I told her what had happened from the moment that my mother died all the way to the present state that I am in now. The more and more I talked to her though, the more and more the burden of years of lying to others and to myself lifted off from my shoulders and chest area.

After I vented out all of my issues to her, there was silence on her other end. I thought for moment that she might have hung up on me in the process but that was soon thrown out of the window.

“Wow. Good for him.” She said to me.

“What?” I said to her. I was shocked to hear the anger in her voice.

“He deserved it. That man wasn't much of a father to you Hayden and by the sounds of it, he never seemed like a good father to you even before your mother died.”

Even though I wanted to so badly defend my father right then and there she spoke out once more.

“And don't you dare defend him, Hayden. If you think that man ever cared about you, you wouldn't be in a foster home at all. You would be in your own house and do whatever you were doing before all of this happened. I am sorry if I am sounding a bit rude about it but you and I know what I am saying is the truth and the truth is a bitch.”

I contemplated on what she just said to me. The more and more I thought about it though, it seemed to become more logical. I thought about the many years of being beaten up from him, to having hardly anything to eat or barely had any clean clothes to wear. I thought the many times where I had to depend on the shelter truck that came to my neighborhood for the past few years as well and not once my father went to the store or asked me how I was doing. I was always the least important thing on his agenda when it came to his drugs and drinking and partying. Heck I even got raped by one of his friends and even though I didn't tell him about that, I sure as hell that he would find a way to blame me about it and accuse me of being gay even though that's not the case.

“Well what do you think I should do?” I asked her.

“Well besides the fact that you need to make that report about the rape, I suggest you just make your self at home at this foster place. Get to know the other kids and give them a chance like you gave the rest a chance back at home.” Evailynne said to me.

“I miss you guys though.” I practically cried out to her. “I really do.”

“We all miss you Hayden, even Sasha at one point stated that she missed you as well.”

“Really?” I said to her, “What did she say?”

“She said and I quote 'even though I hate to admit it, but I really miss Mr. Quiet. Everything was more interesting when he was around.'” Evailynne said to me in her best Sasha impersonating voice which she did a horrible job at but it made me laugh.

“HEY!” I heard a loud voice coming from the background of Evailynnes side.


that was when I lost it.

“Let me guess,” I said in between breathes. “She is right there huh?”

Evailynne huffed at my laughing at first but she soon gave in and laughed as well.

“Yeah, I just got inside Moon In The Cup. I have to work in a few minutes.”

“Oh, well I guess I can call you tomorrow then at the same time?” I said to her.

“Sure.” she said, by the sounds of it, she seemed to have a smile on her face.

I hung up the phone with a smile on my face.

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