Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 33

Another week went by and I had no choice but to go to the next appointment that Dr. Holt setted up weeks earlier. The only reason why I didn't go to it last week was because of the fact that I needed to set up in my new life. But this time I had no other choice but to go and even though Mrs. Cambridge is a nice lady, she gets really harsh when it comes to someone else's health in jeopardy. Something I learned the hard way when Alex refused to have a band-aid on him when he fell on the side walk. Mrs. Cambridge grounded him for refusing to do doing such a thing.

So with that said, Mrs. Cambridge drove me all the way to the hospital and stayed with me to get the check up. Dr. Holt did his usual rounds of checking up on my skull and other body parts before dismissing me on the physical pain however the emotional one was the one that made me cringe a bit.

“Hayden, how are things?” He said to me once I got dressed up again.

I shrugged, not really wanting to talk about it to him or to any other official in fear of making things worse for my father and I somehow.

“Hayden, we had to do it.” Dr. Holt said to me. His eyes pleaded with me to understand.

“I know.” I lied to him. Even though I know it was a lie that I said that to him, Dr. Holt still looked a bit relieved that he thought that I understood even though during the whole time I was away from home I had a hard time understanding about what was going on around me.

“Okay well, as for the rape test that we did on you. We are going to put it into file and look for the creep that you described to us about and have him arrested as well. In the mean time, your caregiver will contact your school and have them email your homework from all your classes. We wouldn't want you to miss out on any of your education that's why. And with that said, Hayden, everything will be okay. Just let nus deal with this. I hope that when I see you the next time that you are well better off okay?” Dr. Holt explained this all to me. That I did understood because I really didn't want to fall behind because of all the mayhem that had went around in my life.

“Okay.” Was all that I said to him. I jumped down the hospital bed and landed on the tile floor. Dr. Holt opened the for me as I exited the room with him following behind me. I walked into the lobby and found Mrs. Cambridge striking up a conversation with one of the patients right next to her.

The patient looked to be around my age. She didn't have any hair on her head and was so thin that she could hide behind a pole and not be discovered. Mrs. Cambridge looked extremely sad at whatever the young girl was saying to her but held it together once I made my appearance.

“Oh, Jess this is the boy I was talking about. His name is Hayden.” Mrs. Cambridge said to the girl whom I presumed her name was Jess.

The girl smiled sweetly at me as I awkwardly waved at her. “Hi.” I said to her.

“Well isn't he a looker!” Jess looked me up and down from head to toe. I blushed at her comment.

“Oh Jess. Stop being a flirt.” Mrs. Cambridge joked at her. Jess laughed at her comment.

“You caught me red handed, Mrs. Cambridge.” She said lightly. She even shot up her arms in surrender when she said it.

“Well I guess we shall be off now, I don't want to bored Hayden here with our banter.” Mrs. Cambridge said lightly to Jess who was still cracking up.

“Well see ya, it was great talking to you and I will let you know how the treatment is going for me so don't keep the line busy!”

“I won't!” Mrs. Cambridge said back while trying not to smile. I followed her to the receptionist desk so that way she could fill out the application and we were once set off back to home.

I couldn't wait to get back to my room and play with Sabbath after the appointment so I was practically bouncing hyperly on the seat which caused Mrs. Cambridge to giggle at my composure.

“I can see some one is anxious to get home. I wonder why.” She teased me lightly.

“You know why.” I jabbed at her lightly.

“That I do. How is Sabbath anyways? You never have him wonder out of your room. Ever.” She said to me as she turned the car to the right effortlessly.

“He is doing okay. Nothing is wrong with him at all. No signs of sickness and he is breathing a bit better. The only thing that is worrying me though is his eyes, they seem to be changing color and I don't know if that is normal or not.” I remarked as I fiddled with my bandaged hands. Its funny, ever since I left my old house I haven't been biting on my fingers as much as I used to anymore. And not only that but I also have been sleeping well into the night. I guess Sabbath is not the only one that's health is improving.

“What color is it changing into?” She asked

“Green. Electric green to be exact.”

“Oh, that's not unnatural at all then! Hayden, a black cat is the only domestic cat that has the ability to change their eye colors much like a humans except more drastically as they get older.” Mrs. Cambridge informed me. I relaxed a little bit.

“Really?” I asked, I didn't know anything about that, I thought that if the cat was born into that eye color and it didn't change at all.

Mrs. Cambridge nodded her head slightly to what I said. “Yup. So that is nothing to worry about Hayden. Although I would love to see his eyes and how he is doing. You should let him out and not be cooped up in that room of yours all day long though.”

I smiled at that. “Don't worry, I will as soon as we get home.”

The ride home didn't take too long fortunately with traffic now not in the way but as soon as we parked out at the house, Dave emerged from the house with slight frown on his face.

“Is everything okay hun?” Mrs. Cambridge said, her words were completely masked with intense worry as she rushed over to the tall boy.

“Yeah, its just that there is someone on the line that called.” He said to her.

“Who is it?” I asked, thinking that it might be Evailynne, normally I would call her at around this time but I forgot to tell her about my appointment that was today.

Dave looked at me and shrugged his shoulder, “He didn't give me a name.”

Wait, he?

“He is still on the line, in fact he just called the moment you guys came up.” Dave informed us.

Now piqued with curiosity I walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone that was left on the counter next to the line.

“Hello?” I said into the receiver.

“Well hello there stranger.” Said a very familiar voice that I knew so well.

I smiled a goofy smile on my face.

“Hey there Axel. Did you get the the drawings?” I asked.

“Yup. They are really good by the way. Ms. Brent wanted to show case it on the classroom walls when she saw it.” He said to me.

“Really? Wow” I said onto the receiver.

“Yup. By the way, how are you doing?” He asked, curiosity dripped from his voice.

I heard Mrs. Cambridge and the others come into the house, laughter erupted from them as they entered the house. I smiled at what they where doing but kept silent to what Axel asked me until I finally spoke the truth to him.

“I am doing fine.” I said.

I am fine.

After awhile of talking with Axel, I made my way out of the kitchen and into the bedroom where Sabbath jumped on my feet and started to gnaw on the top of my foot. The cat was starting to get bigger and bigger each and everyday and strange enough he had this strange thing with attacking my feet when ever I walk around my room. I remember one time in the middle of the night, I almost tripped because of this little fucker that attacked my foot like the ninja that he was. That and he is also black so it was hard to pin point him anyways into the dark as is.

“Yeah, okay. OW” I yelled out as I tried my best not to step on the bastard that attacked me. Sabbath finally knocked it out and instead decided to jump on the bed along side me. I swear, if a cat could laugh I think mine would the moment that his green eyes looked into mine.

Just as I was about to swipe at him, I heard a light knock on my door. “Come in.” I said to whomever knocked. It turned out to be Mrs. Cambridge who opened the door slowly at first but is now standing at the door frame with her hands on her hips.

In my peripheral vision, I saw that Sabbath perked up at the new comer with interest.

Probably thinking about attacking her feet. I thought a bit sourly to myself as I rubbed mine from his bite marks.

“Oh wow.” Mrs. Cambridge said. “You're right. This cat is doing really well.” she said as she automatically rushed to him. To his credit, Sabbath didn't so much as flinch as Mrs. Cambridge started to pet him once more in a loving way.

“And his eyes! Oh my god, his eyes are so beautiful!” She gushed as Sabbath continued to give his little cat hug that he loves to give to me whenever I scratch him on his chin. He is one strange cat I have to admit that. But then again, I am one strange cat owner that he has ever had.

After awhile of Mrs. Cambridge giving him some affection she soon turned to me with a huge smile on her face.

“I am so glad that we got him, Hayden.” She said with a huge smile on her face. The cat seemed to second that motion with his paws on Mrs. Cambridge's face and meowed at her. I on the other hand tried my best to stifle my laugh as I saw the look on her face when he did that.

“I am glad that we got him to.” I said to her truthfully.

And that was the truth.

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