Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 6

Loud clanging music blasted in the living room at all hours of the night, the smell of marijuana and alcohol walphed all around the house as I tried to sleep. Sounds of people moaning in the next room besides mine or in the hallways also inhabited my ears, having drunken sex inside my house. Doesn't my father know that these people are dangerous? What will happen if one of these people steal something that belonged to mom? Or to the both of us? Sighing, I tried to muffle out all of the erotic sounds that came outside by pressing the pillow to my ears. I didn't even hear my door open and close with all of the commotion until I felt a big hand rub against the high part of my thigh. I yelped in surprise which was cut off short by someone covering my mouth with their other hand.

“You make one more sound and you're dead ,got that little boy?” said a very gruff voice. Seeing as my mouth was still covered, I nodded. I was frighten beyond my wits. The man chuckled at my response, as he did, I smelt the over intoxication of alcohol and weed in his breath.

“Good.” He purred in my ears, making me shiver more in fright. This was not a good situation to be in, why in gods name did I not ever think of locking my bedroom door? The man proceeded to advance against me, stroking me in places that I do not ever want another man to touch me there in my lifetime.

Some how in all of that touching, the man managed to unclothe me and even though he was behind me the whole time, I knew that like me, he was butt naked too. My assumptions were corrected when I felt something rub against my upper leg, by this time, I began to struggle a lot underneath this sick mans grip, trying to defend what little purity I had left but it was no use, the man had a very tight grip on me. “Nice try, little one. But I seen you all the time, watching you. I know all of your weaknesses.” He whispered into my ear.

Tears threatened to spill over my cheeks.

“Please. Don't!” I begged him through muffled whispers.

The man chuckled maliciously once more at my pathetic plea for mercy.

The pain was intense with every thrust he gave into me. I screamed in muffled pain as my whole back side was being unnaturally stretched by him. Over and over, I begged him to stop but the only replies I got from him was exotic moaning all through out most of the night. It wasn't until I felt a very strange flow of warm liquid fill my bottom up that the man thankfully stopped and pulled himself out from me. After he did that, he released the iron grip on me only to pull my head up by my hair and kiss me roughly on the lips before separating from my room.

That was the most terrifying moment I have ever experience. Tears weld up in my eyes as I painfully sat back up and tried my best to move out of the bed and clean up this disgusting mess that the man left behind for me to clean up. I was appalled that these kinds of things happened to me, and even more upset at myself that I didn't even think of locking the door when all these people were coming over to my house at this time of night. If I just locked my door maybe this wouldn't have happened. I would have evaded this whole situation entirely. But I didn't and I am suffering because of my stupidity.

After I tried my best to clean up the mess, I made sure to lock the door this time and went back to my now bed sheetless bed and laid there crying the whole night away. What have I gotten myself into?

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