Boy of Sorrow

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Chapter 8

The day went by slowly and gradually as I waited inside the library, trying to do something over there to entertain me as long as possible so I don't have to go back there any time soon. I mostly browsed the book shelves looking for something good to read which is indeed possible because number one I am a very picky reader to choose a book that I deem as a good book and number two my mind keeps on wondering back to Axel. Why was that guy so interesting to me all of a sudden? Shaking my head once more I decided to sit down at the computers table and logged into the libraries internet access once more. Once there, I checked my emails only to receive a chat from a user called BloodmoonKnight automatically pop up on the screen. I hesitantly clicked on it, vaguely thinking that it might be spam or something but what I read shocked me.

Hey Hayden, what are you doing right now?

I hesitated once more, the reply was sent not too long ago so the user might still be on. Instead of answering his question I asked my own.

Who are you?

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, this is Axel. I asked Sasha the other day if she had your cell phone number but she said that you just gave her your email address so she gave it to me.

I contemplated this before replying. This seemed plausible, I did give her my email address so it was possible for her to give it out to someone else without my permission. I began typing once more.

Yeah that seems like the thing Sasha would do, BTW aren't you suppose to be working? :P

I added the little smiley thing to show him that I was teasing him, it sounded strict and mean without it that's why.

I heard a light bing! Sound, stating that I received a new message by him.

Nope, I got out of work early because I was a good and hard working worker over there. About fucking time those snooty tooty fuckers said something nice about me! Haha. Do you want to meet some where?

He typed.

It took me a moment to reply back to him, did I want to meet him? Or did I want to wander about doing nothing all day once more? I typed back at him.

Sure, where do you want to meet?

At the Moon In The Cup restaurant I am already there anyways.

His reply was very quick and instant as if he really wanted me to be there that badly. Before I could second guess my self the twentieth time that day, I sent him a quick chat stating that I would be there in a jiffy. Logged out of the computer and practically ran out of the library once more.

“So wait.” Axel said to me, “You never heard of Sword Art Online?”

“Should I know it?” I asked to him curiously as I tentatively sipped my coffee that Axel persisted that he would buy me once he learned that I had no money on me. It embarrassed me to pieces that I said that to someone like him but I hated lying to him and so far, I lied to him so much that I couldn't keep count of how many times I lied to him during the short time we known each other. I even had to lie to him about my hands being bandaged up as well.

“Well if you are into Anime, then yeah. You should know it.” He said to me incredulously

“What is Anime?” I said to him stupidly, the look on Axel's face that he gave me looked as if I asked him to strip nude in the streets and dance right in front of me.

“You. Don't. Know. What. Anime. Is?” he said to me, abbreviating every syllable and word in his sentence.

He searched my face seeing if I was kidding or not. Eventually finding out that I was telling the truth, he gave out an exasperated sigh.

“Anime is like Japanese cartoons except waaaayyyy cooler.” he explained to me.

Wow there was a lot of things I didn't know about him. First he reads and works at a book store, now he watches Japanese cartoons? He must have read my mind because he later on said something that made me feel a bit good about myself.

“You know, you are the only one that I tell these things to. I don't know why I am telling you these things about me considering I like it when people talk about my bad boy streak but there is something about you that I like. Try not to ruin it okay?” He said this in a serious tone that I answered him immediately.


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