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Chapter 8

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"Isn't it a good day today?" I moaned happily, "It is, isn't it?"

"Okay...what's wrong with you?" Dylan exclaimed alarmed.

"I don't get what you mean." I mumbled and reached for his fries.

We were sitting at the school cafeteria having lunch, while waiting for the bell to ring for the third period.

"You've been beaming all day, it's getting really uncomfortable. Wait, is this another girl thing? You can tell me, right?"

I giggled at his reaction, he's acting like the first time he found about period in biology class, it was so hilarious.

"You're going nuts, Alison..."

"Stop it, I'm just really excited today." I partly lied.

I got up suddenly and gathered up my things, shoving them into my bag,

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Skipping class," I replied simply.

"Woah!..." Dylan gasped, "First of all, I'm the rebellious one here and, secondly What's gotten into you today?" He yelled, attracting people's attention, "You are acting like me and I'm acting like you."

"Are you coming or not?" I waved in,

"What about Jason?" He asked looking out for him,

"He's outside, we will be back before he notices." I picked my bag and began jogging through the crowd of people in the hallway.

"Wait up!" Dylan exclaimed, running after me,

We managed to sneak out of school and boarded the bus to the city without getting noticed.

Sometime later, Dylan and I were skating at the ice hall, we were the only ones on the rink, so I took the time and practiced some new moves coach taught, whilst trying to escape from my excessively joyous mind,

"So what's really going on with you?" Dylan asked, trying to catch up with me, he was terrible at skating.

"I made the figure skating contest, which also on my birthday, so I guess you can say I'm really excited." I tell him, which wasn't exactly a lie, I did get in, I just haven't told anyone yet.

"That's amazing, Alison."

"I know." I smiled, gliding in circles.

"That does explain a lot." He said,

I was just glad the conversation was over, because it would have gone really weird quickly.

'Hey Dylan, by the way I kissed my guardian, which his way older than I am and I liked it, so much that I really won't mind doing it again and again...'

He would freak and probably confront Mr. Hertz, which was the worst thing that could happen.

"Does Mr. Hertz know?" Dylan asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

"Wait, What..?" I stopped moving abruptly,

Did I think that out loud?

"About the contest?" He said again and I sighed sharply in relief,

"Not yet.." I answered and continued skating, "I plan to tell him tonight." I went on gliding and smiling,

"I hope it goes well." he said.

"Me too."

I was enjoying practicing, until Dylan cut down the fun, "Okay, let's get you back to school and probably check you in that school clinic."

He held my hand and dragged me along.

"I don't want to go back, let's just go somewhere else, let's go to the stadium."

"School clinic it is." He said, dragging me towards the bus station.

"You're no fun." I grumbled.

He shook his head, sighing, "Women and their periods." He muttered.

"I heard that." I smacked his arm..

He just snickered and held my hand tightly, helping onto the bus.


After school and hours of trying to convince Dylan that I wasn't going nuts or crazy as he said, I made it home without getting in trouble, they didn't notice.

"Henna!" I screamed as I ambled towards the kitchen.

"Child, stop screaming." I heard her scold,

I grinned running into the kitchen to her.

"I just missed you so much."

"Where's that hug then?" She made a really cute sad face.

I snickered and plunged on her, she lost her balance but managed to gain her composure again.

"Alright, alright," she said, trying to get loose from my hold, I let go of her and shook her head with a smile, "Go shower and come help me prepare dinner..." she said,

I nodded and ran upstairs.

I showered and wore on some clean clothes before making it downstairs? I could already perceive the aroma coming from the kitchen,

"Help me set the table." She said as I stepped into the kitchen.

"Okay..." I walked to the drawers and pulled out two sets of clean plates, since it was just the two of us.

"What's for dinner?" I asked while setting the table.

"Spaghetti and meatballs." She said.

I burst out laughing hearing those words come out from her.

"What's funny?" She asked clueless.

"I mean what's next Mac and cheese?" I joked, Henna never permitted such foods in the house, she called them poison...

"If you don't like it, I can make you something else." She offered,

"I thought you were into the healthy living?"

"Well, I thought you might want to try something different tonight." She said with a polite smile, "but, don't you get used to it, it's just tonight."

I chuckled,

"Thank you."

"Now, let's eat before dinner gets cold..." She said and we got settled in, Henna dishes out mine on a plate, before doing the same on hers.


"So, did anything new happen in school today?" She asked, and I shoved a spoon full of spaghetti in my mouth. "Easy child..." Henna cautioned sharply.

"I-I just really love spaghetti, plus this is really delicious," I said with a mouth full,

"I'm glad you like it." She smiled.

We continued eating when a voice interrupted.


"David?" Henna gasped, "You're here?"

Mr. Hertz never came to this part of the house and I mean never, you could imagine Henna's shock seeing him here.

"What's for dinner?" he asked, still in his work attire.

"Spaghetti and meatballs," Henna whispered shyly, I looked down at my plate suppressing my laugh, "It's for Alison, I made you something else."

Sighing, he pulled out a chair and settled in front of me,

"Can I have some?" He refers to the food on my plate.

"Of course." Henna said getting up to pull out an extra plate for him, leaving us alone.

I tried not to look at him,


"How was school?" He asked as if taunting me, from my speech last night.

"Fine." I mumbled, focusing on my plate, with the way I'm feeling I could jump over the table and kiss him any second now.

"Here we go." Henna returns with an extra plate, she apologized for the mess, while dishing him a plate.

He stared at it for a split second, probably checking if it was safe to eat before he began eating. ...

We hadn't even noticed we were gawking at him, until he spoke up, "Is there something on my face?"

We startled focusing on our plates,

Dinner was fairly quiet after that. How he could sit there and act as if nothing happened between us baffled me, I was at the point where I almost felt like I imagined it.

"Any plans for your 18th birthday?" Henna waved in dragging me out of my thoughts, I smiled at her, "I'm going to bake you the sweetest cake."

"I almost forgot about that," I muttered and glanced towards him. He ate whilst his eyes were glued to his phone,

"Excuse me, " Henna got up and wandered out of the kitchen, leaving us alone again.

I just sat there glaring at him, waiting for him to acknowledge what happened last night, he couldn't just ignore that he kissed me.

I cleared my throat,

No response,

I cleared my throat again,

"Do you want something?" He asked, his eyes still glued to his damn phone. I bit down my lips apprehensively, before muttering the most regrettable question,

"I want to talk about what happened last night?" I said without thinking.

"What happened last night?" He had this expressionless tone like he had no idea or clue of what I was talking about, "Huh?"

I chuckled shockingly,

"You're kidding me, right?" I snapped.

He doesn't answer, or even look at me,

"I know I'm clueless, but I couldn't have been that bad." I whispered again.

His eyes flickered a bit before he covered it up with a scowl and then dropping his phone he looked me in the eye and said,

"Alison, whatever you think happened was nothing, just a drunken mistake, so I suggest you get over any ideas you've got piled up in your head."

Then, he got up and walked away like he didn't just break my heart into a million shreds.

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