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Chapter 10


David Hertz

I stood blankly staring out my office window, deep in thoughts,

"Convincing the Hilton's to sign this deal would be a really hard thing to do, especially with the line of competitors--" Bate my attorney tried to reason with me, for almost an hour, but my mind seemed to be going on and off.

"What's up with you man?" He snapped in irritation, it was a crucial deal and I wasn't showing enough enthusiasm, "What's wrong? You've been extra moody lately and usually, I don't mind your moodiness but this deal is all you and I have been discussing for months and now we might stand a chance of losing it."

I sighed and walked to the side bar in my office, "Any news from the Hiltons?" I asked.

He groaned,

"Where's your mind at man!?"

I poured myself a glass and gulped it, "Get me that deal, Bate. At this point, I don't care how you do it..." I uttered and went to my desk, "No more excuses."

"Done." He said, changing the subject immediately, "I heard you sent search trolls after him Matt, any luck?"

Bate and I are one of the only people who aware of Alison's identity. "Apparently he had some work doneone his face after the incident, making it hard for anyone to recognize him... He could be anyone, placing Alison in more danger."

"That bastard," Bate cursed under his breath, "Explains why you are in this mood, you have to explain to her the plan before it is too late."

I changed to the previous topic,

"We need that contract with the Hilton's to be done with, I don't have to remind you how crucial this deal is and we no longer have that luxury of time."

He nodded understanding,

"I'll mark another meeting with the Hilton's." He said, checking the time and gathering himself to leave, "I will keep you posted." He turned to leave, but stopped on his tracks, "by the way, Isn't Alison turning 18 in two weeks?"

"Out, Bate?" I snarled.

"That would be the worst time to tell her, no one wants to hear that on their birthday." He continued, not minding my warning to stop talking, "I advise you tell her after--"

"Bate!" I warned,

"Alright." He left finally.

I sighed and leaned my back against the chair. Ali has been on my mind a lot recently, I shouldn't have kissed her, I'm aware.

I shouldn't even be hovering any sort of ideas for her. But lately, that's all I do, my emotions seem to be getting the best of me,

I can barely control myself around her, she's become like a strong magnet attached to me, it's fucking insane how she makes me lose myself control in a beat.

It was a different feeling nevertheless, there's this thing about her that compels me to want her, maybe it's her aggressiveness or her strong will to fight for her right,

I don't know what it is, but it's enough to spark an uncontrollable fire, that night I wasn't able to suppress it and at the heat of the moment, added to the alcohol mix. I kissed her, while kissing her, I had to withstand all instinct not to have in my arms,

But, I have waited for 18 years lias George asked of me, what's another two weeks before she becomes mine.


After a hectic day at the office, I drove home to find Henna lingering in the halls,

"Good day." She greeted, I nodded, walking towards my bedroom, "Hectic day?" she asked, following me.

"Yes.." I answered,

"I will make you a cup of fresh relaxing green tea to calm your nerves." she offered and I nodded, "Before you do that, tell Ali to see me,"

"Ali is with a guest, " She cut in,

"Olivia is here?" I asked surprised.

"No, this seems like a friend from school," She said, I stopped abruptly on my tracks.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"What?.." she panicked.

"Where's Alison?" I snarled.

"In the living from." She quivered. I just wanted to see this friend of hers, I thought as I made my way towards the living room. As I approached it, I could hear giggles and laughters, which were obviously coming from Alison.

Then a male voice, that instantly got my blood boiling and without thinking I stormed into the room. "What the hell is going on here?" I let out in anger as I witnessed the sight right in front of me.

They were kissing in my living room!

There was instant scare writing all over Alison's face as she pushed him off her, suddenly all my attention was focused on her.

"Mr. Hertz," She called in a trembling tone.

I moved further into the room, controlling every step and ignoring every instinct telling me to punch the living daylight out of the boy--

"It's not her fault." I turned my gaze from her to the obnoxious teenager, who's obviously unaware of the gravity of what he had done,

"You are?" I asked.

"Dylan Parker." He said stretched out his hand for me, "It's a pleasure to finally met you sir."

I ignored it,

"Explain what was going on Dylan?" I asked in a calm but threatening tone.

"Sir, I like Alison a lot." He turned and smiled at her. Alison, on the other hand, seemed extremely worried as he went it became evident, "And with your permission sir, I would like to take her out on a romantic date."

Her eyes shot wide

"Really?" I took a step forward.

"I promise to take good care of her, sir."

"And if I say no?" I asked him, "What would you do?"

He gazed at Alison, before turning to answer me, "Then you would leave me no choice, than to do it behind your back sir," I did admire his courage, no one had ever challenged me the way he just did, not that they lived long enough to tell the story, "either way sir, I'm taking Alison out on a date."

"The answer is no and I don't want to see you an inch close to her or you would have me to deal with it, now leave before I change my mind."

"Sorr, sir...but that can't do."

I snarled, "You don't want to test mypatience, boy,"

"With all due respect sir." ge He eyeballs me. "I'm not scared of anyone," he said with no trace of fear in his eyes, who's this kid?

"Dylan I think you should leave." Alison cut in,

He scrambled to her,

"I'm sorry."

"Please, just leave." Her voice trembling,

He stormed out of the door and as soon as he left, Alison turned to me,

"What did you do that for?" she snapped, "Why won't you just leave me alone?"

"Is that what you do in school, huh? Go around kissing every boy that shows you a bit of affection." I spat and instantly regretted in,


She laughed shockingly,

"Is that how you see me now?" she whispered almost in tears, "A cheap slut in need of affection."

"Alison, that's not what I meant..."

"I was such a fool, to think it was something else that made you treat me the way you did," she said and stormed off.

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