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Chapter 11



I'm sure you thought my life was a fairytale, you know the one where the princess falls in love with the prince and they live happily ever after,

But that was far from it, It was more like the princess got knocked up by the prince and made her life miserable.

My name was Anne stele, I did come from a wealthy family, I just married into one.

Before then, I had my life all figured out, I planned to go to college, get a good job or maybe my own coffee shop someday, I guess the universe had other plans for me,

It all started when I met George Stone, anyone would have completely fallen for him, he was perfect, in every aspect, he was charming, funny, handsome--

I fell for him the moment I set my eyes on him, he had a friend with him at the time, who was very handsome as well, his name was David Hertz, they were always together, though David seemed more intimidating than George,

George was the friendly and funny type.

I worked in a local coffee shop at the time and they stopped by every morning to order the exact same coffee, Black chestnut coffee with no sugar or cream, and I always took their orders.

One particular morning, I walked to their table to take the orders, like every other day, foreseeing the same routine, where they completely ignore me, I mesmerize over George, they get their coffee and I walk back to the counter feeling satisfied and fulfilled,

I guess that day the universe finally heard my cry for his attention, "What's your name?" George cut in as I was placing their orders.

"Huh?" I exclaimed, wondering if I was daydreaming again.

"Your name?" He asked again, a bit of humor in his voice.

"Anne." I managed to reply, between my shock.

"Anne..." he repeated with a smile, there was something about the way he called out my name that made my body shiver in excitement, "Do you make the coffee?"

I nodded, blushing like a love-struck teenager, talking to her crush for the first time,

He chuckled, about to say something else when David cut him off. "Let her be George, I'm sure she has other things to do."

I wasn't complaining, I wanted to yell.

He smiled apologetically, before switching politics with David. I took that, as my call to leave, but it didn't stop me from blushing all the way back to the counter,

Later that night, I was locking up the shop when a voice startled me from behind,

"Anne, right?" A voice like George Said from behind.

I sighed, "Anne, you need to get a hold of this mind of yours, before it gets you into trouble--" I cautioned myself, believing it was my imagination playing pranks on me, since George had no reason to be here, more or less talking to me.

"Is this a bad time?" The voice spoke up again.

"Get out of my head George Stone!" I screamed.



I turned quickly and froze,

"I just want to talk." he uttered amusingly, "I'm not here to hurt you or anything."

He was really standing there!

He was right in front of me!

My cheeks turned tomato red with embarrassment,

"Is this is a bad time?"

"Yes..No, I mean, I thought you were someone else." I rambled with words.

I watched him step further, until they were a few inches between us, then he leaned to my ear and whispered,

"I think about you too." I could sense a boyish smile forming on his mouth as he said it,

That was it,

My cheeks turned hot blood red with embarrassment, I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me right there at that exact moment.

He chuckled,

"How about I take you out for lunch?"

How could I have possibly said no to the man, he was sweet, charming and irresistible, I was completely smitten and you know what they say about blind love....


Two years later

This was supposed to be a quiet and lovely dinner with George's family, at least that was what I thought when I got an invite. But instead, It felt like I was in the middle of a battlefield,

They never really accepted that George and I were engaged to be married, so I should have known there was more to the invite,

"I'm not giving up my baby for some stupid business deal gone wrong." I yelled at George's father who was sitting comfortably across from me.

"No one is asking you to give up your baby," he said in a calmer voice, while sipping his cup of coffee.

"We want our unborn granddaughter to be betrothed to Matt Miller, Joe miller's younger son, that's when she's of age, of course, it's the only way to prevent our company from going bankrupt, all you and George have to do is say, you accept, that's all..." George's mother, Maryan explained like she was talking to a 5year old.

"I'm not going to subject my daughter to a loveless marriage because of some stupid company."

"We can do this without you...We just thought it would look nice to inform you first, since unfortunately you're the mother," she said,

I looked over at George, who was oddly quiet, like this didn't affect him as well. I knew he feared his parents, but this was about our daughter's future for Christ's sake, I expected him to act.

"George!" I yelled at him.

He turned and looked at me, a sorry expression writing all over his face.

"Say something." I screamed at him,

He opened his mouth to say something, but closed them back up almost immediately.

"George." I screamed disappointedly.

"We should leave." He finally spoke and walked away, without even lifting his parents a glance.

"Unlike you, he understands what this means for our family." George's mother waved in.

I scoffed in disbelief, but stood up gradually to leave. I decided to give her a piece of my mind, before leaving,

"Maryan, I understand you don't have a daughter." I could feel her anger gradually rising as I continued, "Which is why I don't expect you to understand how this feels, but as a mother, you should be ashamed of yourself." I said and stormed out the door before she could pounce that anger on me and my baby.



I barged into David's office without knocking, I could care less at that moment. I wanted friendly advice and David was sure good at it.

"You know, there's a door for a reason." He uttered, his eyes focused on his desktop.

I took a seat,

"Can we talk?"

"Hold on a second." He said, smiling at something on his desktop.

Watching him carefree like that, made me wish I was free and young again, without all the mess in my life.

I mean who would have thought getting a girl I love pregnant would come with this so much fuss.

The night Anne told me she was pregnant, was the sunniest day of my life,

I couldn't stop imagining the joy of being a father, having a proper family and being the better father than mine ever was, I wanted to be there for my child,

"You okay?" David chirped in.

I shook my head, "I need your help."


David remained silent for a while, consuming everything I had told him,

"And, Anne?"

"She's devastated."

"As she should be--" He told me.

"She's special."

I smiled at the thought of the first time I built up the courage to speak to her.

David and I used to stop by the coffee shop she worked at every morning before going to work, I just enjoyed watching her at the counter.

It amazed me how despite everything that's happened, she still manages to smile once in a while,

There was a knock on the door, interrupting,

"Enter." David ushered and not a second later, a lady whom I am assuming is his new secretary walked in,

"Sir, miss Keila is here to see you." She said.

"I'm in a meeting," he said, waving her off.

"But, sir."

"Out, Nicole."

She sighed and walked out of the door, muttering things only she could hear under her breath, "What's with the slutty secretary?"

"Slutty, but efficient."

That's all he said before averting the topic, "Have you tried getting in touch with Matt?"

"And say what? He's just a kid, he obviously has no say in this."

Matt Miller was the supposed son of the millers, he had only one goal in life, which was getting his step-father to accept him amongst other sons, this is a perfect opportunity for him to do that,

"You know, I thought of leaving the country with Anne."

"You can't run away from this George, remember the last time." He was right, if there was one thing my parents were good at was hunting people down and making people's lives a living hell,

"Then this leaves us with the inevitable choice." Which I had been hoping, I wouldn't have to subject myself to, "There is only one way out of this?"

He raised an eyebrow,

"Which is?"

"We wipe out the millers, every last one of them."

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