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Chapter 12


On the day of my figure skating contest, which also happened to be my birthday, I was a nervous wreck. .

I stared at myself in the mirror, taking deep breaths, but nausea hit me and I had to vomit, emptying my stomach.

My hands are shaking and I was completely ruining my make-up and dress. Will I be even able to skate? Because right now it feels like I have two left feet.

I thought, sighing repeatedly in frustration,

"You're nervous, It happens to the best of us. It's just the nerves. Try not to think about it too much, yeah?" coach said softly.

I nodded and went out to catch some fresh air, texting Dylan on the way.

The arena was filled with people, with skaters waiting to go on the arena and skaters coming out from the erana, some happy, some scared and nervous, terrified.

I saw Henna and Dylan walking to the security and I rushed out to let them know they are with me,

"Aww, Ali, you look so pretty...." Henna gushed, pulling me into a hug, before breaking away to look at me, "David said, good luck."

"Let me guess, another meeting?"

Henna hesitated a bit, muttering.

"He had an important meeting, you know he would have loved to be here."

"That's so nice of him." I said sarcastically, "And, I bet he forgot my birthday again."

"He just has a lot on his plate."

I rolled my eyes, I didn't know why I hoped he would be here, he's pretty much been avoiding me since then.

Dylan reached and hugged me,

"What's wrong?" He asked me with his low voice, only for my ears.

I closed my eyes and breathed in.

"I'm just such a nervous wreck and I couldn't calm myself down." I admit to him. I feel him squeezing me even tighter to his chest. "You're going to go into that arena and own it. You busted your ass at the practices, pops, you'll be amazing."

I look up at him, resting my chin on his chest, smiling. I liked how we could put the awkwardness between us aside and be there for each other, he was my best friend.

"I'm going to ruin my make-up." I laughed, I actually forgot that I was wearing make-up.

"Ali!" I hear couch calling out for me,

"I have to go."

I hugged them again before leaving,

"Break a leg." I heard Dylan yell after me, "Not literally, because that would suck."

I chuckled and ran inside,

It was strange how I didn't feel nervous anymore, knowing that the people that cared about me were here to support me.

After warm up, It was time to put on my skates, making sure they're not too tight or too loose.

When I stand on them, I come to the coach's shoulders with the height difference. "You are next. Remember, be confident on there, be elegant and remember to keep your legs stable when you land from axles and when you're doing the Biellmann. Also, watch your loops. Now, go out there and show the world what you're made of!"

I take a deep breath before really going out there.

I stood at the entrance and waited for the music to start, my head down, my arm raised high, my right knee softly bent.

My heart beating hard in my chest, my palms sweating and I couldn't breathe enough to calm myself down.

Thinking about Mr. Hertz not being here wasn't helping either, even after I left the flyer at the door reminding him, he still didn't show up--

I took in a leap of breath and tried not to think about him or of all the people whose eyes were on me. When the music started, it was my cue to move.

"Now let's welcome, Alison stone."

Everyone starts to applaud, I could hear Dylan, whistling and cheering for me from a distance,

"Go, Alison, you can do this!"

The light was shining brightly on me and with every move I made, I saw people all around me and it made me anxious.

I knew the choreography by heart now. I could also do it with my eyes closed, but that won't stop me from messing up, especially with my mind lingering up and here.

I had to keep it steady,

I do my loops perfectly, I do the double-axel and land without any trouble. What I most feared was a twist flip, it was the hardest move for me.

I manage to do it.

I won't say it was perfect, but at least I did it, I continued without messing my routine.....

I was happier when the song stopped, which meant it was over.

I ended the performance, breathing hard.

I put a big smile on my face when the applause started and then I ran out, coach was already standing at the exit, holding a sweater for me to put on.

"I noticed you had troubles with your foot. Did you hurt it?" She asked,

I shook my head and she grinned,

"You did great? I'm so proud of you, the results would be out tomorrow, go have fun, Happy Birthday."

"Thanks." I told her and went inside to change, before leaving to meet everyone outside.

"You did great!" Henna was the first to exclaim, I only managed to give her a small smile. I was still high on the adrenaline pulsing through my body, It felt like I had been in there for an hour, but it had only been a few minutes.

Dylan comes and wrapped his arms around me, "You were amazing out there, pops." He whispered in my ear.

I thank him and pull away. We start to walk to the car, "Henna, if it's okay, Dylan and I would like to go to a party?"

"I don't see why not, David did say you could have as much fun as you needed today."

"I mean, without them..." I said, glancing towards Jason and Sam, they did too.

Henna shook her head, "Alison, you know how Mr. Hertz would feel about you walking around alone." Of course she would say that.

"Well, he's not here, is he? it's my birthday and you said, he said, I could have as much fun as I wanted." I argued.

Today was my birthday, I finally turned eighteen and I would rather not spend it locked up in that cell of a house, wailing over him.

Henna was reluctant but she gave in eventually,

"Fine, but no late nights, you have until 6 p.m.--"

"Thanks.." I didn't wait for her to change her mind before dragging Dylan with me.

"Where are we going?"

"Anywhere you want!" I yelled,

Dylan grinned, jumping and squealing in joy. "I never thought this day would come, I know the perfect place."

We got in the car and hit the road,

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