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Chapter 13

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David Hertz

"Sign here," Bate instructed and I signed, he flipped to the next page,

"And, here." I signed again, "And, here and It's done." After months of bargaining, I finally acquired one of the biggest hotels in the city,

"It was nice doing business with you, Mr. Hertz." Jon Hilton said, extending his hand for a handshake,

I took it,

"Likewise, Mr. Hilton." I said,

"I'll take my leave now," he got up to leave, "be good to my baby or I will hold you accountable." he laughed and left,

Bate yawned tiredly, throwing himself on my couch, "We should celebrate..."

"I need to get home," I said, glancing at the time.

"What's the rush, it's such a beautiful city, gorgeous women." It was Alison's birthday and I had, instructed Henna to give her anything she wanted, I wanted her to have as much fun as she could get before I tell her,

"You can stay back and party all year if you want, I'm going home."

"Tempting.." he stretched himself on the couch, "Whatever happened to you man, you used fun, you used to be my wingman, remember, Keila, huh?"

"Today's Alison's birthday," I reminded and his mouth gaped open,

"Oh! Makes sense, I see why you're in a hurry," He sat up, "And, you are going to tell her, aren't you? Poor girl she has no idea what or who is coming for her."

I leaned on my desk,

"I need to tell her before it's too late, Matt could be anyway and now she's 18, I can't constrain her..."

"What if she opposes the idea? I mean, no disrespect, but the girl hates your guts."

"Then, we would let her be and find another way, as you said George had instructed."

He nodded,

"But, look on the bright side, If she does accept your proposal, you my friend will be the richest man on planet earth."

"I'm not eager about the money," I tell him plainly, turning to look out the window.

"You've thought about it, haven't you?" He winked, "Having all that money to yourself---"

"Don't you have somewhere else to be?" I shot at him,

"For a matter of fact, I do, some of us don't have millions lurking around in the bank." He dusted himself up to leave, "On a serious note, remember, whatever you say or do tonight, do not mention the arson or the whole plan will go down the drain." he said and left.



I stormed into my parent's condo apartment in anger, until then I didn't see them for the monsters they were. How could they do that to me, their own son,

The fact they dragged their grandchild into it made me feel even worse.

"Dad!" I screamed as I searched everywhere for him, mom didn't have the brains for those kinds of stunts, so it was all on him.

"George!" Glenda called, bringing my attention to her.

"Where is he?" He gritted.

She panicked and looked towards the stairs,

My dad just stood there watching like some king staring down on his minions,

"YOU." I yelled pointing at him.

"To what do I owe this visit son?" He said calmly, comically down the stairs.

"Don't act dumb with me, father, you know exactly why I am here?"

"Who do you think you're talking to?" He slapped me,

I clenched and shrugged it off

"Hit me all you want, but stay away from my family father....I won't be so lenient next time."

I turned to leave.

"Uh, I see what's going on, you think you're all grown up now. I heard about your little stunt—-"

"I stopped and turned to him.

"Good, at least you know what I'm capable of to protect my family."

He laughed,

"Aren't you proud and stupid?" he walked towards the living room.

"What do you mean by that?" I followed him.

"It means you are dumb, you never did do anything right as a child, so I'm not surprised you screwed this one up." He coughed and continued,

"What the fuck are you talking about? I did something you couldn't even do, even with all the mouth and power around you."

He gave me a threatening look,

"Watch your mouth boy," He warned.

"Just stay away from my family, it's a warning." I said and turned to walk away again,

"Little Bastard." he muttered under his breath,

"What did you call me!"

"Matt Miller is alive, you scunt, he survived the fire."

I went numb,

"That's impossible, they said no one made it out...I barely even made it out myself."

"Well, he did...I suggest you start running, fast as those weak limbs can take you...Jon Miller must have been a monster, but his son Matt Miller is a nightmare, he won't stop until he gets the girl and destroys every bit of hope you have left."

"I won't let that happen."

"Well, it just started."

Just immediately my phone buzzed with a call, I pulled it out of my pocket and answered it.

"What?" I growled.

"Sir, I think Ms. stele is in labor."


I ran out the door.



I woke up with the craziest headache, I looked around and realized I was in my room now, 'What happened' 'how did I get here.'

I questioned myself, whilst wincing and getting out the bed, I had to get some aspirin for my headache,

"You're awake."I voice spoke, startling me.

I turned to the voice to see Mr. Hertz standing and staring out my window. Why didn't I notice him standing there or was hallucination part of hangovers?

"I'm assuming you had fun, looking at your state," he uttered, still looking out the window, in that tone there was no doubt, it was definitely him.

Why was he in my room? "What do you want?" I asked,

He turned to look at me, he opened his lips, as if wanting to say something, but one could never tell with him,

"If you're here to caution me about how irresponsible I was to have gotten myself drunk, just save it...." I spat and walked to my bathroom,

I picked two tablets of aspirin and shoved them in my mouth before returning back to the room, I was stunned to see I was still standing there.

"Happy birthday." He said.

My steps faltered, I didn't see that coming,

"Huh?" I muttered surprised.

"Happy birthday, Ali." He said again, in case I didn't hear it the first time, he moved slowly towards me, "I got you a gift." he reached to his pocket and pulled out a tiny box, he unwrapped and opened the box revealing a beautiful and expensive diamond necklace, "Can I?" he asked and I nodded, moving towards the mirror,

He then reached behind and wore me the necklace, I ran my hands on the heart shaped pendant, staring at it.

"Do you like it?" He whispered in my ear and I nodded still a bit shaken,

"It's beautiful, thank you." I managed, it was the first time he had actually acknowledged my birthday, so excuse me for acting surprised.

He twirled around me to face him, "Beautiful." He whispered, staring at me.

Somehow I found my eyes focusing on his lips more than anything, but in an instant, I snapped out of it and pushed him away, the last thing I needed was to get worked up over nothing again.

"Stop doing that." I back away from him.

"Doing what?" He asked cluelessly.

"You don't get to mess with my feelings like that again." I took in a breath easing my nerves, "What is it you want from me?" I asked.

He moved in gradually,

"Stop!" I warned him,

He ignored my pleas and just kept on moving towards me until he got close enough to pull me to him by my waist,

"What are you doing?" I tried to get away from his hold, The smell of his enthralling cologne wasn't helping either, it was rather drawing me to him.

He leaned down to me,

I opened my mouth to stop him, but I couldn't, why couldn't I stop him? he began trailing kisses along my neckline, propelling sensations through my entire body, he was tricky, he knew once he kissed my neck my resistance will crumble and after just a few touches of his lips my hands will start doing his bidding,

And he won,

I could already feel my body betraying me, the worst part is that I didn't want him to stop, at least not until he moved down to my ear and whispered,

"Marry me?"

I quickly came to my senses and broke away from him.

"What?" I gasped,

"Marry me." He repeated like I didn't hear him clearly the first time,

I scoffed shockingly,

"You know what, get out!" I screamed at him.

He walked over to the door and locked it instead,

"What, didn't you hear me? I said get out." I gritted, but it was as if I was talking to myself. He gradually walked to my bed and sat down, gesturing me to do the same,

I scoffed folding my arms to my chest,

"Do I look like a joke to you?" I asked,

"Ali, sit." he ordered,

I stared at him him plainly, but obeyed,

Then he started telling me some things about my parents, that had me confused at first and gaping at the end.

"So you are saying my grandparents made some deal to have me married when I'm of age, in order to save the company... Wait, if it is about the company, why's Matt after me and not just the company?"

"Your father and I made some very deplorable decisions at the heat of the moment, now Matt as a vendetta."

"What sort of decisions?" I asked him, What could they have done to warrant so much hate?

"For now, all you need to know is that your father loved you very much, and everything he did was for your protection." Of course, he won't tell me,

"I don't know what to say?" I gasped.

He got up to leave,

"Take your time, give it a thought, always keep in mind that whatever you decide is okay...." he said softly and left.

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