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Chapter 14


Anne stele

"Could you go straight to the point, I have a business to run." I growled at Maryann, she had some nerve showing up at my workplace after attempting to sell off my unborn child.

"Nice." she skimmed her eyes around the store like she was in search of something to gossip about.

"You've done well for yourself." She smirked.

"Why are you here?" I said, avoiding the sarcasm. After the wedding, I planned to move as far away from possible from George's parents. "Why are you here?"

She pulled down her handbag and got out a big white envelope.

"And, what's that?" I asked.

"Here, take a look." She extended the envelope to me. I took and opened it, the whole wondering what she was up to, I gave her a questioning look,

"what's this?"

"Just read it."

I rolled my eyes and began reading it...

My eyes widened with shock, this can't be true, the document had I and George's signature, approving the contract marriage with our unborn and Matt Miller.

"Is this some sort of joke or something?"

"I told you, we didn't need your consent signing those documents."

"Oh, I'm going to sue you for this." I hurled out, "You have no right to do this..."

"You haven't read the last part..., " She said and I glanced at it, "the court is granting us full custody, my grandchild won't be raised by drug addicts."

"I have been clean for years and you know it, I have records." There was a time in my life when things were complicated, drugs were my only companion, but things changed after I met and fell in love with George.

"Anyone could falsify records, so you have to come up with something better than that to convince the court." she picked up her bag to leave, "I will take my leave now, tell my son to stop by sometime, would you?"

She left,

I stood there still skimming through papers, sobbing my eyes out. I had to do something, I couldn't just sit there and watch those rascals take my baby away from me.

My phone buzzed at that exact moment, I wiped my tears and answered it,

"Hello." I said, my voice goggy.

"Miss stele?"

He cleared my throat, "Yes, who am I speaking with it?"

"I'm calling from the memorial hospital, there has been an accident." My whole body was alert now,

"What?" I panicked,

"Ms. stele no one got hurt," She said sharply.

"Then, what happened?" I demanded.

"Can you make it down here, the patient said you're his fiancée."

"George!" I exclaimed, "I'm on my way." I hung up. How was I able to take it all in without having a meltdown, was beyond me?


I ran into the hospital like a crazy lady and I approached the receptionist at the front desk,

"I'm here for George stone."

She typed something into the system,

"You are?"

Anne style, his fiancée." I answered,

She typed something on the system before muttering, "Room 105, upstairs."

I nodded and found my way to the elevator that led to George's floor, I stood there praying he was okay and as soon as the door opened, I rushed out and found my way to George's room.

"George!" I rushed to his bedside, "What happened?"

"You should let him rest." A voice waved in.

I looked from George and noticed David standing there, I was so worried about George, that I didn't even notice David was in the room,

"What happened to him?" I asked David, he eyed George swiftly.

"It was an accident..." I could tell he was lying, "I was driving and I got distracted."

"You don't look hurt to me." I said, "And, those look like burns?"

"Let it be Anne." George cut in, "I'm alright and David as nothing to do with this." They were definitely hiding something and when they start to defend each other, you would know it's big, "Have you had anything to eat?" he asked, changing the subject.

I sighed, "George, I should be the one asking that. but yes, I'm okay."

"And, the baby?"

"She's fine," I cracked a smile.

George reached and caressed my cheeks sofly, eyeing at David.

"Excuse me." David excused himself, to give us the space to talk.

"You look like you've been crying?"

I shook my head, "I'm fine?" I lied, I didn't want to worsen his health, if he found what he's parents did, he would be furious.

"I can't tell your lying?" he frowned.

"I was worried about you that's all..." I cracked a smile, "I was so scared when they called and told me you were in an accident--" I burst out in tears.

"It's okay." He pulled me closer to his chest, "Everything is going to be fine." he whispered in my ear.

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