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Chapter 15


After Mr. Hertz took the time to tell me everything, at least most of it, I wasn't able to sleep or eat anything, poor Henna she was worried out of her mind,

If only she knew the story.

I was told my parents abandoned me and somehow, I always loathed them for it, only to find out days ago that they were actually protecting me by keeping me with Mr. Hertz, which explained a lot on his part.

I don't hate him, It must have been hard protecting me, I didn't exactly make it easy for him, I wish he had just told me the truth from the onset, maybe I would have gone easy on him.

Marriage, on the other hand is a whole different story, what was my father even thinking? What would people think? the headlines would sure make it a juicy story,


Arrrh! never mind, it's a bit weird.

A voice called from behind the door, halting my thoughts.

"Alison?" I heard his voice.

Oh, No!

I'm not ready to face him tonight, I thought as I scampered for where to hide.

"Alison...." he whispered as if in turmoil with himself.

I bit my lips, pacing frantically before I glanced at the window. I continued fidgeting at it, until an insane idea came to mind,

I had to jump,

It was a crazy idea. But, it was also the only idea I could think of at that moment. It shouldn't be that dangerous. I see kids do it all the time in movies, was my thought.

"Alison?" He called out desperately, struggling with the handle.

Okay... this was my chance

I hurried to the window,

I examined the screen and allowed it to pop out before sticking out my head and checking the distance to the ground.

On the bright side if I die I wouldn't have to marry him or see is face again.

I placed one foot out and secured myself before putting the other leg out and then taking a deep breath, I let go and flew down to the ground,

Unfortunately, I landed on my ankles but it didn't stop me from my mission. I stood up and limped my way to the main road, the plan was to go to the skating rink, but I couldn't remember the route there.

I just kept walking on the empty road, I didn't know where I was, I just knew I had to clear my head and think.

My feet began to hurt a little but it didn't stop me from walking, but I knew at some point I would need a ride,

I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contracts for Dylan's, I found it and quickly dialed his number, but unfortunately it went straight to voicemail.

Just when I needed him!

I sighed, placing my phone away.

I continued walking, halfway to my unknown destination.

I looked down at my ankle to see it was starting to swell and bruise, just what I needed!

I began to see how stupid the idea was, I mean instead of talking to him, I jumped out of the window, sprained my ankle and got lost in the middle of nowhere in a sprained ankle.

Now walking home was going to be excruciatingly painful, let's not add the cold and I don't even have a jacket.

This was stupid!

I pulled out my phone and called for help,

"Hey...Will, funny story, I'm lost somewhere. Can you come pick me up?"

"Alison, where are you?"

I looked around my surroundings, "I don't know, Palm Street, I guess..." I wasn't sure, it was really dark to tell anything, "Okay.. Stay there, I'm on my way.."

"Please, whatever you do, do not tell Mr. Hertz." I chirped in before he hung up.

I spotted a sidewalk and limped my way to it, to wait.

Moments later, an SUV pulled up at the sidewalk where I was and Mr. Hertz pulled out of it. I didn't know why I believed for a second that I could get away with it.

I got up to my feet as he gradually walked up to me, "You okay?" He whispered, standing in front of me.

I didn't see that coming, I expected him to yell at me or something, not worry.

I nodded,

"How's your ankle?" He asked and I looked up at him. "I saw you jump.." Of course, he did, nothing ever went past him, "Come on, we need to get that ankle checked.." He reached and without even much of a warning he swooped me in his arms and began walking.

I didn't fight and just remained quiet, inhaling his scent.

We reached and placed me gently in the car before shutting the door and then turning around to do the same,

We drove in silence....

"Why couldn't you just talk to me?" He broke the silence moments later.

"And, say what exactly?"

"Ali, anything is better than hurting yourself..." he said.

I sighed in frustration,

"I don't know what to say or do, this is a lot to take in, I thought turning 18 would be a whole different, but I'm sure of one thing though I don't want to get married right one."

He pulled over on the side, turning to me.

"Ali, your father left that condition open for you for a reeven

"I know, and even if I wanted to, I would rather spend the rest of my life with someone who has even a shade of feelings for me."

He stared at me apprehensively, but didn't reply, not that I expected him to.

"Let's get that leg checked." He said, starting the car.

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