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Chapter 17


I couldn't sleep in my room so I wriggled into Mr. Hertz's bed to wait for him, he had crimson satin sheets that smelled just like him. I groaned and soaked in the strong scent, inhaling deeply.

But It was almost past midnight, it didn't seem like he was coming in today, at least that was what I thought until I felt a warm cloth over me.

My eyelids fluttered open and I was greeted by Mr. Hertz's warm grin.


"Hey--" I looked past his face and took in his suitcase at the corner, I was immediately reminded I was in his bed, "I'm sorry, I couldn't sleep." I sat up to leave.

"It's fine.." He stopped me.

I smiled shyly,

"I didn't think you would make it today." He sat next to me and I moved over to give him more room to sit,

"My flight got delayed." He said and I nodded understanding. "How are you?" He asked in a softer tone.

I shook my head,

"Worried, why didn't you call or text me?" I asked.

"I didn't want to interfere with your decision."

"Well...." I sat properly, "I told you I won't change my mind...I want this." I whispered, he reached and ran his hand across my cheek, causing me to shudder. "What about you? Do you still want me?"

He doesn't reply immediately but he does,

"I do.."

In that moment I lifted myself off the bed and straddle his laps, he didn't stop me, although it felt weird, one minute we had this formal relationship, where we argued a lot and now we are here.

"Now we just have to find a way to tell everyone..." I circled my arms around his neck. In seconds he took my bottom lip between his teeth, muttering.

"As far as anyone knows you my ward..." Is his voice threatful to the bone,

He meant no one could know about us and that scared me a little, Did he mean forever? Was this it? I was worried. I wanted to be with him so badly, at the same time I didn't want us to be in hiding, at least not forever.

When I don't respond, he broke away to look at me,

"Ali, do you understand how severe this is?"

I didn't want to push him away so I didn't tell him how exactly I felt.

"It's risky, I understand..." I tell him.

"The decision is yours Ali, but I want you to think hard about this again. I don't want you to rush into anything you are uncomfortable with.."

"I'm not rushing into anything." I assured him, "I want to be with you, I wasn't going to tell anyone anyway, no one would believe me." I snickered at the last.

He smiled back and placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, "Rest now, I'm going to take a quick shower. It was a long flight." He whispered and I watched him walk into his bathroom.

As I laid back I quietly groaned at how joyous I felt. I had never felt safer except for when I was with him. And, now I was going to be his. How in the hell did I get so lucky? women dream to be noticed by him, I wasn't even a woman, but yet, he wanted me.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the complete bliss I was in. At that exact moment, there was nothing I wanted more in my life, although it terrified me.

In a matter of minutes, he was out of the shower in his blue nightwear and turning off the headlights, he slid into the covers and pulled me in his arms,

"Now what?" I asked, it felt unreal.

"Now we sleep." He yawned tiredly and pressed a kiss on my side, And minutes later, he was passed out exhausted.

I grinned at his face and lurched forward to snuggle, falling asleep.

The sunlight streamed into the half opened blinds, gently urging me to open my eyelids.

I smiled softly, letting out a quiet yawn. As I stretched my limbs I relished in the soft, warm feeling of the satin sheets. It was then that I realized I was alone.

I quickly sat up and gazed around the room, I got out of bed and went to check in the bathroom, he wasn't there either,

So, I walked back to the bed and sat down, that's when I noticed the plate of bacon and orange juice on the nightstand, with a yellow eat me, note stuck to the plate.

I beamed and ate up quickly before sneaking and going to get ready for school. Luckily, Henna didn't notice anything.

I went outside to see Will and Jason waiting,

"Hello Alison, how was your night?" Jason gave his usual greetings as he opened the door for me to get in, fortunately for him, I was in a good mood today.

"Fantastic, how was yours?"

"Great." He looked surprised,

I chuckled and got in the back. We drove to school and minutes later I was walking into class with Dylan.

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