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I glanced at the time worriedly, "Henna, have you heard from Mr. Hertz today? It's weird, I-I haven't seen him all day." I asked as we prepared dinner together.

"He's probably in his office." She answered, "Hopefully, he likes what we make tonight--"

I threw her a weary smile and finished cutting the onions, "I'll be right back." I excused myself and went to check on him.

As I approached his hall, I could hear tittering, so I reached for the door and opened it, only to see him with some woman, they were just talking but still....

They both turned at the same time and noticed me, "I'm sorry, I-I didn't know you were-" I turned quickly to leave, not wanting to interrupt anything.

"Ali, wait?" He called, stopping me.

I turned and watched as the woman went to grab her things, I guessed to leave.

He must have sensed my discomfort with the woman, "This Natalia, she was just on her way." He emphasized on the last part, glaring at her.

"We are not done talking, David, I still need an answer?"

"I'll call you."

She eyed him and then me before hissing her way out of the door and in seconds she was gone, giving us the space to talk.

He was giving me this look like he knew what I was thinking,

"She's no one." He clarified immediately,

I didn't say anything as he walked up to me and held me by the waist. At the moment, I chose to trust him and not say anything, but I was curious, Who was she? A colleague? A friend?

I tried not to think about it, "I just came to check on you and ask what you would like for dinner? I-I will just leave now."

"What's wrong?" He implored,

"Nothing is wrong...I should get back to the cooking with Henna--"

"Ali, are you Jealous?" He cut in.

"Who says I'm jealous? I'm not jealous?" I shot quickly,

"Ali, if you must know there is nothing between Natalia and me, we are just friends." He said in a soothing tone. Then quickly changes the subject, "How are you?" He whispered.

"Fine.., " I manage.

He starts nibbling my neck, trying to get me distractd, but I wasn't, in fact I was even more curious, was she a reporter?

"Who was she?" It just came out.

"I thought you didn't care." He teased,

I threw him a glare, having him sighing and explaining. "We had a thing, but it's over."

I gaped. "That's your ex-girlfriend!"

"That's another way to put it.." he said.

I gaped even more, "That woman who looked like she just walked out of a vogue catalog is your ex-girlfriend?"

I was suddenly terrified,

The woman was extremely gorgeous but most importantly she was a woman and I was a girl. How could anyone in their right minds choose me over someone like that? I wouldn't even choose me over her.

"It's over.." He waved in.

"You promised you would call her." I shot back, "That doesn't sound over."

"I only did that, so I will have more time with you."

I spout, trying to cover my flushing cheeks, it did make me better, I just had to deal with my insecurities later.

"Adorable." He whispered, running his thumb on my reddening cheeks.

"Stop it." I pushed him shyly.

He chuckled and brought me closer,

I couldn't remember when we got to the phase, the phase where we could laugh and enjoy each other's company, without bickering or a care in the world, I mean the door was unlocked, which meant anyone could walk in and catch onto us,

Whatever phase it was,

It felt absolutely liberating.

"I'm sorry about earlier.." I apologized, "I just got really insecure." I admitted, looking up at him, "She's really pretty you know, I don't see why you would choose me over her."

"You're much prettier, in so many ways,"

"But, she's-"

"No buts, Ali-" He cuts in with a warning, "I don't want you ever contradicting yourself or comparing yourself with her or anyone...Is that clear?"

I nodded, biting onto my lower lips.

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