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We were heading to the special place but chose halfway to stop by a mall first.

He was really trying hard to make it up to me.

I chuckled and took him around different sections of the mall, excited about being out in the open with him, holding hands like a regular couple.

It was obvious that people assumed he was my father, but I didn't care. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, I might never get this chance again.

"Can we go there?" I pointed at a clothing store.

"Anything you want." He chuckled, walking behind me, protectively.

I walked into the store and started roaming around looking for new clothes l liked, it seemed like ages since I had last gone shopping.

"Which one?" I held out two tops to him,

He took his eyes off his phone and raised an eyebrow at me.

"Red or Blue?" He asked, biting my lips.

He looked indecisive, seeing they looked the same.

"Which one do you like?" He asked me.

I frowned looking at them again,

"Um, I like them both and I don't know which one to choose." I pout,

"Get them both." he suggested.

"I don't want to spend so much money on a shirt, one is already expensive as it is." I said, looking at the shirts and wondering if it was wise to spend $100 on a basic shirt.

"Don't worry about the money, choose whatever you want." He said, but I knew it was his guilt talking.

I already told him I wasn't mad, I only wish he would stop overworking himself.

"Excuse me." He turned away to answer a call and I continued choosing between clothes, I only picked the ones I needed.

We walked around exploring more of the mall, we even tried the rollercoaster, it was so much fun, until I heard my stomach grumble. I flushed embarrassed, and he chuckled at me. "Come on, we'll go get some food," he said and took my hand into his.

We walked into an Italian restaurant and settled down. I quickly picked the Menu and glanced through it because I was starving,

"What do you want to eat?"

My finger played with my bottom lip as I browsed through the different foods they had, I had no other cravings except,


He smiled and then had our orders.

After eating, he asked if I wanted anything else and I said No. I wanted to take him to the special place so badly.

We got up to leave when someone called our attention.


We both turned to see a man approaching our table, "I knew that was you.." They shook hands, "I told Mandy only David Hertz could pull a $75,000 suit, say hi." He pointed at a woman on the other end of the room,

She waved and smiled at him.

He must have been familiar with her because he waved back.

"It's nice to see you again."

"Oh, drop the formalities, Hertz. If you cared so much, you wouldn't have bought my hotel, you knew I had my eyes on that baby for years, what did you do, seduce the man?"

Mr. Hertz just laughed,

"One day I'm going to beat you in this mind games you play?"

Then the man noticed me,

"Hi, I didn't know you had a daughter?" The man exclaimed, clueless to the bombshell he just dropped, Mr. Hertz looked calm and calculated, but I could tell he was affected by the assumption.

"Actually, I'm his ward.." I cleared that up sharply.

"Ward?" The man got confused.

"Alison is George's Daughter." Mr. Hertz waved in, it took a second before it sunk in,

"This is, The Alison?" He sounded surprised, "The last time I saw you, you were this small." He demonstrated and I tried to maintain my smile, "I'm sorry about your parents, that was, sad."

"Thanks." I managed.

"Robbie, it's a pleasure seeing you, but we should be on our way." They gave their last greetings, before we turned to hit the road again,

The car ride was awkward and quiet, he was clearly thinking about it,

"Let's just go home," I whispered and squeezed his hand tightly.

He gripped back,

"I've consumed enough of your time today, you must be cursing me in your head?"

He snickered and brought my hand up to his lips, whispering, "I enjoy wasting time with you, Alison." he said, it took a moment before I burst out laughing, him with me.

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