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A blush appeared on my cheeks as I realized, I was daydreaming in showe again, forgetting I was late for school.

I turned off the shower and hurried out to get ready, I dried my hair and wore on a blue jumpsuit for school.

Grabbing my bag, I ran out of the door and down the stairs to the kitchen.

I made it to the threshold of the kitchen and leaned on the doorway as I watched Mr. Hertz, I meant... David, show off his mastery skills,

His back was turned, so he didn't notice me standing here,

At least that's what I thought,

"Like what you see?" He chirped in, with his back still turned to me,

He never ceases to amaze me,

"How did you know?"

He turned,

"The giggling."

I forgot I did that sometimes,

He made his way towards me with a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in his hands, "Morning." He leaned over and placed a light kiss on my cheeks, making me giggle.

"You didn't have to make me breakfast David." I said.

He placed the plate on the table in front me and pulled out a chair for me,

"Eat up."

"Aren't you eating?" I noticed he made just one plate.

"I already had coffee," The thought of him not eating last night came to mind, worrying me.

"You haven't been eating, are you okay?" I reached out and placed my hand underneath his neck,

He seemed warm,

"Do you need me to stay," I was worried,

He shook his head and took my hand to his lips, "I'll will be fine." he mumbled, kissing my hand. I could sense something was wrong with him but, I decided not to bring it up any further,

The doorbell rang suddenly and before I could turn I saw him motioning towards the door,

I shrugged my shoulder and focused on my plate, there were loud whispers coming from the door, but died down as David and Bate approached.

"Hey, princess," Bate uttered mischievously, I couldn't tell if he was referring to me or the plate in front of me,

"That looks nice," he said and picked up the remaining bacon on my plate...

David scowled at him,

"I should go." I got up.

"Stay safe..."

I nodded and made my way quietly towards the door. I really wanted to kiss him before I left, but I wasn't sure Bate knew about us and the last thing I wanted do was was put him in a compromising situation, where he had to explain himself to his best friend.


In school 3hours later.*

"Can we hang out later?" I made a friend in gym class, her name is Emma. She is a foreign exchange student from Germany.

"I would love to, but I must warn you, the food his terrible." I looked over her shoulder and noticed Dylan making funny faces at me.

"It can't be as bad as my old school, they served rotten milk..."

"That's way worse.."

"Tell me about it..." She huffed. I really tried not to laugh, but Dylan wasn't helping.

"I'll be right back?" I excused myself and walked towards Dylan.

"Hey pups?" He muttered like he didn't just make me make a fool of myself in front of Emma,

"Don't you pups me, I almost lost a girlfriend because of you." I punched his chest playfully.

"Ow! tired of me, are we?"

"Yes I am, you are annoying, " I punched again,

He laughed, taking my hand,

"Can I talk to you for a second?" he dragged me towards the back.

"What's going on?"

"I got a job..." he grinned.


I raised my eyebrow at him, he didn't just pull me out of gym class to tell me that,

"Is that it?"

"Aren't you happy for me?"

"Of course I am happy for you, but you could have told me that anywhere." It wasn't worth detention.

"Anyway, the pay is off the chain, I can rent an apartment and sorts."

"What kind of job?" I became interested.

"Tech stuffs....?" he said and pinched the brim of his nose, he does that when he's lying.

I don't pry,

"As long as your happy." I said.

"The best part is, now that I have a job, you can move with me." My eyes widened at his insinuation, "We are adults now so no one would stop us."

Yeah, David will.

"So what do you think?"

That this is not going to end well,

"You don't like it.."

I cringed a little, "Whats the rush Dylan, in some few months we would be out of high school," I hoped that would settle things.

"I can't stand the way he treats you," I could only blame myself for all those times I spent blabbing to him about David's tight grip on me, "You can think about it."

"I can't move in with you, Dylan....please, try and understand,"

He scoffed sadly,

"You don't have to explain yourself to my Alison, it's obvious you prefer."

I froze, what does he mean by that? Does he know, I should have known he would see through me?

"W-What?" I stutter,

"We haven't talked about what happened in your house." I could tell where this conversation was heading, and honestly, I wasn't ready to get there.

He moved closer,

"We don't have to talk about that.." I moved back clumsily.

"I want to get it off my chest." he stepped even closer,

"Alison stone, I have loved you from the first time I saw you." Oh no, "Even with those funny pink braids you had on, which should have been a total turn off, but it wasn't." he smiled, recalling the day in his head, "the fact you didn't care about what anyone thought, made me love you more, I'm completely smitten by you Alison Stone, you bring out the best in me."

Oh! This can't be happening right now.

Okay, pause this moment!

There might have been a time, where I felt almost the same way, but a lot has changed.

"Go out with me Alison?"

He finally said the words I have been wishing and praying he wouldn't say. Why is this happening now? How do let him down without hurting him?

He paused, waiting for a response.

"I should go..." I pointed awkwardly at the door, "I'll see you." before he could say another word, I stormed out the door.

Not my greatest move.


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