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The next couple of days went on the same, although David was spending more time at work, than at home.

We barely spent any second together, which is why I decided to surprise him at the office today.

It was a Saturday morning and I didn't have a lot of work to do, Henna was still on her vacation, so I really had nothing to do, besides idle around.

I looked into the list of food Henna made for him and learned he liked chicken curry, so I made that for me, hoping he hasn't had lunch.

I dressed in denim jeans, white plaid shirt, and converse, before making into the car with Sam and Jason.

It was a long ride to his office building, but we eventually arrived, it was my first time coming to his office, I never had a reason to.

I got out of the car and couldn't help but gaze for a few moments in awe. It was such a HUGE tower building. I couldn't tell how many floors there were, but they were a lot.

Just as soon as I stepped through the spinning front door, I was struck again by the beauty of the place, it was beautiful. I had never been inside a building of such high sophistication.

It's like walking into Vogue.

On my way up to the front desk I noticed digital snapshots of David playing on each section of the wall, he looked so handsome.

"Excuse me, miss?" I was snapped out of my reverie as the lady at the front desk called to me.

"Is there something that I can help you with?" It took me a moment to gather myself before I spoke.

"U-Uhm name is Alison Stone, I'm here to see Mr. Hertz."

Her eyes grew wide at what I said.

"What, you can't just walk in here requesting to see the boss, Do you have an appointment?"

"I don't need an appointment to see him..." I shot back at her, how dare she?

She looked completely skeptical as she picked up the phone and began to dial.

She clearly didn't know who I was,

I stood watching her and listening to her as she talked to someone. When she was finally done she looked up at me with a bright smile.

"Sorry, I didn't recognize you, you're his daughter?"

"His ward." I corrected quickly,

"Same thing hun." She smiled, I wanted to strangle her, "You can head on up, he's in a meeting."

I gave her a glare and thank you, before making my way over and into an elevator. As I pressed the button for the top floor.

I held the food bag closer to my body, until I got out of the elevator and made my way to the receptionist.

She was on the phone, and I smiled as I approached her.

"Hi, I'm here to see, Mr. Hertz."

She dropped the phone to look at me.

"And, you are?"

"Mr. Hertz's ward." I clarified this time, so many protocols just to see one man, you would think you're visiting the president or something.

"Mr. Hertz is in a meeting at the moment."

"I can wait." I tell her.

She got up and escorted me to his office, "Would you like anything to drink while you wait?" She asked.

"No, I'm okay."

She nodded and left.

I dropped my bag and took in his large office, while waiting for him. Minutes later the door swung open, revealing David, in his work attire.


I smiled shyly,


He locked the door behind and came over to me, "This is a surprise." he muttered as he kissed me on the cheeks.

I pulled away, speaking as I fixed his tie, "It felt like I haven't seen you in a while, so I came to surprise you, have you had lunch?"

He shook his head, staring at me.

"Good, because I made you lunch." He raised an eyebrow at me, "Tell me what you think." I pulled him to his desk.

He sat down, opening the food.

"This looks delicious."

"It is, I took my time making it for you, so you better like it."

He laughed and patted his lap for me to sit down on it,

I did,

"By the way, the protocols in this building is maddening, they kept asking so many questions before I could see you. I felt like I was walking into the white house."

He let out an amused laugh.

"They are being cautious, you are a pretty terrorist." he taunted me as he ate, I smacked him playfully and chuckled shortly, "This is really good." he moaned.

I beamed.

"You really like it?"

He nodded and fed me a piece of chicken.

"I was just about to call you." he reached for a card on the table and showed it to me, "This is an invitation for a gala tonight. I didn't want to attend, but it's required I do and I need a date." I raised an eyebrow at him as he fed me another spoon,

"Are you asking me to be your date?"

"Do you know anyone else?"

I threw him another glare and he chuckled, placing a kiss on my neck.

"Yes, you....."

It was all so sudden,

"Are we ready to go public?"

"We don't need labels to attend a gala, Alison." I have never been to a gala, I just used to watch the whole event on TV, "Wait, I don't have anything to wear." I was suddenly reminded.

"I'm sure we can get you something before tonight."

This was so exciting, "I have never been to a gala before, are there any rules or formalities I should be aware of? I don't want to embarrass you." I was anxious.

He shook his head,

"You will be fine, just be yourself." he leaned and kissed my cheeks, before returning to eat and for a few moments we ate in a peaceful silence,

"Thank you for the food. You are so amazing. This is the best surprise I've ever had at work. Seeing you here, coming to visit me..."

"You are welcome. You are my boyfriend after all and as your girlfriend, it's my duty to feed and take care of you until you grow weary of me."

"I can get used to that."

"Even though I hate that I can't show you off to everyone yet." I smile at him and he returned it.

"Does that... bother you that we can't......" He hummed softly.

"Well... it only bothers me because I can't claim you in front of other women. Tell them you're mine. I hate when other women look at you with lust in their eyes. I want to break their face in when I see it."

"Is that so." He laughed and wrapped his arms around me.

"You have no idea how attractive you are." he really didn't, I leaned back against him with a sigh. "How don't know how long we are going to stay hidden?"

He placed his chin on my shoulder and as he spoke, "We can't be out in the open until you are done with school." I groaned, suddenly, 6months felt like 6 years.

David and I talked for a few more minutes until there was an interruption, his desk phone rang, "That's my call to leave right?"

The ringing persisted and he declined, looking up at me.

"I will see you tonight."

I leaned and kissed me before cradling out of his lap,

"By the way, what time is this gala?" I asked as he gathered the plate to leave.

"I'll pick up at 8" He answered and I smiled at him before running off.


The boys drove me home, and hours later an order came in, it was the dress for tonight.

I pulled it out and wore it in front of David's inside closet mirror. Who knew David Hertz was such a fancy picker?

I twirled around in the mirror playing and admiring myself for a while,

I giggled excitedly and turned to catch a glimpse of my butt, another thing I didn't know I had, weird, I was maturing without even knowing it.

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