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"Spill it already, you're freaking me out." I snarled at David, he had something important to say to me and then he changed his mind.

"It's nothing."

He was most definitely hiding something,

"I can't tell you're lying, David...your eyes twitch when you lie."

"That's a first." He chuckled,

"That's right I'm starting to learn things about you too, so tell me."

He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer to him,

"You are so beautiful,"

"That old trick won't work this time, mister." I didn't mind at all, in fact, I loved it when he flattered me, but I knew this was a distraction ploy, "Just tell me..."

And, his next ploy--

"I wanted to say I love you."

Even though I knew it was ploy to distract me from the main issue, I was still surprised, and for a few seconds I was stunned into silence.

I actually had no words. Did he just say what I think he said?

"Alison?" he called and kissed me lightly on the lips making me look at him.

"I...I Uhm, I think--"

"I aware It's a bit early." he said,

"I was going to ask if you meant it.." I cut in almost instantly.

"Every word," he said.

My cheeks literally went tomato red. I quickly tore my face from his to hide my flushed cheeks, it was embarrassing.

I was so happy, but at the same time I didn't know what to do, or say, should I say it back to him, is this the right time, I don't even know what I feel yet, or worse how long this would last.

"Ali, you don't have to say it back. I was just letting you know how I felt." He said.

I wasn't going to rush things, for all I know he might change his mind tomorrow, I will just wait until I'm a hundred percent ready to say it back to him,

"thank you." I said and almost palm slapped myself. Really, Ali, the man admits his feelings for the first time and you say thank you, just thank you, you're pathetic.

There was an awkward silence between us after that, but surprisingly he didn't look hurt or disappointed by my reaction, he just had the same worried stare he had on before,

I decided not to push it,

"So, Henna is coming back tomorrow." I said and let out an awkward laugh afterward, "I guess things would get back to normal around here."

"Things were never normal around here," he corrected and I nodded in agreement, then there was that silence again,

"You're quiet?"

"That makes both of us." I whispered to myself, but he heard me,

"Matt is in this town." He blurted suddenly, having me looking at him,

"Is that what's bothering you?"

"When I feel like I can't protect you, it kills me. I have added extra security but it doesn't feel enough."

I impulsively moved to where David was and deepened my head into his chest,

He wrapped his arms around me, at this point, I didn't know how to feel, thoughts scrambling in,

"I'm going to protect." he whispered.

With weary eyes, I raised my head up to look at him, "I don't want you near him, David. I won't stand loosing you too, I won't bear it."

"That won't happen." he assured me.

"Promise me, David!" I yelled.

He nodded,

"I promise."

I gave up a weak smile,

I needed a distraction, so I did the one thing I could think of at the moment.

I brushed my lips on his and kissed him, he didn't take long before he kissed me back, this shouldn't surprise us anymore, one would have thought we would be used to it by now.

It worked,

I almost forgot what I was worried about.

We broke away, he pulled away actually, left for me I won't have ended it,

"I needed that." I mumbled to myself.

He chuckled, then his voice turned serious,

"Alison, I need you to sign some papers," he said and reached out for a white folder, which was odd because I didn't notice it earlier.

"What's in it?"

"You're 18 now and as mandated your father's properties, which includes the company becomes yours."

I raised an eyebrow at him,


"Since the marriage clause is no longer an option, in this case, we are left with the last alternative, which is you taking over as the chairwoman of the board.."

What? are they insane, how could they hand over such a huge responsibility to me? I won't even know where to start, or, I'm not even done with high school,

"I don't want it." I told him, and he looked at me like I had grown wings, "It's a huge responsibility which I am not prepared for." and I don't think I ever will.

"You won't be alone, you will have teams to walk you through it." I was actually considering the marriage thing, it looked less insane,

"You've been managing fine without me?" I tell him.

"My power of attorney lapsed the moment you turned 18." he said.

I wasn't ready to manage a huge company, I couldn't even manage my own life, let alone multimillion dollar company,

"How do I sign it back to you? You handle it."

He smiled and cupped my chin, "Your father wouldn't have set this alternative if he didn't think you were capable of handling it."

"My father didn't know me at all." I shot back, "If he did he would be crazy to hand me such a huge responsibility. I want to sign it back to you, we don't have to be married for you to be able to do that, right?"

He nodded slightly,

"Then problem solved, where do I sign?"

He stared at me for a while, thinking of other ways to persuade me,

"And, this is really what you want?" he whispered, understanding there was no hope convincing me on this.

I already made up my mind.

I nodded,

"Yes, I want to sign it to you."

He sighed reluctantly, then gave in.

"I will call Bate in the morning and have him make a new contract." He said and I smiled relieved,

"Thank you."

He gave me a faint smile,

"You should go to bed now, it's almost midnight and you have school tomorrow." He reminded me.

We've been talking for so long that I lost track of time, I feel really exhausted.

"Stay with me tonight." Henna returns tomorrow, we won't have such opportunity again.

He doesn't fight it this time,

He picked me up in his arms and I circled my arms around him as he carried me to bed.

He placed me on the bed gently and laid next to me, I reach and lay head on his chest. I couldn't get what he said about Matt out of my head, is he really here to take me? Or just after the company?

"Sweet dreams," He whispered, kissing my forehead warmly, and with that I shut out my thoughts and tried to fall asleep.


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