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The first thing I noticed when I slowly opened my eyes aside from the ache in my head, was the semi sunlight that filled the room.

I let out a tired groan, and when my eyes finally adjusted to look around the room, I immediately caught sight of David.

He was standing by the room window, getting himself dressed for work, he looked so handsome in his gray printed suit.

He turned his head swiftly to notice me drooling at him,

He smiled and came to sit next to me. I moved over to give him more room.

That's when it hit me, "How did I get here?"

I remembered we fell asleep in my room and now we were here.

He reached and placed a hand on my head, explaining.

"The AC stopped working, so I brought you here."

"Hmmm.." I mused,

He gently stroke my hair and I sighed in content,

"You're going to be late for school."

"I know." I groaned. As I looked up at his face, I could see that his eyes were filled with intense emotion.

Sadness perhaps.

His jaw clenched as I sat up,

"What's going on in that beautiful mind of yours?" I ask him.

"Let's talk later?" He leaned forward and kissed my forehead gently, and then broke away to finish getting ready for work.

I stared at him for a while before getting up to leave, there were so many questions floating inside of my head, I just ignored them.

"By the way, what time do you get off work today?" I asked him.

"I might be a little late tonight, why?"

"Just wandering." I gave him a faint smile and left.

I walked the halls heading to my room when suddenly I bumped into Henna.

All the air flew out of my body,

"HENNA!" I made David aware.

She wasn't supposed to be back until later in the evening.

"Child!?" She reached quickly and dragged me down the hall and into my room, reprimanding me on the way, "I'm aware this is your house and you are free to do as you like, but that doesn't mean you can walk around here naked."

"What are you saying?"

"What were you doing in David's room, Alison?"

I faltered, stuttering.

"I-I went to ask him for my allowance."

"And, you went in to see him dressed like that?"

I raised an eyebrow at her,

"I don't get what you mean.."

"Alison, I'm not comfortable with you going in and out of David's room looking like that. That would only give him the wrong ideas?"

"Da--I mean Mr. Hertz is not that sort of man, he would never even think of hurting me." I defended David, she immediately got me upset.

She was acting like I was walking naked, I was wearing my light cami and short set.

"I know, I'm just saying you should always put on a bra outside your room, you're a grown woman and David is a...."

"Pervert?" I shot at her, "Is that the word you're looking for?"

"Ali, don't put words in my mouth, you know exactly what I'm trying to say and why I'm saying these things to you."

"I really don't know why you are saying these things, you've known David longer than I have, you should know what he's capable of at this point."

"David?" She questioned me,

"Henna..." I stopped her, "You've made your point, the next time I leave my room I will make sure to wear a bell around my neck to remind myself that there is a pervert lurking around the house so I need to put on more clothing, does that make you happy?"

"Watch how you talk to me?"

"Well, I'm done talking." Who does she think she is? My mom! This was one of the reasons I couldn't tell her anything. If she felt this way about David, how then would she feel when she found out the truth.

"Excuse me." I said and walked into the bathroom, Henna soon left, closing the door behind her. The shower was quick, I was already so upset as it is, I didn't even bother having breakfast.

I got to school and tried not to think about it.

Later in the day, I returned home from school to find Henna loitering in the kitchen. I reached for a bottle of water and then turned to face her,

"Henna, I--" I started, but she stopped me.

"Go ahead and change so you can help me with dinner." That was all she said to me, I was expecting more scolding.

I realized hours after I left for school, that I overreacted.

Henna was just being Henna and she was looking out for me, even though she chose the worst possible way to do it.

I didn't like what she was insinuating about David. But at the same time, I still shouldn't have reacted the way I did.

Sighing, I quickly changed into something comfortable and went downstairs to help her with dinner.

Honestly, It was awkward being in the same room after what happened this morning, so I just came out with it.

"I'm sorry."

She stopped grinding to look at me.

"I shouldn't have yelled at you, or said all those things. I was way out of line and I'm sorry. I also understand what you mean, so I promise from now on I will be more cautious."

She sighed and came over to me,

"Ali.." She held my shoulder and made me look at her,

"We never had to bother about these things in the past, but now you are a grown woman. But firstly, David is off limit, he's a fine man any woman would agree but--"

"I understand--" I cut in quickly. I just wanted to skip this conversation. It was amusing, she thought I was trying to seduce David. "I would keep that in mind, I think the salmon is done." We smiled back at each other and returned to finish cooking.

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