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A month later.

Olivia stopped by the house and I was so happy, I was in real need of a distraction with everything going on.

"C'mon." Olivia screamed at the TV screen, "Boy, my Grandma kicks better than that." She ranted at the players.

"Can't we watch something else?" I groaned for the millionth time since we started watching the soccer game. I really don't see why people love it so much, it was just plain boring and no fun at all.

"Losers." She screamed again, completely ignoring my steady whines to change the channel. It was a Saturday night and David was away working,

I sighed and focused on my sweet bowl of popcorn, "Any plans for graduation?" She finally noticed me, but her eyes were still fidgeted on the screen.

"I haven't really given it a thought, " I answered.

She snickered slightly, "What would be more important than graduation?" she asked.

"Well--" I started.

"Shhh...," She cut me off instantly, her eyes fidgeted on the door.

I took my eyes to what she was looking at and gasped,


Of course!!!

And, of course, he could get her attention. What girl wouldn't anyway? the man was a walking piece of art. I would be lying if I say I don't get insecure sometimes.

I mean look at me, I'm clearly out of his league.

"Hello, Mr. Hertz?" Olivia said in a clingy flirty tone, could she be any less vogue not that he would pay her any attention.

"Olivia?" He smiled, taking a seat across her, "You look well."

"And, you look mighty fine, Mr. Hertz." She smirked, I almost gagged.

He just smiled in response,

"You've been working out?" She asked him suddenly. I rolled my eyes at their commentary and focused on my popcorn,

"Only when I have the chance." He said. Oh, my god! His he literally blushing out his cheeks right now!!! He caught his with me and I threw him a glare, but that just made him more mischievous.

"Join me sometime?" He said and I gaped. His eyes were centered on mine the whole time, is he trying to make me jealous?

"I would, Mr. Hertz."

Okay, this conversation was getting way out of hand,

"When do-"

"I believe Mr. Hertz as better things to do." I cut in, "Isn't that right?" I threw him another glare, daring him to say otherwise.

"Shhh...He's not complaining," Olivia bit her lips seductively at him.

That was it!

Remember when I said, I was glad Olivia came over...Yeah! I changed my mind.

He stood up to leave realizing he had made me upset, note I said upset not jealous. I can't be jealous.

"It was nice seeing you Olivia." he said.

"The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Hertz," She smirked at him.

He smiled in response before turning to me,

"Ali?" He called.

I was pissed that he could flirt so comfortably with her in front of me, knowing how it would make me feel.

"I want to see you in my office?" I'm guessing to kiss his way out of it, and of course I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction.

"Olivia and I are heading out." I winked at Olivia to play along, worst mistake.

"Yeah, we have something really important in the mall to do." Acting wasn't her strong suit.

"Let me drive you?" David offered.

"Yes," Olivia uttered almost instantly.

I shot her a glare, and turned to him,

"No, Olivia is driving." I said and Olivia scoffed silently.

"Take Jason with you," he suggested.

I shook my head, "It's the mall across the street, we won't be long," I assured, I could tell he was worried.

He nodded, "Let me know when you get back, I really need to talk to you." He said staring warmly at me,

I instantly forgot what I was pissed about,

"Yeah, sure." I mumbled,

"See you later, Mr. Hertz." Olivia said in a singsong manner. I grabbed Olivia her by the hand and pulled her away from him and towards the door, bumping on Henna on the way.

"Eat before you leave," she said.

"We won't be long..., " I pulled Olivia out of the door with me.

"Have fun girls and be careful." she yelled after us.

"We will." We yelled back, shutting the door behind us.

The ride to the mall was noisy, Olivia loves playing loud music while she drove, it was fun in the beginning but became noisy and disturbing.

She reduced the volume to speak,

"Hey, you okay?"

I looked at her and noticed she was raising an eyebrow at me.

"Yes, why?" I wasn't even going to add that minutes ago she was throwing herself at my boyfriend, why does it bother me? it's not like she knew that.

"Do you know if Mr. Hertz is single?" She asked out of the blue.

Oh, control yourself, Ali. She's not worth jail time, "YES, so get over yourself and move on." I snapped.

"Woah! I was just asking, you don't have to get all crazy and possessive on me."

"I'm not getting possessive, he's not even mine to be possessive about." I stutter.

"I saw the way you looked at him, you have a huge crush on him and it's cute," She said turning to look at me, "Am I right?"

"Um, I don't know what you're talking about...Can we get to the mall already at this rate we might never make it."

"Whatever you say shortcakes." She chuckled and focused on the road, but not before increasing the volume and yelling a bunch of words that didn't even rhyme with the song.

'Why does everyone just assume I'm the one with the crush?' I muttered to myself looking out the window.

We arrived at the mall minutes later, I was the first to jump out of the car. "I was thinking we could attend a friend's party after we get Ice Cream."

Oh God, I knew it.

"Oley, I don't think--"

"COME ON! Please?! I promise it's just us and a few friends." She was giving me puppy dog eyes, pouting and everything.

I sighed giving in,

"But we have to promise we will be back before Mr. Hertz notices, I can't get in trouble."

"I promise, thank you." She pulled me for a tight hug. I had a bad feeling about it but it's been a while since I attended a party. "Let's get ice-cream, we still have a few minutes before the party." we rushed in the mall piled with people.

"Let's start with shakes," Olivia pointed at the shakes bar, it was the only place that wasn't crowded with a lot of people.

"Remind me why we are here again?" Olivia furrowed her brow at me.

"I don't remember, " We burst out laughing as we made it over to the shakes bar. I ordered some strawberry ice cream and Olivia got herself milkshakes,

We went and paid the emo girl standing at the other end of the counter. She didn't seem quite excited to be working at the shakes bar, I wouldn't either if I had to serve this much people every day.

"Thank you." I gave her a slight smile, but she ignored me and focused on the next customer,

"bitch." Olivia clapped at her.

I dragged her way before she would cause a huge scene. Olivia had no filter when it came to things like this.

"So, what's next?" I asked as we walked around each section of the mall.

"Let's check out cute boys and there seem to be a lot of them today." she winked at a cute boy passing by. Let's hope she finds someone soon and completely get over David once and for all.

"He's cute, " I pointed at a boy wearing a pink shirt.

"Gay." she blurted out almost immediately.

"He's not." I gasped.

"He's wearing a pink muffin shirt, a pink muffin shirt with ponies on it." She looked stunned, but I honestly didn't see anything wrong with it.

"That doesn't mean he's gay, Oley. he's really cute and would probably make a good boyfriend."

"Easy hun!....who said anything about a boyfriend."

"Isn't that why you are admiring cute boys?"

"Oh hun, you have a lot to learn, you are so clueless." She pulled me to another direction of the mall. Oley and I found a place to settle down for a while and there immediately came to a text from David,

He was just checking on me,

I should hurry and get back to him.

I chuckled and looked away from my phone, that's when I noticed someone gazing intensely at me, I stared back at him and noticed everything around the man spelled danger, but I won't lie he was gorgeous.

Olivia must have noticed him too, because she had her mouth gaped open,

"You see him too, right?" She asked, keeping her eyes on him, and as if noticing we were gawking at him, his faint smile turned to a smirk.

"I think he likes you, Ali," Olivia pointed out. Too bad I was taking and not interested, he reeked trouble.

I sighed, getting up, "I will be right back.."

"Where are you going?" Oley asked quickly,

"Relax, I need to use the bathroom." I said as I walked towards the other end of the hall and entered the female bathroom.

I finished doing my business and went to watch my hands. I was drying my hands when the man from before walked in,

"Um, sorry...I think you are in the wrong place, this is the female bathroom." I tried to tell to leave, but then--

"Alison?" he called my name.

My stomach dropped, how does he know my name? He was close enough now that I could see the satisfied grin on his face,

"Alison," he repeated.

"I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong person." Gulping, I took another step back and scanned the area for anyone.

"Get away from me," I mumbled, straightening my back and looking up at him in an attempt to look more confident than I felt.

He towered over me, glaring with menace in his eyes.

"Stay away from me.." I warned him, backing away.

He shook his head.

"I'm here to take you home, Alison."

That's when it hit him, "Matt?" I muttered and could hear my pulse crashing in my ears. It can't be?

He stare at me, smiling.

I gulped, "Uhm, I'm warning you, stay away from me..." I tried to speed dial David but he snatched the phone from my hand, startling me. "Who are you going to call, huh?"

I backed away in fear and in seconds he threw his arms forward and grabbed me in his arms. I started to scream for attention, but he clasped his hand over my mouth, muffling my screams.

I thrashed around, frantically trying to get out of his grip. Thinking he was going to kill me. The tears poured from my eyes as I thought of David.

My heart was beating so fast that I thought I was going to pass out. He pulled me towards him, hard, and then spun me around so that my back pressed tightly against his chest. His hand was still covering my mouth.

"Shut up!!" He warned, grabbing me by my hair and pulling my head back against his shoulder.

I couldn't move or breathe properly. I thought I was going to die, but somehow in that moment all I could think of was David, I wished he was with me, I wish I hadn't left him.

Before I could grasp what was happening, he shoved a piece cloth out of his pocket in my nose and I blacked out instantly.


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