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I awoke sometime later with a painful ache, "Where am I?" I muttered trying to recognize my surrounding.

I sat up that's when all the flashbacks came rushing in. I jumped out of bed immediately and took in my surrounding, I'm in a white painted room,

It was really and beautiful, but that was not the case right now, I had to find a way out before he returns to kill me.

The door swung open revealing a smirking Matt, or I think it's Matt, he was the only one who would want to do this to me, "Leaving so soon?" He stepped in and shutting the door behind,

"Damn it, you're beautiful." He said with a smug as he moved closer towards me, "Sorry, I'm late."

I moved back in fear,

"Who are you?" I had to be sure it was really him, I might be mistaken.

"Haven't you heard about me?" He chuckled at my sudden reaction, "So what would Mrs. Miller have for breakfast?" he eyeed me creepily.

"What do you want from me?"

"Is that a way to talk to your husband?" he smirked, "Clearly, Hertz hasn't taught you anything."

"You're delusional, you need my consent for that to happen. I would rather you kill me first because I will never agree to marry a low life like you," I spat in disgust.

He smiled amused,

"We have a lot of time, but now I need you to freshen up, there's a bathroom in beside the door and extra clothes in the closet," he told me,

"Matt?" I called his name softly, hoping to plead my way out of this. "Please, let me go." I begged him. I couldn't think of anything else at this moment.

He stared at me warmly, which made me think for a second that he was human with a soft heart,

"Please, " I pleaded again, "Let me go, I promise I won't tell anyone."

In a blink, the warm stare was gone, replaced with a cold one,

"Shower and meet me downstairs," He walked away and slammed the door forcefully behind him.

Oh, God!

I fell to the floor and burst in tears.

I tried to control myself but I couldn't, 'be strong' I mumbled and cried to myself, 'you must have to be strong.'

"You promised David if it happened you would be strong.' One by one, storms of tears rolled down my eyes like a waterfall, I couldn't control it.

'David please I need you','you just have to find me.'

I leaned and raised my head up,

'God, if you can hear me this one time, please save me from this,' I cried for hours.

I stopped crying when I realized wailing wasn't going to solve anything. I got up from the floor and managed to walk out of the room.

He was either really stupid or the house had hidden cameras, there were no guards or anyone lurking around.

The house was empty.

I had a hint of hope and tried to find an escape root,

It was my chance to get out.

I ran across the empty hallway with a hasty heart, the house was so enormous you could miss it for a ancient castle,

I made it to what seemed like the entrance, but just when I touched it a voice startled me from behind,

"Are you hungry, Mrs. Miller?"

I turned quickly and was faced with an elderly woman, she was around Henna's age.

"Let me out of here." I begged her, hoping she would understand and let me go.

"You must be starving," She ignores my plea.

"Please." I begged again.

"You have to ask, Mr. Miller," She said and turned to head towards the opposite direction, which I assumed was the kitchen.

I wiped the tears and followed her behind, into the wide kitchen.

"Sit," she ordered and went to fix me something to it.

I pulled out a chair and sat down, everywhere looked haunted, even the woman seemed weird.

"Let me guess, you were brought here against your will too." I muttered but she doesn't reply, "Kidnapping people must be a thing of his."

She reached and placed a plate of porridge soup in front of me. I know, I shouldn't even be considering eating this.

But yet again, if Matt wanted to kill me he would have done it a while ago, or through a different approach, poison would be childish, besides I'm really hungry, and this looks delicious,

I took one spoon in my mouth, I also shouldn't be thinking this too, but it's amazing, almost as delicious as Henna's.

The thought of everyone came flashing back. Oliva must be freaking out, David must be worried out of his mind. I wish there was a way I could let him know I was okay or at least hear his voice,

Immediately an insane idea came to mind, a really insane one.

"Can I use the phone?" I knew it wasn't possible, but I had try my luck.

"No one is permitted to use the phone, except Mr. Miller." she said,

I rolled my eyes and pushed the plate away in frustration,

"Are you done eating, Mrs. Miller,"

I snapped,

"Stop calling me that!!!" It was bad enough I'm stuck here, I also have to tolerate being called that ridiculous name, "My name is Alison, just call me Alison.."

"Sorry, ma'am." I groaned frustrated with her, there is no point she was assigned to drive me nuts,

"You know what. Take me to that asshole." I demanded.


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