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I stepped into Matt's office with the elderly woman, it turned out her name was Glenda and she was the housekeeper,

It scared me how I knew that already.

Matt's eyes were glued to a book when we walked in, who knew he had other hobbies besides abducting people.

I rolled my eyes with a scoff,

"She asked to see you, sir?" Glenda talked to him like I wasn't even standing in the room. Ugh, the woman worshiped the ground he walked on.

"Leave us." He ordered.

Glenda just nodded and left the room.

"Sit." He ordered,

I rolled my eyes and did as I was told,

"Take Glenda as your handmaid, she will provide you anything you might need."

"How about you left me out of here?" I shot back.

"We can make your stay here as brief as possible only if you sigh these property papers." He took out some papers from a brown envelope and shifted it me.

I scoffed,

"You're full of shit!"

He chuckled shortly,

"I'm trying to make your stay here as brief as possible, but we can play it your way," he threatened. David had mentioned he would want the property papers to him.

"You're disgusting." I spat.

"I'm your husband, all thanks to your grandparents. I'm assuming you know the full story by now." He smirked.

I shifted the papers back to him.

"I already signed all the properties to David, so this is a waste of time."

He clenched his jaw,

"Then I'm sure David won't mind signing them back for your freedom, he loves you after all."

"He would never do that, you think he's stupid to trust you, we both know what you are really up to."

"Did he tell you the whole story?"

"He told me enough to know that you are a despicable person... And, I also know you killed my parents."

"I didn't kill your parents." He lied.

"I won't believe anything you say, even if you proof." I shot back, the mere sight of him was driving me crazy. "I want to hear you confess it, be honest and admit you killed my parents."

"Would you believe me, if I do?"

"No, I just want to hear you say it."

He leaned back and his eyes scrutinized me for a while,

"How about I show you?

"I don't need you to show me anything, just tell me you did it." I didn't know where the confidence was coming from, but I hoped it doesn't get me killed,

"You're really something." He smiled, a real genuine smile.

Ugh, I had to keep reminding myself that this guy is the monster that ruined my entire life and is still ruining it,

"Come?" He got up from his chair, "Let's go for a drive." he said, dragging his jacket and keys.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked.

"Let's just say after this drive, you can decide who's the good guy."

I got up and followed him, hopping it was my one chance out of here. I got into the car and rode with him.

It wasn't the escape I was hoping for, Matt was smart to take a different route, we were in the middle of nowhere, even if I screamed my lungs out no one would show up.

I would be long gone before anyone found me around here. "Would you really let me go after this?" I asked him.

He took his eyes off the road to look at me,

"I had no plans of keeping you. Ali. I just needed you to sign those property papers, and now it's up to David. So you better hope he signs them, or you and I would make a lot of memories together." he winked and gagged in disgust.

Then looked out of the window.

I stared out the window and thought of David, it's must be killing him to know what he feared the most finally happened.

Signing those property papers to the Millers would mean giving up on everything my parents fought for.

The car soon came to a stop,

"Where are we?" I looked around,

The only building in sight was an old mansion, but looked destroyed.

"Get down." He growled. I got down from the car and moved towards the building, though a major part of it was seared, you could still tell it was a beautiful house.

"Once upon a time this used to be my home." A voice said and turned to see Matt standing beside me, "And now this is what's left of it."

"Why are you showing me this?"

"I also had a little sister, her name was Mia, you would have loved her. She was just five when she was killed in this building. I loved her more than anything in the world and I did nothing to protect her---" He paused and stared at the house like he was recalling memories of her.

"What happened?" I found myself asking.

"Let's say I woke up in a hospital with a degree burn, everyone and everything I loved dead and burnt beyond recognition."

My mouth fell wide open as I listened to him, how could anyone do that?

"I'm really sorry for your loss." I meant every word, "I can't imagine that sort of thing happening to anyone. But how does this affect me?"

"Everything." he said.

"What do you mean?"

"You won't believe who I saw when I checked the security footage months later. Try and guess?"

I raised an eyebrow, wondering how he expects me to know that,

"Who?" Once again I found myself asking him, I didn't know why it bothered me, it should be the least of my problems.

He said and pulled out his phone.

"You know what, this is your problem, and not mine." I tell him prompt and plain, "We are not friends and sorry to say, but I don't give a damn about some psycho who scorched your family, this is what you get when you go around taking people against their will, so just fucking tell me how this is connected to me or just let me go." At this point I was almost having a meltdown,

I was tired and feed up with this.

"Watch this?" He threatened me.

I rolled my eyes and snatched the phone from his hand to see the damn footage,

"I don't see anything." I tell him, returning it.

"Watch closer." He insisted.

I didn't know what he expected me to see from a bunch of men, wearing masks and scorching down a building.

"I don't see anything."

"Here." He reached and paused the video, "Now, tell me who you see?"

He zoomed the screen for a proper look,

No, it can't be, is that my dad!

"Is this a joke?" I snapped and threw the phone across the street.

"Your father and David were responsible for killing Mia, they didn't care about my family, all cared about was protecting you--"

"You're delusional," I spat at him, "I meet my father but I know he was a good man and so his David."

"You think David loves you." He laughed mockingly, "You're so naive. All David Hertz ever wanted were those property papers and now he's got you to hand them to him, he doesn't need you anymore."

"Stop it," I warned him.

"I'm saying the truth...David Hertz would never trade those property papers for your freedom. If he was willing to marry you to get them, what won't he do?"

I shook my head in disbelief, "What did you think, that this would make me despise David, and trust you?" I chuckled mockingly, "Then you're more delusional than I thought. Let me just burst your bubbles, I trust David with my life and nothing you say, or do can change my mind about that, not even that fake video of yours. So, fuck you for trying."


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