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Chapter 3



I stayed in my room, staring at the walls, stupefied and bored almost to death, like any other day. This was my life. I was pretty much a prisoner in this house,

I grabbed my phone and texted Dylan, he replied.

Dylan: Party at Jason's tonight, you in?

The offer was very tempting, but it also meant I would be grounded for life, Mr. Hertz would never let me out at this hour, unless---

I glanced at the desk and a silly idea came to my mind. I ran into my closet changed and grabbed a bag, and shoved a few things in it, before making it down the stairs.

"And, where do you think you are going?" Henna asked as she caught me.

"I'm going for a study session with some friends." I lied, I was a terrible liar.

She folded her hands across her chest, "Alison, you know the rules, you can't just get up and leave. You need to ask for permission." God! she sounded just like him.

"I wouldn't be long, cover for me..." I turned to leave but she stopped me.

"Alison, ask Mr. Hertz for permission and then you can leave, that's how it's done around here."

"You know what he's going to say... He never listens to anything I say."

"Who knows, he might listen this time." She said and walked away towards the kitchen. I scoffed and considered returning back to my room. I was aware Mr. Hertz would never let me out at this hour, I strode down the hall.

I guess I was optimistic,

I walked to his door and without knocking, I grabbed the handle and barged in, "Mr. Hertz?" I called out for him as I strode into his room, which by the way smelled like fresh mint---

The room seemed empty, Where the hell---

I cursed abruptly, averting my eyes away.

Well, barging into his room turned out to be a very terrible idea, seeing he was just stepping out of the shower.

"Alison?" He sounded angry,

I lifted my eyes to him once again, with a bold and stern upfront.

He had a white towel wrapped around his waist, strands of wet hair, hanging down his forehead. My cheeks turned beet red, worse, I couldn't stop my radical eyes from skimming.

"For your sake, this better good?" He said and I cleared my throat awkwardly, speaking up,

"I'm heading out with some friends for a study session..."

"Are you informing me or asking for permission?"

I snapped my head to him.

"I'm telling you."

"What are you waiting for then?" He dared me, I was tempted to defile him and just run out to the gates, but knowing Mr. Hertz I wouldn't make it far, believe me, I have tried.

"It's just a study session for a science project." He ignored me, "Or would you rather I invite them over and have it here?"

He walked over to his closet to grab a neat shirt and wore it on.

I sighed in relief, "I also need money.." I added and he raised an eyebrow at me. "You haven't approved my allowance for the week." I reminded him.

"I was informed you received $500 last week."

"Yeah... I used it on a math project, you can ask Henna."

He clenched, averting his gaze from me. "I don't have time for your escapades, Ali.." He starts to button his shirt, from the top and working his way down to the bottom, "Return to your room, you are never to barge into this room again."

"You never listen to me!" I raised voice and hoped my newfound determination wouldn't get me grounded, "Why don't you ever listen to me?" I continued yelling as I followed him around,

He made his way to his desk, obviously to continue working. "Do you ever do anything else besides work?" I just had to ask, I literally hadn't seen him do anything else.

He continued to pay me no attention.

"Fine, ignore me. I'm not going anywhere, until we have that talk and you listen to me..."

He ignored me, reaching for some files on his desk,

I continued taunting me, "I will sit here and wait." He still paid me no attention, It was like I wasn't even in the room.

I stretched myself on the red couch in his room and watched him work. He would once in a while glance at my direction and avert with a sigh,


I just sat there and I guess I must have zoomed off at some point, because when I awoke I was still lying on the couch, there was even a blanket over me.

"What time is it?" I yawned, opening my phone screen.

My eyes almost fell out of its socket.

12.30 A.M

You've got to be kidding me!

I have been laying here asleep for 5hours and he didn't even bother to wake me, what's wrong with him?

I looked over at his desk to see him leaned against the chair, a dark fountain pen between his lips and working tirelessly. Watching him from a distance, made me wonder why he worked so much if he even had a girlfriend, wife or anything? He seemed lonely, explaining why he was cranky and mean half of the time,

"Why didn't you wake up?"

"Go to your room, Alison..." He sighed tiredly.

"You should rest." I stood up and went to him, "You've been working all day, it's enough. You should lay down...."

"Go to bed, Ali," He insisted, stretching tiredly on his chair. I reached and tried to take the files from his hands, but he held my wrist, stopping me. "What do you think you're doing?" he asked.

"Getting you to bed." I yanked my arm from his and started clearing his scattered desk, "If you keep working yourself like this, you are going to get sick and who is going to look after you then..." I scolded him like some child and I swear I read amusement in his expression just now.

"Ali, get out.."

" can't always have it your way." I shot at him. He hesitated for a while, but he finally gave into my persuasion.

He was so stubborn.

I went to pour him a glass of water, while he got himself into the covers,

"Should I get you something to eat?" I asked as I placed the flash beside his bed, "I assume you haven't had anything to eat?" I said as I turned off the headlight.

I didn't know what I was doing, I only hoped to be back to myself after dawn.

"Go to bed, Ali." He insisted.

"Fine, we talk tomorrow." I tell him and turned to leave,

"Your allowance will be ready in the morning." he informed me on my way to the door. I just nodded and left.

So much for fighting for your rights, Alison. You more like gawked at the man and pampered his ass to sleep.

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