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David Hertz

For days I have raided these streets looking for Ali, or even a clue of where he might have taking her, and nothing.

I have men prowling at every corner of this city trying to find her.

"You okay?" Bate waved in,

I haven't being able to sleep or eat anything for days, depleted by the thought of Ali being taken.

The notion of him laying even a finger on her makes me boil to fury. "Don't get soft on me now man." Bate gave me a pitiful stare, "We are going to find her..." he assured me.

I nodded and returned to my desk.

"This came in the mail." I passed him the parcel delivered this morning, "It contains a copy of the property papers, has expected he's after the property."

Bate cursed abruptly, "Bastard, I guess he knows you have the properties. This what we've been afraid would happen..."

I'm at the crossroads, "If we sign those papers there's no guarantee he's going to free Alison, he still needs her to acquire some of the fixed properties, those major properties are only accessible when she turns 25."

"There's something else in parcel." Bate tried to figure it the other content in the parcel, "It's some sort of antique video player."

"It's the footage from the night of the fire." I told him. That was the other thing I kept from Alison. I had purposely left that fraction of the story. I didn't want her to have a bad image of her George.

"The contents in these tapes are deep..." Bate exclaimed watching it. At that same time my

phone buzzed with a call.

I picked it up and answered, hoping it was one of the men with news of Ali.


As soon as I knew who it was, I immediately hung up. "Who was it?" Bate asked, still watching the video.


I placed the phone away with a sigh.

"Crazy hot Natalia? Didn't you already end things with her?" Bate asked, looking up from the video.

"Forget her." Natalia's addiction was the last thing I needed to fret about at the moment. I still had to find a way to save both Ali and George's properties. "Find out who sent the parcel and when."

"Right on it, but I'm taking them with me." Bate said and turned to leave,

"And, Bate?" I called again.

He turned halfway to look at me. "If nothing comes up by the end of the week, we execute the initial plan," I reminded him.

"Yes, boss." He said and left. As soon as he took off, my phone buzzed with a text, and it was Natalia again.

I ignored it and called the officer instead. I had to involve the police at some point, but it didn't seem like they were putting any effort into finding her.

"Sir?" He immediately recognized my number. "Sir, we are out looking for her, we will let you know if we find anything, I strongly believe we are close, we will find her."

I clenched and hung up, infuriated.

They've been saying the same thing over and over again. It's time to take matters into my hands.


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