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"David isn't answering my calls-" I snapped, "You said you would help me." I should have known better than to trust a selfish, conniving bastard like Matt Miller.

"Not my problem." He winked, raising his glass in the air.

"We had a deal, you promised, you would help get me, David." I snarled.

"I'm not your fairy godmother, Natalia. Fix your own shit...chata." He cursed under his breath and took another gulp of his drink.

"Don't fuck with me, Matt. You don't know who you are missing with." I threatened.

He laughed, "What are you going to do, fuck me to death?" His mocking laughter echoed the room, making me even angrier.

"Don't play with me!" I warned him.

He stopped laughing and took me seriously,

"What can I do, threaten him to take you back? He doesn't even want to look at you, he's got his eyes set on someone else."

"Don't give me that bulshit." I snarled at him. "I helped you watch that obnoxious girl for weeks, and now it's your turn to commit to your own side of the deal, you don't want to mess with me!"

"Fine..." He sighed in defeat, "I will figure something out."

I was hopeful,

"I want see her?" I wanted to take another look at her, and possibly knock some senses into her. "Where's she?"

"I had her sedated, she's asleep."

I scoffed dryly, boring.

"What's the deal with her anyway? She's not even pretty." I rolled my eyes in disgust, "She's a spoiled brat with serious daddy issues,"

"Sitting on a load of money, you can't even contend with her," He smirked.

I was suddenly interested,

"She's full?"

"I don't think she knows how loaded she is, some of the assets willed to her by her father and grandparents combined are worth over a billion dollars, including a sporting ranch in Silverton, and she just gave it all to David in a heartbeat, stupid."

"Okay, but...if Alison has gone broke and David has all her money now, why do you still need to marry her? Isn't this whole plan for the money?"

"My father used to say, why settle for one, when you can have it all," he told me, I didn't understand his response, but it made sense.

"So what's the plan? Do you get rid of her?" I asked him. What's my share in this anyway? I think I have been underestimating Matt, if I play my cards right I could get a lot more out of this.

"David has to sign back those properties, he actually cares about her, so it shouldn't take long." he said.

"And then, what?" I hope he gets rid of her, or throw her in a dish somewhere. If he doesn't, I will.

"I plan to take her away, pretend to love her for a while, and marry her if need be. But I don't see that happening If I can't get her to count on me, and by all means hate David. She would only trust me if she doubts his initial intention for her."

I scoffed,

"I don't care what you do with her, just get her claws off my man." I got up and went to him,"I want you now, " I reached for him, but he pushed my arm away.

"Get your own dick." He taunted.

I snorted,

"Get over yourself." I leered and went to pour myself more wine, "Don't tell me you're falling for the slut."

"That's kinda of ironic don't you think?" He ridiculed.

"Fuck you!" I howled at him.

"You already did." He snickered, leaning back on his chair, "Alison is going to be my wife soon..."

"Pretend wife." I teased, and he threw me a lethal glare. I scoffed, "Just get your bitch off my man."

"Jealous?" He smirked.

"Please...she's got nothing on me..Even David can agree, he chose me first."

I would admit I'm a little jealous of the slut. I mean, she has everything, including two men falling at her feet, without even trying. I never had other men treat me like that, It was always knack and dump with me.

But, with David it was different, asides from the monthly allowance. He never looked at with disgust, or treated me like I didn't matter to the world, he never for once made me feel like the whore everyone else saw me as, he genuinely cared for me.

The more reason I had to get him back.

"So, what's the next?" I asked.

"Now we wait..."

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