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Dylan Parker

"Where's Alison? I know you took her away, just tell me where you hide her." I yelled at Mr. Hertz.

I haven't seen Alison for almost five days and it's rumored she's been missing for days. The Alison I know won't just get up and leave, it had to be him.

"I suggest you leave before I call the cops." He snarled in a warning.

I stepped closer and looked him in the eye. I had to remind him that I wasn't afraid of him, I grew up in the Bronx, I have seen scarier men, he doesn't even come close.

"I'm not going anywhere, tell me where you took Alison?"

He picked up the phone,

"Wait!" I stopped him before he would call the cops.

I sighed silently,

"Look, just tell me where Alison is?" I said in a calmer voice.


"If something happened to her I have the right to know...I spoke up again. "Is she okay?"


"Please..." I added.

He finally paid me attention, telling me.

"Alison has been abducted."

I froze hearing those words, and one by one those dreadful words came lingering in my ear, Alison got abducted! Alison got abducted!!!

"What do you mean abducted ?" I snapped, "Alison is my best friend and the love:-" before I could finish the sentence, he had me tackled and pinned against the wall,

I almost didn't see him coming.

"Don't test my patience," He growled in a murderous tone and then forcefully lets go of me, "Get out!!"

"Why are you just standing, why aren't you doing anything to find her?" One would think with all his money and connections, he would have this whole town in paranoia searching for her, but he's here smocking and drinking like she didn't even matter. "If you really care about her, you won't be sitting here and doing nothing to find her, you will be out there searching for her."

He turned to me with what resembled anguish in his eyes, if I didn't know any better, I would think he actually cared about her,

"I'm going to find her and when I do, I would make sure I take her far away from you." I told him.

"You do that...Now, leave before I call the cops." he threatened.

It was useless coming here, he clearly didn't care if anything happened to her. But I was going to find her myself and when I do, I won't let her out of my sight, or near him, he doesn't deserve her.

Before turning to leave I decided to say something I have been wanting to say to him from the minute I walked into the room.

"Mr. Stone made a huge mistake leaving Alison with you, she's better off alone on the street than with you."

I told him, expecting a reaction, but surprisingly he didn't alter a word, almost like he agreed with me.

"I'll be back to get Alison's things." I said and walked out the door. I leaned on it, the thought of Alison getting hurt, or worse getting killed, jabbed me hard.

'I will find you, I promise.'


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