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Matt got me skating shoes and the patio was a decent place to practice, it was the only place in the house that didn't make me want to strangle myself,

It was peaceful and refreshing.

It kinda reminded me of Dylan and our special place, thinking of Dylan, I wonder if he's has heard, knowing Dylan he won't take the news well.

"You are really good." A voice spoke up from behind, I didn't need to turn to know who it was.

I stopped skating and just stared out,

"I'm still waiting, anytime now.."

"If you are still waiting for an apology for contacting my boyfriend, I suggest you shot yourself because you're not getting any from me."I spat.

"Boyfriend? that's a little presumptuous, don't you think?" He's been bugging me to apologize, since he caught me with the phone, like it's my fault he left the phone laying around.

"Just mind your business."

He chuckled,

"Hertz is one lucky man." He sighed and stood beside me. I never understood why he called David's name like they were old pals or something.

"How do you know David?" I asked him, something just wasn't right..

He became silent for a while,

I almost regretted asking, then he said.

"I used to go out with Jenna." He said without looking at me. Was supposed to know who Jenna is?

"Who's Jenna?" I asked.

He turned to look at me in shock.

"you,'re kidding right?"

I raised an eyebrow,

"Do I look like am kidding?"

I didn't know who this Jenna was, as long as she wasn't an ex-girlfriend, or worse an ex-wife of David, I was okay with it.

"How could you be dating Hertz's and not know he's sister, Jenna?" He said her name with a smile, she must have been really special to him.

"I Haven't met her." I said,

Then it hit that I didn't know a lot about David, I spent most of my years complaining and disagreeing with him, rather than getting to know him.

"She's amazing..."

"If she's so amazing, why aren't you with her?" I shot at him and he became cold suddenly.

"She left," he whispered sadly.

"Aww! I wonder why." I muttered sarcastically, "I guess criminals don't get happy ends after all."

He clenched his jaw, saying.

"I'm not the bad guy here, Ali."

"Let me guess Hertz is, like I haven't heard that before. I was tired of everyone blaming my father or David for their bad choices, "So I am guessing this is some sort of revenge for you too."

"No." he paused,"Ali, believe it or not I'm here to protect you."

"If you were really here to protect me, you would get me out of here and not just stand there---"

A voice cuts us off,

"Having fun?"

We both turned to see Matt,

Here goes the peace and quiet of this place, the criminal is back.

"I didn't know you were returning today?" Micheal said to him.

"That's because I didn't tell you." Matt replied stepping closer to me, "I couldn't stand being away from her any longer."

"To bad, I can't say the same." I shrieked, "This house is less intoxicating without you in it."

"Leave us, " Matt growled.

Micheal nodded and walked away, for a best friend he seemed really intimidated by him,

"Sorry, I haven't been around." he said.

"You promised you would let me go, this is the third week--"

"I will, just be patient luv."

"Don't call me that!"

"What, Luv?"

"Yes, It's quivering," I told him.

He laughed, staring at me and I gagged, looking away from him. I was surprised he didn't mention my little stunt, which only meant Micheal hasn't told what happened to yet, why would he cover up for me?

"I see you've started skating again." Matt's phone buzzed, as we were heading downstairs, "Go on, Luv. I will catch you in a jiffy,"

Who says jiffy?

"Whatever, " I hissed and went head.

Before I got to my cell, I decided to drop by at Micheal's, just to ask him why he hadn't snitched on me, not that it mattered, I just wanted to know.

I reached to turn the doorknob when I heard him whispering to tomorrow.

"We attack tomorrow."

Which was strange seeing Matt was downstairs. I knew he shouldn't be trusted, who knows what he's up to now.

I should inform Matt about this.


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