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Chapter 4



It was a tolerable morning the next day, I applied some pink lipstick and mascara before grabbing my bag and hurrying downstairs for breakfast,

"Morning Henna," I pulled out a chair.

"Morning." She smiled at me. "What would our princess have for breakfast?"

I shrugged,


"Then, pancakes it is." She turned around to start with the cooking.

"Uhm, Henna. Did Mr. Hertz leave anything for me?" I was optimistic,

She scurried to the drawer and pulled out an envelope. "Here, it's the consent letter for your allowance."

"Thank God." I exclaimed in relief, "I was running out of cash." Which was ironic since I lived with a multi- billionaire. Well, at least now I could afford extra skating lessons.

"You would have to send it to the accountant." She reminded me.

I took it, "Thank you." I said and stood up, "Got to run, I'm late." I got up to leave.

"Not until you have breakfast young lady." Henna stopped me.

"But, Henna." I whined.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you can't afford to miss it, Sit."

"But, I'm running late." I grumbled.

"No more buts, Ali. Sit." She warned,

I huffed in defeat and sat back,

I could never reach an argument with Henna, she always won. "And, here are some sweet delicious pancakes." She flipped hot pancakes on my empty plate.

"You know, one of these days. I'm going to miss how much you pamper me." I tell her and she blushed.

"Now eat up." I shook my head at her with a laugh and then pouring some syrups on my pancakes, I ate up.

Trust Henna to make the best pancakes,

She was the best.

I ate quickly and dropped the dishes in the sink, "Thanks." I gave her a squashing and tight hug,

"Oh! Alright, go on now..."

I chuckled and scampered out of the kitchen.

I was hurrying towards the front door and heard someone call my attention when I turned around I saw a boy my age, younger though.

"You must be Ali?" He asked, approaching me.

"And, who are you?" I furrowed my brow, he didn't seem familiar at all.

"Jason. I guess I'm your new bodyguard."

"What?" I yelped.

"Did Mr. Hertz not inform you about it?" He asked and I scoffed.

You've got to be kidding me!

"Oh, you've met." Henna appeared out of nowhere, "Jason would be escorting you from now on." She said like it was the most normal thing to say to a person,

"No offense, but he looks like a child." I should be the one protecting him.

"I'm a lot stronger than I look." he said.

"An amateur child bodyguard and let me guess you are, 15. This is ridiculous."

"I'm 25 actually..." He corrected.

"Right...." I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

"Off to school now." Henna said, waving us out of the door. I groaned out and walked out the door with the child bodyguard trailing behind me like some lost puppy.

He kept inventing better ways to ruin my life,

I got into the car and drove to school with two strange men in the car, all spies for Mr. Hertz, I bet they report every action back to him,

"How much is he paying you to follow me around like losers?" I asked Jason, starting a conversation.

"Sorry, I can't disclose that information. I'm only here to protect you."

"Typical." I rolled my eyes and averted away. We soon arrived and got down from the car quickly. Jason tried to follow me,

"Hey, where do you think you are going?" I stop him, people were even starting to look.

"I'm supposed to protect you." he objected,

"Yeah, well, I don't care what you do, you stay 20ft away from me, you can spy through the window or floor, I don't care... Just stay far from me." I spat and walked away.

He didn't follow immediately.

I bowed and frowned way into the school, reaching for my locker, "Alison--" immediately someone called my attention, I turned around and was faced with the coach.

"Morning coach."

"Morning, Alison and this is for you." She handed me a blue flyer, "It's a skating contest, a little one, remember we start small." I chuckled, glancing from the flyer to her.

"I can't, I'm really not that good, I can't even master a double flip."

"I know, but with a lot of training you would be unstoppable, think about it." She rubbed my back with a smile and left. I beamed at the flyer, then tucking it away, I ran off to class.


Hours later I sat in the courtyard with Dylan, chewing to ghettos and joking around, "So..what's with the stalker?" He refers to Jason.

"Mr. Hertz's idea." I replied.

He narrowed his brow suspiciously at me,

"What did you do this time?"

"This is his way of protecting me, at least that's what he says."

"Cool...Anyway." Dylan changed topics, "Ashley is throwing this awesome party. We should go...." He always invited me to these parties knowing full well I couldn't attend, I guess he hoped one of these days I would surprise him and actually agree.

"Don't hope on it." I mumbled, leaving my eyes on Jason, He was sitting right across us, looking really lost. I couldn't understand why Mr. Hertz would hire him, not that I needed any protection, but he was a kid, this should certainly be illegal, I thought.

"What's his deal? He looks like a kid." Dylan pointed out the same.

"Well, he said he's 25 and tougher than he looks."

"I bet he is." Dylan snickered mischief replacing his tone, "I have a plan..." I look at him, "Let's ditch him?"

"No?!" I gasped.

"C'mon, it would be fun."

"Dylan, Mr. Hertz would be mad and really don't want to get into any trouble."

"Since when do I care what Me. Hertz thinks." I didn't even know the answer to that, usually I wouldn't even care.

"I just don't want to get into trouble." I stutter.

"Don't be a wuss." Dylan pulled me up with him. "I'm going to count till 4 and then we Run." He starts to count, "0, 1, 2...,"

"Dear, lord?" I exclaimed, not exactly comfortable with the idea. He looked around , before yelling.


I barely even had the chance to gasp before I was dragged running across the field, "Ali, stop." Jason yelled, running after us. My heart was throbbing and racing out of its cage.

We ran wild through the wide track field and after a while of sprinting, I slowed down to catch my breath and so did Dylan, "Fuck!" I let out breathlessly.

"Woo!...That was fucking amazing," Dylan exclaimed, jumping in the air, "You must agree that felt incredible. I have never seen you run like that, you were unstoppable."

"N-No..." I was out of breath.

Then, I looked back and gasped,

"He's coming!"

Having us running through the field all over again.


We stopped running at some point to catch our collapsing breaths, "I think we lost him." Dylan said looking around for him.

"Or he's somewhere calling Mr. Hertz right now as we speak, "I was in so much trouble, I was sure I would go back to being homeschooled after this.

"I told you it would be fun." he said.

"Yeah, if it doesn't get grounded."

He chuckled, "Relax, but you have to admit it was fun?"

"Okay, maybe a little." I admitted having him beaming and reaching out my hand,

"Let's get you back to class, Pops." He said. I chuckled and took his hand. He was too silly.

"Thanks, anyway." I bumped his shoulder as we walked side to side back to class.

"You're welcome pops."

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