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I woke up in the middle of the night sore and with one exquisite fact in mind that I was no longer a virgin, I grinned at the thought.

I turned over to the other side of the bed to see David was no longer beside me, knowing him, he probably sneaked out to get some work done.

I sighed and grabbed the sheet, using it to cover myself as I stood up, but stopped when I felt sharp pains between my legs.

I managed to stand and then grabbing one of his shirts, I wore it on and I went to find him,

"David?" I called as I found my way towards his office, it was the only place I thought he could be at the time of the night.

I turned the doorknob and walked in,

"David?" I saw him seated silently in the dark, a glass of scotch in his hand.

This can't be good,

"Babe?" I called.

He looked up at me and smiled feebly,

"Did I wake you?" he drops his glass on the table, and pulled me on his lap,

"No, but I wish you did." I smiled and ran my hand through his silky hair, "What's wrong?" I was concerned, "did something happen at the office?" He stared at me with those beautiful eyes for a while, before reaching into his desk.

He pulled out a big envelope and showed it to me.

My eyes gaped realizing what it was,

MIU acceptance letter,

"This just came in the mail."

"I'm not going." I let out almost instantly, "There are a lot of great colleges here in Sydney, I don't have to stay so far away from you and I won't do it."

He stared at me like I just said I murdered someone,

I got up and walked around his desk.

"Why would you want to throw away such a great opportunity?" he paused as the realization hit him hard in the face, "because of me?"

I twisted my lips and looked away from him,

"If your answer is yes Ali, then we have a huge problem on our hands." he yelled, "It means I'm holding you back."

I took my eyes back to him,

"I don't care...I just want to be with you, whichever college I attend doesn't matter."

"Of course it matters." he shouted at him,"I can never be okay with you throwing away your future, and all the dreams your parents had for you because of me."

"David there won't be an us anymore if I head out for college and you know it...the thought of losing you is far worse than any pain, I can't live without you and I won't do it."

He got up and paced around the room as if in regret,

"David look at me.." I begged him.

He doesn't,


He finally looked at me with agonized eyes,

"I'm sorry, Ali. But---." he paused, staring at me, "You're beautiful and so young, you deserve better than being stuck here with me," his lips shivered as if holding back his tears.

"Where are you getting at David?" I hoped he meant something else, because the David I loved wouldn't be so cruel to me, "Are you breaking up with me?" I finally asked.

"I'm sorry.." It felt like a thousand swords just pierced through my heart hearing those words coming from his mouth, and in an instant uncontrollable tears poured out,

"You don't mean that?" I trailed in tears, "Tell me you don't really mean that." I screamed at him, then I fought to pull myself together,

There's no need crying over this Ali,

He clearly doesn't mean that, I told myself.

He just needed a little convincing and reassuring, that's all, it's normal for him to be concerned about my future, that only shows he cares.

"David?" I muttered as I moved closer to him.

I placed my hand under his chin and made him look at me,

"It's the age thing again, isn't it?" I asked,

He doesn't answer,

"You're worried I might wake up one morning and toil upon everything I missed by being with you and resent you for it." I smiled widely at him, "That would never happen, babe. I can never resent you," I smiled, "Do you even know how much I love you, should I show you?"

He stared at me in silence before speaking again,

"I'm not getting any younger, Alison and you know it, I have lived and experienced everything life has to offer me, it would be wicked to take that opportunity from you." he tucked a strand of my hair back, "I can't risk being selfish with you."

I jerked away from him,

"Are you really breaking up, with me with that lame excuse?"

My heart broke into a million pieces when he didn't answer, tears spurred out of my eyes like a waterfall as I the man I love shredded my soul beyond repair,

"Why did you make love to me then?" I screamed at him, my voice filled with pain, anger, despair, "Why did you take advantage of me and make me fall completely in love with you David? Why did you pretend to care about me only to make love to me and dumb me the next second with some lame excuse about a better future for me? Was this your plan from the beginning to have sex with me?" I screamed and started hitting him in despair.

"That's Enough, Ali." he growled with a lot of heartache in his voice, "Look at me." he places his two hands on my shoulder and made me look at him,

I stared at his eyes and I could almost see the pain and heartache he felt inside,

"I love you, and I don't want this either, but part of me being your guardian is to look out for your future."

Guardian!! did he just say, guardian?

"Get your filthy hands off me." I screamed, shoving his hands off me.

Anguish flashed in his eyes.

"I hate you and... I regret the day I fell in love with you, you're not a human being, you're a monster and you don't deserve my love, I hate you!!" We both knew that was a lie, it hurts more that I couldn't even pretend to hate him.

His eyes reddened with a lot of agony in them,

I could see how my brutal words had affected him and I immediately regretted them, that was how much I loved him, and before I could take them back he raged out of the door.

I ran upstairs to my room and tried not to burst out on the stairs. As soon as I got into my room,

I locked the door and sunk on the floor, letting out every pain and heartache I felt inside. The tears burst forth like a cascade, clouding my vision and spilling down my face, and as I laid on that floor, I allowed my sadness to engulf me.

'I hate you so much, David'



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