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I spent the whole week in a zombie state, I cried, cried and cried myself to sleep every day and night, I still couldn't grasp the fact that David broke up with me, my heart still hurts anytime I think of it,

I haven't heard or seen him since that night. I left him countless messages and voicemails, but he still hasn't answered any of them or called back. I wish I could take back all those harsh words I said to him, he didn't deserve it.

I was brought to reality by the door slamming open, "ALISON BECKY STONE." Olivia barged into my room annoyingly

"Just leave me alone." I cried and dipped my head into the covers.

"Get your tiny ass off that bed, before I make you, girl." she pulled off the covers, "Get the hell up!!"

I sighed and sat up slowly.

She shook her head as she stared at me,

"You look like shit."

"Oh! Jeez, Thanks. Now leave me the hell alone," I screamed. Was it so hard for everyone to understand that I want to be alone, they just keep bursting into my room like I was some depressed child in need of attention, it's sickening.

"Ali." she crawled her way into the bed with me,"Crying won't solve anything," she whispered soothingly.

"What do you know?" I hissed.

"Look, if I had a jar for every hard break, I'll be rich. But I assure you, one day you're going to look back on this day and regret the moments you spent pounding over it's not worth it."

"I want to be alone," I whispered, deepening my head between my legs.


"Just leave me the hell alone, olli." I screamed, it was like no was listening to me.

"Scream all you want, but I'm not leaving you by yourself. Who knows what evil thoughts you've got crawled up in that head already."

I groaned, pulling the covers over my head and turning to the other side of the bed, hoping she would just give up and leave.

She stayed silent and that was good enough for me, I just hid under the covers sobbing silently,

"It's Mr. Hertz, isn't it?"

I snapped to her,

"I wasn't wrong after all." She laughed.

"I don't know what you are talking about?" I mutter, giving her the most clueless look I could come up with at the moment.

"I had my suspicions long before now, but I got my answers at your welcome back party, when you two couldn't take your eyes off each other, I'm surprised no one else figured it out," she said.

"I still don't know what you're talking about." I continued to deny it. I pretended not to have a clue of what she was talking about, but I seemed to be bad at that too.

"Ali, I'm not here to judge. Girl, you should be proud, any girl would die to be in your place, that man is a work of art. I'm so jealous right now."

At this point there was no need to hide it anymore. I gave her a faint smile, "Thank you, I guess." I said and wiped my tears. I was glad I could finally tell someone.

"You're always welcome, Alison." She smiled, "So, give me the details? How long have you been dating? And I mean every detail."

"Just a few months.." I whispered.

I smiled as I recalled the first time we kissed and how eager I was the next day, "He's amazing olley?" I let out with a huge grin on my face, I was aware David loved me, he gave up his entire life to protect me from Matt, "I love him so much." I cried to olley, "He worries I might resent him in the future if we go on, and I tried to tell him that would never happen but----" I cut myself short due to the choking tears.

Olivia reached and gave my hand a tight squeeze,

"I saw the way he looked at you when you were not looking, like you meant the entire world to him, which only he's crazy about you too. A love like that doesn't come by so easily....You shouldn't give up too easily."

I nodded and pulled her into a hug,

"Thank you for understanding. It feels so good to talk to someone about it."

She laughed and rubbed my back, "I'm still mad you kept it from me." She broke away, "but we will discuss that later." She wipes my tears with her left hand,"no more crying."

I chuckled and repeated after her, "No more crying." that was all the little strength I needed,

I jumped out the bed and grabbed my jacket from the closet, "Where are you going?" Olivia raised her brow at me suspiciously.

"To get him back," I yelled as I stormed the room.


Here I was standing in front of his hotel suite after threatening Bate to tell me where he was. Most of the hotel staff knew who I was, so I didn't have much trouble making it through security.

But standing there I suddenly felt all that courage leave my body, scared that he might reject me, or worse not want to see me.

I took a deep breath and raised my hand nervously to knock,

"It's open." I heard him whisper from inside,

I placed my hand on the door handle to push it open, but on a second thought I couldn't do it, even after making it this far, I was too scared of him rejecting me once, I rather not.

I turned and tried to walk away,

"Alison?" He cut through, stopping me.

I turned around to face him, he was standing right in front of me, shirtless. "Uhm..." I tried really hard not to stare at his defined abs but failed miserably.

My hands began to sweat uncontrollably as I walked towards him. I didn't know what to say, everything I rehearsed to tell him just disappeared.

"Can I get you anything?" he asked, noticing how tensed I was in front of him.

I nodded,

"Water." I managed to say, more like whispered.

He smiled feebly, "Make yourself comfortable." he said and left,

I looked around, rubbing my hands together nervously. I found my way to an empty sofa beside his bed and sat down, I felt like a stranger.

David re-entered the room with a bottle of water, and a grey shirt on, "Here." he handed the bottle to me.

"Thank you." I mumbled and took it from me,

I felt my whole body lite up as my finger greased against his, I missed him so much, I missed touching him, all those days of being apart had been a complete torture.

He sat across me, staring warmly. Why isn't he saying anything? Why does he look even better like this separation isn't affecting him at all?

"How have you been?" He asked finally.

"How do you think I am?" I snapped at him, "You left me.... You must hate me."

He motioned towards me,

"Hey!" He whispered and removed hair from my face. I forgot to comb my hair. "I was never upset with you. I couldn't even if I wanted."

"I can't bear staying away from you." I cried and leaned my head against his chest.

He was silent.

I raised my head to look at him,

"Do you still love me?" I asked. I just wanted to hear him say it to me.

"It scares me sometimes how much I do, the thought of losing you drives me insane." he paused and stared at me, "I don't want you to ever doubt what you mean to me."

I was silent for a while, taking everything in,

"Do you know what I want more than anything?" I whispered to him.

"Tell me," he wipes the little drops of tears that were silently falling out.

"To spend the rest of my boring life with you, marry you." I giggled at the thought, "have little cute gorgeous babies like you. Wake up every beautiful morning wrapped in your arms."

He smiled sweetly,

"Baby that's beautiful. But I don't want you limiting your life to just being with me, you're young and beautiful, you have so much time to think about all these things. I want you to focus on your future, discover other things that make you happy, find every beautiful thing the world has installed for you."

How could I even attempt to hate him or be mad at him when he says things like that. I got up and straddle between his lap,

"Will you wait for me?" I ask him.

"Always," he whispered and kissed me with so much agony.

Tears slipped through the corners of my eyes as I kissed him back because I knew it might be the last time I get this chance with him again.



I pulled out my suitcase from the closet and placed it on the bed as I began folding my clothes neatly into it.

David promised to ship the rest of my stuff as soon as I get settled in. I was finally leaving for MIU. Dylan got really excited when I told him, he should have seen him.

"Alley?" He came into the room.


I was still packing my things.

She sat at the edge of the bed watching me curiously, "You don't seem excited, all you ever talked about was leaving this city."

How do I begin to tell her, how do I tell her everything that's happened, most of them I couldn't trade for a second,

"I grew out of it I guess." I gave her a quick smile.

She smiled back warmly and reachef out to rub my hands,

"You're the daughter any mother could have asked for, and I'm proud and glad that I was part of raising you into this beautiful woman you've become. Now you are going to college." Henna starts crying,

"Oh, Henna." I laughed in tears. I was trying to be strong and hold back the tears, but I failed at it, "I'm really going to miss you, especially your semosas."

She laughed and pulled me into a hug.

"You will do fine baby girl." She said and rubbed my back.

I broke away abruptly, I remembered something really important, it was about David, I didn't care about the consequences,

"Henna, please take care of Mr. Hertz, make sure he eats, sleeps and make sure he doesn't work himself too much.. .I know once I'm gone he will go back to his old habits and---"

"Ali--" She cut in, "don't worry yourself about David, he's a grown man and can take good care of himself."

"No, promise me!" I yelled, "Promise me, promise me you would take good care of him, that's all I ask."

"Okay, I promise." She finally said it, "Remember, be good and don't go on doing drugs and all sort of terrible things you young college kids do these days." she warned.

I chuckled,

"I won't." I pulled her into another tight hug. I started over her shoulder and wonder how I was going to stay away for five years.

David had made me promise not to return until I finished my management course and found a goal in life.

"Ladies---" Micheal interrupted,

I broke away from Henna to look at him,

"College, huh?" He came over,

"I'll miss you too, buddy." I pulled him into a hug before he could protest.

"I will be downstairs." Henna excused herself.

"Take care of him, Micheal." I told him.

"I had a feeling this hug came with a price."he teased.

I chuckled and broke away from him, "Thank you for everything, and I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you."

He nodded,

"Be good, and don't worry David is in good hands, though I'm quite positive he would through me out in the streets once your out of here, but don't worry I promise not to hate him for it."

I chuckled and turned around to look at my room for one last time before heading downstairs with Michael.

David was already getting my bags into the trunk of the car, since he was the one taking me to the airport.

I pulled Micheal and Henna into another squashing hug, before finally letting go of them with a pool of tears in my eyes and getting into the car with David.


The car to the airport was really silent, I just didn't know what to say to him in less than an hour we won't see each other for complete five years,

Five freaking years!

I just realized how long that is,

"Will you visit?" I asked.

"It's best I don't..I can't have you getting distracted."

"Of course." I rolled my eyes sarcastically.

I promised myself I won't cry over him anymore, and I don't want us spending our last minutes together arguing.

The car came to a sudden stop. I looked out the window and realized we weren't at the airport but at the cemetery, why would he bring me here?

"David, what's going on?" I asked.

He sighed, looking through the gates,

"I used to come when I didn't know what else to do." he muttered and turned to look at me, "I thought you might want to say hi to your parents before you leave for college."

I gasped, not able to breathe suddenly.

He reached and intertwined my hands with his,

I nodded in tears, "I would love that."

We got down from the car and I held David through the gates, he seemed to be very familiar with the paths.

We stopped walking at some point and stood in front of two beautiful carved tombs,


"Call me when you're done." David said and turned to excuse himself,

"Please, stay." I stopped him.

He nodded and stood beside me,

"I don't know what to say."

I always dreamt of a moment like this, where I would be faced with them and pour out my heart on how life has been without them.

David's phone rang and he excused himself to answer it.

As he left, I squatted and ran my hand on each tomb, it was almost like they were smiling back at me,

"I really don't know what to say." I chuckled, "Up until recently, I assumed you abandoned me, so I didn't rehearse." I paused for a bit, "Let me just start by saying thank you...."

I looked swiftly at David,

"For leaving behind the best gift." I chuckled and turned to look at them again. "All this couldn't have been possible without your dad, you made this happen...I really wish I met you." I smiled wiping my tears, "And, most importantly thank you for always watching my back." I always felt like they were looking out for me.

Although I don't have any memories of them, the only impression I have of them are from the pictures David has hanging on his office walls, I still feel they are with me.

A hand pressed on my shoulder and I looked up to see David standing behind me with a likely smile.

I smiled back, rubbing his hand,

"Mom and Dad, meet David Hertz. He's the man I'm in love with. The man I would love to spend the rest of my life with, if he permits me." I laughed, looking from him to them again, "Thank you." I said once again.

David gave my shoulder an encouraging squeeze

"Ready." he whispered.

I nodded and David stretched out his hand to help me up, "Can you give me a minute?" he said.

I nodded and stepped back a little to give him some space.

I could hardly hear what he was saying, seeing he was mostly whispering, but I managed to grasp.

'I'm sorry.'

He whispered one last thing, that I couldn't hear before turning to walk towards me,

"Let's go." he said, wrapping his arms around me as we walked out the cemetery.

I couldn't help but wonder what he was sorry about.

We got into the car and drove to the airport in complete silence. This silence was acceptable and comforting, each of us getting a hold of our emotions.

The car came to another stop at the airport, we got down from the car as the airport security helped us with the bags.

David held my hand as we stepped inside the airport and walked through the customs,

"Do you need anything?" He asked as we sat down to wait for my flight to start boarding.

I shook my head, what could I possibly want right now than to turn and run back home with him, "Will you text or call at least to check up on me?"

He nodded intertwining his fingers with mine.

We sat in silence as the intercom called out my flight number. I felt his hold on my hand get stronger, like he didn't want to let go of me either.

"Be happy, Ali." he whispered, "Even if it's not me." I was so consumed with the thought of leaving him to understand what he meant by that.

We stood up and faced each other.

He wrapped his arms around me, pressing my head into his chest.

I just stood there in what felt like forever in his embrace capturing every scent and memory I could gather up before I left to spend five years without him.

We were both aware that whatever we shared could probably be history once I got on that plane, but we just couldn't admit it.

We could be married by the time I get back, a lot can happen in five years.

"I love you, Ali." He whispered and broke away from me, "Always have that in mind."

"I love you too." I whispered back.

"Take care of yourself." He whispered once again,

I nodded too sad to say anything else,

Here it was, the moment I dreaded for a long time, the moment where David gets to leave me.


"Don't say that!" I shouted at him, "Not like that, this isn't over..." I cried even more, "I will be back, so we can finally go on that date. We never had the chance to go, and go out for movies like every other normal couple."

He smiled and wipes my tears with his free hand,

"Till we meet again then." He whispered.

I nodded smiling at him,

"Till we meet again." I said and kissed him one last time,"I love you." I mumbled against his lips before turning and walking away,

I held my breath and tried really hard not to look back, I knew once I did nothing would stop me from getting into that car and heading back home with him.

I made it through the boarding gate and to my assigned seat, immediately bursting into tears as I realized I was completely alone now.

"Till we meet again." I whispered to myself as the plane finally took off.


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