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Dylan Parker

I woke up with the most dreadful headache, what the hell happened last night? I looked around and realized I wasn't in my room. Abruptly, I screamed when I saw Tessa laying next to me, completely naked,

I jumped out of bed and immediately realized I wasn't wearing any clothing either.

I grabbed a pillow and covered myself with it,

"What the did you do to me?" I howled at her, she was just lying there soundly like this was normal.

"Stop yelling!" she said, pulling the pillow over her head.

"Tell me we didn't have sex?!"

I tried to recall a little bit about last night, but I couldn't remember anything,

I had never been so clueless,

"Tell me nothing happened?" I asked hoping all this was just some really bad dream.

She groaned and threw the pillow across the room, "Quit whining like a girl, we just had sex, and don't worry I'm not going to ask you to marry me or commit your soul to me, so just go away."

"Did you do this?"

She was about to say something but was interrupted by her phone ringing. She groaned and muttered some stuff under her breath before reaching out to pick it up,

"Hello." she answered in a tired voice while rubbing her eyes, "Ali!" She said with her voice sounding a lot clearer, "I miss you so much, school has been really crazy without you. What?...tell me you know I'm good at guessing."

I stood there trying to come up with an explanation I could give to Alison, she would be upset when she finds out what happened.

'Oh! Hey, I fucked your roommate' yeah!..that would be a some welcome back package.

"HE DIDN'T!" she yelped with her mouth gaping open, "Oh, my god! I'm so happy for you." Tessa said with a smile before turning to me, "Well, Dylan is here." she whispered in the phone, "You don't have to tell me twice." She rolled her eyes and extended the phone to me, "Alison wants to speak to you."

I reached and took the phone from her, How could she sit there and act like all this is normal,

"Hey, pops." I answered.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked obviously sensing the tension in my voice, "You two are not fighting again, are you?"

"Sure..everything is cool around here, how are you catching up with everything?"

"Good." She said sadly.

At this moment I wished more than anything I was by her side, especially in such a trying time. Henna's death was a big toil on her, it hurts that I wasn't with her, "I have to go Dylan, hopefully, I would be back next week."

"Take care, pops." I could feel her smiling,

"Bye." She whispered before hanging up. It

"Well, Tessa yelled out with her brows raised, "Would you at least have breakfast before you go hang yourself."

Was she finding this amusing, we probably just had unprotected sex and she's taking it like a joke,

"You think this is funny?" I gritted.

"A little, you're acting like we just started world war IV."

I ran my hand through my hair, trying to relax my panicking nerves,

"Do you at least remember what happened? How we got here?" I asked in a much calmer voice now.

"Well, I remember you coming in here, pretending to be all lonely and shit, talking about how much you miss Alison and how you couldn't stop loving her...we chugged down some shots, talked and laughed about random stuff and bam! here we are."

I never thought I could get so drunk, my body always had some strange resistance to alcohol, but could I have gotten so drunk that I had ended up in bed with Tessa.

She got up from the bed still completely naked, I noticed her mouth turn into a smirk as soon as she noticed me look away, "It's not like you haven't seen it already." she teased before stepping into the bathroom.

As soon as she shut the door I quickly got dressed.

I need to get out of here.

She re-entered the room fully dressed,

"I'm going to make breakfast, you can stay and soil all you want," She said and walked out of the bedroom door.

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" I yelled as I lagged behind her,

I had to understand why I was the only one freaking out about this.

"Cereal?" She raised her brow.

"Don't you feel guilty?"

"Not everyone is as stuck up as you Dylan." she rolled her before turning towards the fridge to get out the milk.


"He won't give a fuck."

"I'm no expert in relationships Tessa, but if your boyfriend doesn't care who you sleep with, he clearly doesn't love you."

I noticed her eyes soften a bit but she covered it up with a smug,

"Who cares." She said, dropping a bowl of cereal in front of me, "It's not like we are married or anything....Just eat."

"Thanks." I whispered as the mood became really quiet and awkward.

"Look.." she started breaking the silence, "whatever happened between us last night was clearly a huge mistake and I'm willing to forget all about it if you are."

"What about Alison?"

She chuckled,

"Alison won't care, trust me." She smiled but frowned when she looked me, "I's not like you guys are together or anything."

"Let's just keep it between us for now." I told her.

"Fine..." She agreed.


"For a whiny baby, you were really not that bad." She teased, showing off her cute dimples, it was the only thing I wasn't completely repelled with the first time I saw her.

One could say she's beautiful, especially when she smiled.

I chuckled slightly,

"I don't know whether to feel insulted or grateful for that."

For the first time we were actually talking, not trying to rip each other apart and it somehow felt really good.

"Well, it was a compliment... Take as you want."

"Thank you...I guess."

"You're welcome, sweet tea."



Fluttering my eyes open, I was greeted by a sexy deep blue eye smiling lazily at me, "Morning, wife." he whispered with a boyish smile as he leaned in to kiss me.

We break apart and smiled at him,

"Morning." I mumbled grinning as I curled up closer to him, enjoying his cozy body, "Can we stay in bed all day?"

"Inasmuch as I would love that, we can't; it's almost past noon."

"Five minutes babe... five minutes" I wrapped up in his cozy and warm body, Just as I was about to get comfortable, his phone started to ring, ruining the peaceful moment. Oh, it better not be Lydia!

"What?" He answered with a growl clearly not happy with the interruption, "I will send you the cheque right away, Sonia." I watched him patiently as he answered his call furrowing my eyebrows in confusion at his words, who the hell is Sonia?"

He hung up,

"Business Baby." he answered before I could scream who the call was about, he got out of bed, "C'mon, let's get you freshened up." he extended his hand for me to take.

I groaned and took his hand,

he pulled me up and I let go, running to the bathroom,

I freshened up and returned to David,

We went out of the room,

"Where's everyone?" I asked as soon as we stepped into the empty kitchen.

"Grocery shopping." David said and snarled his arm around me, "let's go out for breakfast."

"Where?" I asked.

"I know a place." he smiled running his thumb over my cheek, "I already made a reservations."

I nodded. I was looking forward to exploring the city,

"Let's go then."

David chuckled at my reaction as we made it outside,

"let me pull out the car." David said pulling out his keys from his pocket,

I shook my head,

"We are in Melbourne, Baby. I want to walk and explore the city before we leave."

He scratched the back of his neck stressful,

I scoffed, he's such a pampered baby.

I took the keys from him and hid it.

"We are walking, David." I told him.

He sighed, "Where would you like to go?" He asked and I grinned with excitement.

"We can start with strawberry ice cream, then we can see a movie, and wander around, I really want to see more of this beautiful city." I mumbled excitedly, "And, you are going to enjoy it?" I warned him.

He chuckled and reached for my hand.

"You look cute when you are mumbling."

I smacked his shoulder lightly,

"Stop it, you're going to make me know, it's hard to stop when I do." I mumbled shyly.

He snickered and wrapped his arms around me as we walked along the unfamiliar paths.

David seemed to know the paths pretty well.

We chatted as we walked, "What about your father?" I asked and mentally slammed myself ten times when I saw his frown, "I'm sorry, forget I asked."

"He left when I was five." he said and smiled warmly at me, "And, you are free to ask me anything, we are getting married."

I smiled,

"Did you ever try to find him?"

"Yes, and I found out he had a new family. He seemed happy, so I didn't bother him,"

"I'm sorry." I leaned my head on his shoulder as we walked,

"You okay?" He whispered.

"Yeah, I guess..." He reached and kissed my side. As we continued strolling I noticed some women giggling and blinking at David.

The hell!

I wrapped my hands around him protectively, giving them a murderous glare.

Mine bitches!

The day went by smoothly, we got ice cream at the park, we went to see a movie,

'Me Before You' and it was worth all the wait,

David didn't enjoy it very much, but I couldn't help but cry the whole time.

After that, we walked around the beautiful city, Melbourne was so beautiful.

My only regret was not bringing my camera, I would have taken a lot of pictures to show Tessa and Dylan back in L.A.

We stod outside the fallingwater house and I glanced up to notice the light slowly fading as the sun settled low in the sky,

"It's time we head home..." I told him.

"Did you have fun?" he asked, towering me,

"Of course, I had lots of fun, let's do this every day." I wrapped my arms around him as I leaned in to kiss him.

He broke away and rubbed the brim of his noise as if deep in thought.

"I have cracked my brain almost a million times thinking of different ways to do this right, and trust me this wasn't how I planned things to happen tonight--" he paused and stared at me.


"I've never felt the way I felt when you left and I would move heaven and earth to avoid feeling like that again, So...."

Oh! Where's he going with this?

My anxiety levels shot several magnitudes on the higher scale as he pulled closer,

And, before I grasped what was happening, he was sinking to one knee in front of me, and from his side pocket he pulled out a ring and gazed up at me, his eyes bright blue and raw, full of emotion.

I stopped breathing,

"Alison Stone, permit me to love you." He says hoarsely, "Protect you for the rest of my life, cherish you, adore you...Be mine, marry me."

I blinked down at him and then at the ring as tears fell,

I loved him so much and all I can say as the tidal wave of emotion hit me was.

"Yes, David Hertz! I will marry you."

He beamed at me before taking my hand and sliding the most beautiful diamond ring on my finger. Uncontrollable tears burst down from my eyes as I gazed down at the ring.

"Oh, David.." I reached and buried my face in his neck, hugging him tightly as more tears spilled.

He pulled back to look at me,

"If you don't like the ring, I..."

I chuckled, pausing him,

"I love it."

He looked so happy as he stared at me,

I had never seen him so happy,

"I love you." he whispered and hurled me into his arm, his lips seeking mine, beseeching me, worshiping me, cherishing me and loving me.




On a lazy Thursday afternoon, I traced my fingers on David's chest drawing random circles on it as the realization that I didn't know anything about the man I was about to marry hit me.

"You know what I just realized, I literally don't know anything about you... The little things, like your favorite color, your favorite food, your favorite tie."

I sat up to look at him,


He looks at me, "I said you're free to ask me anything."

"Okay..." I said and thought of something that would be easy and at the same time give me some depth about him.

"What's your favorite color?" I start easy.

"Gray." He said simply.

"That explains a lot." I let out, "Your turn?" I told him.

"Just ask me." he mumbled with his gaze on the ceiling.

I shook my head in disapproval,

"No, I want to do this together."

He tilts his head and gazed at me,

"I thought you wanted answers?" He asked.

"I also don't want to feel like I'm forcing them out of you, things should be different now we are getting married, there shouldn't be any more secrets between us." I told him.

"Fine...." he slowly gave in.

A huge grin appeared on my face as he finally agreed.

He snickered at me before directing his gaze back on the ceiling, "What's your biggest fear?" he asked.

I gave him a skeptical look, I knew he would ask something as morbid as that, "Seriously, That's your question!"

He turned his gaze to me,

"I want to know, " He whispered.

I gave out a deep groan before answering, "This might sound extremely cliched, but my biggest fear is, losing you. It's not like I have anyone else in the world... you're my only family."

David held my gaze for a sweet smile before looking away from me,

It was my turn.

I bit my lips, saying.

"Now, things are going to get a little deep babe, " I warned him.

He snickered and motioned me to continue, "When was your first...?"

He stared in silence his eyes remaining impassive before muttering,

"Freshman year, college."

I smiled understanding,

"What was her name?" I asked. He turned his eyes to me and scanned my face for any sign of discomfort,

He didn't find him.

"kela," he whispered.

"Was that your first relationship?" I heard myself ask, I didn't know why I even felt the need to know that.

"No." he answered simply.

I frowned at his words as I tried to understand,

"So there were others!!"

He hummed in response and I gasped.

"Ah, so you were a player, fiddling with women's heart." I tried not to get mad, "How many were they? What number am I?"


"Fine, don't answer that." I tried to shake it off, I should wave it later, "Your turn..."

He centered his eyes on me,

was I your first?"He asked.

I nodded shyly,

"I thought you knew?" It shouldn't have been that hard to figure, I was really clueless and terrible.

He smiled and brushed my messy hair out off my face,

"I wasn't sure, you were really good," he stared at me in silence, "did you regret it, especially after the way it ended?"

I shook my head,

"It was the best day of my life David."

"I am glad, I made you feel that way babe." He smirked.

"Don't you dare get cocky." I shot playfully.

He laughs shortly, his tone turning serious,

"Are sure you would be happy with me?" Immediately, I sat up to look at him, he had an uncanny expression on his face.

Why would he even ask me that?

"Of course, why would you even ask that? every second I spend with you is the happiest moment of my life." I told him with all sincerity, "don't you ever think that." I mumbled and kissed me.

"My turn." I gleed, pulling away from me, "What's your deepest secret?"I asked ominously.


Thick, long silence....

"You know, you can say you don't wanna talk about it."

"Yeah, I don't wanna talk about it." he said bitting on his lips, an action he does whenever he was nervous or hiding something, "Enough with the games, let's get you downstairs." he tried to change the topic.

I sighed, then opened my big mouth,

"I know about the arson... Matt couldn't stop himself from going on about it." His body suddenly felt rigid against mine, intense, "And, I don't hate you or my father for it." It took me a while before I came to that conclusion.

He didn't say anything else.


"What else do you know?" He whispered.

"I also think Matt didn't kill my parents." How did we go from one conversation to another? "It's just a feeling.."


"Well, I think that's enough information for the day, we should--"

"You might be right.." David cut in.

"I don't think he did it either."

I sat properly,

"What are you trying to say?"

"I assumed he did, at the time he was the only one with an intention but the information I received says otherwise." The muscles in his throat contracting as he swallowed thickly.

I got out of the bed and picked up his shirt lying on the floor, pulling it on.

"I can't believe you're just telling me now?" He knew all along and kept it to himself. Who knew how many more secrets he's keeping from me, "Start talking now!!"

He made his way towards and shuffled backwards scared I might do something like giving in before I hear the whole story.

He took another step towards me, eliminating the distance I had created between us, "I looked into the case a year ago, the police had already ruled it as an accident since they couldn't find anyone or anything to link to the case."

"What did you find?"

"The night of the shooting Matt was in Bangkok undergoing treatment, there was no way he could have done all that and made it back that same day."

"So, he could have hired someone to do it, what's your point?"

"He didn't do it, I'm certain." he paused shortly, "I'm already working on finding out who it was, but I am afraid it might turn out to be someone really close to me," he said like he already knew who it was.

"Who?" I asked, moving closer to him, "Is it someone we know?"

"I'm not certain yet."

I nodded understanding,

"Where was I at the time?"

"The police found you in your room, you were five at the time."

Sighing, I moved closer and pressed my head to his chest, "I'm sorry for overreacting." I said and lifted my head to look at him, "But you have to promise me, From now on no more secrets between us."

"No more secrets." He promised,

"You better mean and that better be the last time." I warned him. Well, this only proves one thing, Matt was innocent all along and we wrongly accused him of it.

Shit! That just made me feel ten times worse.

I had to find him, and at least apologize.


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