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I sat across David's desk watching him blankly as he worked. I was contemplating on whether to tell him about my plan to find Matt.

But Knowing how much David hates Matt it was not the best idea, he would be beyond livid If I tell him. Ugh! I hated keeping things from him.

"Are you going to tell me what's upsetting you, or do I have to kiss it out of you." he said, with his eyes still glued to his laptop.

I scoffed,

"You say it like it's a bad thing." I got up and wrapped my hands around his neck as I climbed into his lap.

He smiled and leaned back to look at me,

"What's going on in that beautiful mind of yours?" I sigh as he tucked my hair between my ear, staring heartedly at me, "You don't seem okay?"

"That's because I'm bored... You've barely had any time for me today." I lied, running my hand through his hair.

"Let's do fix it then, we could go see a movie tonight.."

"I have a better plan." I smirked as my hands frantically loosened his tie.

He leaned back on his chair as his eyes scan down my body, "You are so fücking beautiful, princess. He exclaimed as I fumbled with the buttons on his shirt. "How did a bastard like me get so fücking lucky?"

We start messing around when--

"Oh, my poor virgin eyes!" Someone exclaimed in a scream, causing us to turn.


"Why is he here?"

"Do you ever take a break or breathe for a second." He says as he threw himself lazily on David's couch.

"I wasn't expecting you till morning?" David scowled at him as I buttoned his shirt, playtime time was over.

"We need to talk." Bate said and then looked at me, that was my call to leave.


"You need to work, I get it.." I assured him, "I was heading out with Jenna anyway." His body tensed up a bit.

"Why are you just telling me that now?"

"I just did." I leaned down and kissed him before running off to find Jenna.

Jenna's room was on the side of the hall, so it was an endless walk. Why did it get so chilly all of a sudden?

I thought as I made it to her room door,

"Jenna?" I called, wondering why her room was so far away from everyone else's.

"Come in, Ali." She yelled from inside,

I pushed the door open and walked inside, her room was exactly like David's, just feminine,

"Ready!" She grinned at me.

I nodded and she grabbed me with her.

"Is David aware you're with me?" She asked as we walked along the busy street.

"He's aware, I told him.."

"And he let you.." She was surprised.

"He's just overprotective, don't worry about it." I assured.

She smiled, "Can you blame him though, he almost lost you once."

I smiled back as I took my eyes around. It was another angle of the city that wasn't aware of, it even had a running park, "I get why you choose to stay in Melbourne, it's really beautiful."

"I didn't have a choice." She waved in.

I turn to look at him,

"What do you mean?"

Her eyes went to my ring,

"I still can't grasp that you two are engaged...I always thought David would never have the balls to settle down."

I smiled and gazed down at my ring,

"Doesn't it bother you?" I look up at her.

"You mean the age thing?"

I nodded.

She laughed,

"Sweaty, I don't care. If you look around our family isn't exactly normal, one more weirdness to the truckload up of weirdness wouldn't make a difference...So, no it doesn't bother me that you're engaged to my stuck up brother."

Won't! I didn't know what to say to that so I just smiled and went on with it.

"Let's get coffee?" She asked, pointing at a shop across the road.

"Sure." A bit of coffee would be handy in this weather. I thought as we made it across the street.

We opened the door and walked in, it was a typical English pub with dim light, but you can still see everything inside was made of wood.

We took a seat in one of the benches, there weren't a lot of people, "Hello, what can I get you two?" A lady in a black and blue uniform approached us.

"Chocolate latte with extra foam." Jenna said, scrolling through her phone.

"Coffee." I said simply.

She took note of our orders and walked away.

"So, have you fixed a date for the wedding?" She asked with her eyes still glued to her phone.

"No, David and I decided to wait until I'm through with business school."

"That's nice..."

"Micheal said to greet you." I told her. I was curious to know what happened between them.

"That's good to hear." That was all she said.

"What happened between you two? If you don't mind me asking."

"It's simple, we dated for a while and then I fell in love with someone can feel in the rest gap."

Poor Micheal!

"Do you regret it?"

She raised an eyebrow at me,

"I mean cheating on Michael, that must have felt terrible."

She laughed like I said something absurd.

"I don't regret it, not even for a second." She paused a bit and thought of it, "I mean, falling in love with him was the best thing happened to me, I won't replace those moments we shared for anything in the world, it's kinda how you feel for David."

"Was?" I caught that.

"Yes, he died sometime ago."

My mouth gaped open in shock, "I'm so sorry Jenna?"

"I bet in a couple of days, you won't feel that way." She muttered,


"Nothing.." She smiled.

The lady in the uniform returned with our order, "One chocolate latte with extra foam for you." She said and placed it in front of Jenna "and, just coffee for you."

"Thanks." I said and reached for my coffee.

She waitress soon left, leaving us alone.

We both sipped in silence,

God! I miss David already.

His ears must have burned because my phone began to buzz on the table,

My body literally lit up when I saw it was him, which was weird, I was with him 30minutes ago.

This man would be the death of me one day, I thought as I answered.


"Where are you?"

"At a pub with Jenna...why?"

"Bate and I are going out to sort a business deal, I won't be home tonight. I need you to stay out of trouble while I am gone."

Why does he make me look so rebellious?

"Okay, I love you." I sighed.


"Yes, David."

"Stay out of trouble and I mean it, Ali."


He was going to kill me?

Guilt lingered in.

Why was so insistent on finding Matt? Because I knew if I didn't apologize I wouldn't be able to live with myself knowing that I wrongly accused an innocent person.

"I love you." He said and hung up.

"Jenna, I need your help." I let out immediately.

"Anything," She looked up at me, it wasn't like me at all.

"I need you to help me find someone."



"This is it." Jenna said as soon as she parked in front of an old house, "he stays here with his grandmother, that's his only surviving relative, you must have heard about the fire."

I nodded and returned my gaze to the building, "What happened to all his money?" I asked.

"He lost everything except this ugly house, I guess no one wanted it." She huffed slightly, "I know I wouldn't."

I rolled my eyes at her response, could she be any less vogue.

"What exactly do you want with him?" she asked raising a brow at me, "You took a lot of risks coming here, if David finds out--"

"He won't." I cut in,

I took a yelp of breath before deciding to go out there,

"Are you coming?" I asked with my hand on the handle.

"No, I have better things to do, call me when you're done with whatever you came here do." She said.

I nodded and got down from the car, there were different emotions jumbling inside of me at the moment and I didn't know how to feel, I guess a small part of me was scared to see him.

I walked to the old rusty door and stood there facing the door, I was unmoved for a few seconds before gathering the courage to press the bell.

I heard footsteps approaching and held my breath, more afraid of what or who might be at the other side,

The door opened slowly to reveal an old lady which I assumed was his grandmother, she looked at me warily not completely stepping out from behind the door.

"Good day ma'am, I am looking for Matt Miller." I said with a pleasant smile.

Her eyes gaped at the mention of Matt's name, "And who are you?" she asked, staring warily at me.

"I'm Alison stone." I paused. I never imagined I would say this, "I'm a friend of Matt's, all the way from Sydney."

She studied me for a full time,

"I'm sorry to show up at your house unannounced, but I really do need to talk to him."

I stopped and looked at her.

She sighed and moved aside opening the door fully for me to come in,

"Thanks." I murmured as I stepped in.

I couldn't tell which was scarier the inside or the outside, how could he be living like this? all these years I thought he moved on.

"This way." She motioned me towards the back of the house,

I followed her down a hallway and into the living room,

"Sit down, I will get you something to drink while you wait for him, he went out to buy groceries across the street." I never pictured Matt as the shopping for grocery kind of guy, he must have really changed.

She re-entered the room carrying a tray with a cup of water on it. She placed the tray on a side table beside me, before sitting down and staring sternly at me.

"Thank you," I say as I picked up the glass of water.

There was a moment of silence as I brought the cup to my lips taking a sip. My hands were shaking a little so I set it down quickly.

She was looking at me as if trying to intimidate me, "Why are you really here?" She spoke up finally.

I opened my mouth to speak but before I could I heard a familiar voice call up from the door,


I turned to it and was faced with a Matt,

"Hey...." I whispered in a shaky voice as I waited for his reaction, I literally just realized how stupid it was to come all the way here.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in disbelief.

" ¿la conoces?" His Grandmother said in what I assumed was Spanish.

"sí." he muttered without his eyes leaving mine, "puedes disculparnos por un segundo abuela, Necesito hablarle."

"Bien." She let out and walked away through a different direction, leaving me to my own fate.

"Why are you here Alison?" he asked again his voice not playing this time,"Does Hertz even know you're here?"

"No, but--"

"Are you insane?" he cut through in anger, "do you know what would happen if he finds you here." he growled, since when his he afraid of David, I thought.

"I just wanted to apologize."I let out.

His gaze became softer,

"You came all the way to apologize?"

"Yes, I blamed my parent's death on you and that wasn't fair, regardless of your action. I was thought to always apologize for my mistake..." Was it just me or did that just sound really dumb stupid?

"You came to apologize." he said again as he took slow steps towards me, laughing.

I moved back slowly only to bump on the edge of the couch. Well done Alison, I mentally slapped myself.

He stood in front of me with an unexplainable expression on his face before reaching out to grab my chin tightly,

"It's either you're really naive or just stupid." he gritted.

I shoved his hands off me,

"Is that all you have to say, I practically risked everything to come here and apologize to you."

"Can you even hear yourself, Alison?" he snarled, startling me. "You came all the way to apologize for something that's not even your fault, what if you had gotten hurt or worse abducted? Do you know what David would do to me?"

"Since when are afraid of David? Did he do this to you?"

"Just go home, Ali. I don't need any trouble." The muscles in his throat contracted as he swallowed thickly.

I nodded,

"Okay, once again I'm sorry Matt."

He doesn't reply, starting at like I had gone mad. I scoffed and turned around to find my way to get out, coming here was a terrible mistake, I admired to myself.

I stood on his porch for a few seconds, dialing Jenna's number,

It kept on going to voicemail,

Shit! This can't be happening, I need to be home before David gets back or all hell would be loose, I panicked.

"What now?" Matt appeared beside me.

I turned to him, "I think I lost my ride home." I admitted shyly.

"You are piece of work." He groaned before leaving to grab his keys, At least I hoped.

He returned with a new shirt and gestured me towards the garage.

I chuckled and followed him behind, this would be one hell of a ride, I said as we got in and hit the road.

"How did you find my address?" Matt asked minutes later.

"Jenna, she brought me here, but now I can't seem to reach her." I said, hoping she was okay.

"Jenna Hertz?" He asked.

"Yes.." I nodded.

He laughed shortly and turned his eyes back to the road, "Damn! You're naive." he muttered under his breath, but I heard him.

I didn't put too much thought to it.

"I'm sorry about your company." I whispered, "I didn't know David did that to you.."

He laughed,

"Can you stop with the apologies already, it's starting to annoy me," he growled silently, "You shouldn't be sorry all the time, especially when it's clearly not your fault. Hertz and I have our differences, it has nothing to do with you."

I smiled understanding.

"I'm also really glad to see you again, Ali." he said, "You haven't changed one bit.." he swallowed thickly,

I chuckled giving him a halfhearted smile,

"Thank you, you still should learn to drop that hot temper of yours."

He chuckled and returned his eyes back to the road.

"I see you and Hertz are still a thing?" He said, holding the steering wheel firmly.

"Engaged actually." I added and then gazed at my finger, wait!

"Shit!!" I let out instantly.

My ring was gone.

"What's wrong?" Matt panicked.

"I can't find my ring." I gasped, I couldn't have dropped it, could I? "We have to go back!"

"Calm down and think, you must have left it somewhere in your house."

"It can't be.."

I start to panic, thinking of the different places I could have dropped it. I remember getting up to wash my face, I remember removing it and placing it on the bathroom sink...

I don't remember putting it back on,

"Shit, I must have left it on the bathroom sink."

He reached to his back pocket and pulled out a card, "here's my number, if you still can't find it. call me."

Why is he being so nice to me?

I nodded and took it

"Thank you, Matt."

He just huffed and focused back on the road.

I leaned back on my seat and looked out the window deciding not to say anything else and mentally hitting myself for almost risking everything to come here, Jenna could in danger because of me.

The day couldn't get any worse, I thought as I let out a silent sigh.

My eyes slowly landed on the side mirror, that was when I noticed three black crossover vehicles suspiciously following us from behind, this trip better not turn into one of those fast and furious movies.

"Fuck!!!" Matt cursed, having me turning to him, he must have noticed them too.

"What do you know them?"

He ignored me completely and pulled into the side road.

"What's going on?"

He got down and walked to meet them.

I sat frozen on my seat and leaning closer to my side mirror so I could see what the hell was going on behind me.

My eyes nearly fell out of its socket as I watched the passenger door of one of the crossover cars open and David stepping out of it with a murderous look on his face.

He turned and began walking towards me.

Remember when I said this day couldn't get any worse.

Well... It just did!



David walked over to the car where I was and pulled the door open, "David, I..." I trailed.

"We'll talk at home, get down." he snarled and held out his hands for me to take.

I took his hand and slowly got down from the car. I couldn't tell at the moment what he was thinking or feeling, but knowing David he was probably planning different ways to kill Matt right about now, who knows I might even be on that list,

I have to find a way to stop to him before things get out of hand.

He didn't let go of my hand as he dragged me towards the car, his hold on me becoming tighter by each second and without even glancing at me he carried me over to the crossover and threw me into the backseat.

He slammed the door, startling me to ribs, then he made his ways towards, probably to unleash all that wrath on him.

Matt raised his hands in defense and tried to explain things to him as some of David's men tackled him to his car,

I shouldn't be sitting here, I have to help him, I was the reason he was in this mess,

I jumped down from the car and ran towards them, "No, David let him go." I yelled as I approached him.

"Get back in the car." He growled.

"I said let him go--"

"For once do as your told and get back in the car." He snapped.

"And, let him go." I stood my ground, "if you need to deal with anyone it should be me, punish me and not him, I was the one who came after him and he was just trying to get me home safely. So, please just let him go and you can punish me." I stared at him, waiting for his reaction.

After some few seconds of silence he spoke up again,

"let him go." he curled his fists, I have never seen him this angry and If I must say it was a bit terrifying.

I looked over at Matt, he had a warm expression on his face as he looked back at me,

"Thank you." he mouthed to me

I nodded, while I watched him get into the car and drive away.

"Get in the car, I need to talk to my men." he said as he walked over to them. I walked back to the car and thought of how different the day would have gone if I had just listened to him and stayed out of trouble.

He walked over to the other vehicles and talked to his men briefly before they each got into their cars and drove off.

Then he stalked back to the car and climbed into the driver's seat.

He doesn't look at me or say anything,

I suddenly couldn't hold it any longer.

"David! I'm sorry..."

I waited for him to say something, or better still talk to me, I wanted him to say he forgives me or anything...

I was desperate for him to hold me in his arms and tell me everything was okay.

Without saying a word to me or even giving as much as a glance to me he started the car and he began to drive.

"David... I am sorry." I let out again, I was almost sounding like a broken record, with all the apologies I had to today.

He still didn't say a word to me, I rather he just shots me and gets it over with, than the silent treatments.

The car came to a stop and I looked to see we were entering the gates and the all familiar house came in sight.

He quickly parked and came around the back to get me out, he dragged me by my wrist and led me inside, luckily no one was at home to see me being dragged like a child.

He dragged me to the room and pulled me inside, then he locked the door and walked over to a couch motioning me to sit,

I felt like I was about to be interrogated. He pulled out a chair in front of me and sat down.

"Start talking...." He said

I swallowed thickly and tried to think of something, remotely reasonable.

I opened my mouth to star but nothing came out, I didn't have a reason for going to see Matt, It just felt like the right thing to do...

"I don't know David." I let out, "I was just one of those stupid and crazy things I do without thinking of the consequences, like I said you punish me as much as you."

He got up and paced around the room for a while,

He looked really stressed and pissed.

Then he stopped and turned to look at with distress in his eyes,

"Do you have feelings for Matt?"

"What!?" I gasped out loud, "No, of course not. Why would you even think that?"

"Then explain this, Alison. Explain why you would lie and sneak behind my back to see Matt, especially when warned you against it, you completely disobeyed just to see him."

"I just went to apologize."

"Do you know how much danger you put yourself in today."

"And, I said I am sorry. Besides, it's not like I went on my own, I went with Jenna."

"Even worse that you dragged another person into this. Where was Jenna?"

"I don't know, I couldn't reach her, so Matt had to bring me home himself." I hoped she was okay and not in some sort of trouble because of me.

We sat in a long and comfortable silence until I decided to break again, "So this means you forgive me?" I spout, causing his lips twitch a little bit, before he quickly put on the poker face,

He was so adorable, he couldn't even pretend to be angry.

"Please, say you forgive me.."

He reached and hauled me on his lap,

"Only if you promise not to scare me like that again."

I nodded and kissed him.

He kissed me back and then he broke away with a serious face,

"I need you to pack your things tonight, I'm taking you back to L.A myself first thing tomorrow morning."

"David...." I whined.

"No, you should be in school, studying and not chasing people across town...Playtime time is over."

I let out a sigh of frustration,

"Am I going to be apologizing for that for the rest of my life?"

"Probably, until you learn to stick to rules."

"Rules! I'm going to be your wife and not your child, so quit parenting me."

"Alison, you are not avoiding this. We are leaving tomorrow and that's it."

"David..." I whined. l always loved the way his name sounds on my lips, "You know, I will always be safe as long as I have you, you don't have to worry about me all the time, besides

pretty much everyone is afraid to get on your bad side." I said and chuckled afterward.

"Alison, it's when you are not with me that I worry, promise me at least you will be careful next time."

I nodded as I planted another kiss on his delicious lips,

"I will." I mumbled against his lips.

Then it hit me, my ring!

"Hold that thought." I ran to where I thought I left it.


I couldn't find it.

It is not here! It's not here!!

I began ransacking the bathroom as I searched for it, it must have fallen out somewhere, I thought.

The bathroom door swung open suddenly,

"You okay?" David asked in concern.

"Yeah...I just came in to wash my face." I lied and tried really hard not to panic in front of him,

I couldn't let him know I lost my ring, if he wasn't mad before, he definitely will be now.

"I'm going to get you something to eat... you must be starving."

"Okay...I will meet you downstairs." I said and cracked a smile.

"Are you sure your okay?" He asked again, even more concerned.

"Yes, of course." I grinned. I was not sure, how I was able to pull that off, but It seemed to be working.

He smiled back and left me alone, as soon as he left I let out a deep breath I wasn't even aware I was holding.

This can't be happening!!...


David Hertz

I leaned on the bathroom door and watched Alison as she stared blankly at the wall, she was acting very strange. I tried finding what was wrong, but she kept denying it.

"Alison--" she startled when she heard my voice, "Are you okay?" She turned and stared at me nervously, hiding her hands behind her back.

"I'm fine, did you need anything?"

"Tell me what's wrong babe." I approached her.

She was about to open her mouth, but my phone began to ring, causing her to close them completely.

I answered it,

"Bate?" I muttered in the phone, removing a strand of hair from her face, he smiled warmly, "I will meet you in the cottage." I sighed and hung up.

"Ali-" I started,

"Go on, we can talk when you get back," She said cracking a smile, I felt a pang in my heart when our eyes met.

Why does she look so sad?

"What's wrong?" I asked, running my thumb over her soft cheeks, she held onto my hand and leaned into my touch before she closed her eyes.

"Nothing, I'm just really tired," she whispered as her eyes flickered open.

"Should I call you a doctor?"

She shook her head and smiled,"I am don't have to worry."

I was desperate to know what was bothering her, but I decided not to push it any further, if it was important she would have told me about it.

"Be careful." she whispered and I leaned in to kiss her forehead,

"I love you," I whispered, wishing I could stay.

"I love you too," she replied,

I threw her a smile before leaving.

This meeting better is worth it.


It took a few hours before I finally arrived at the old cottage, hidden deep in the woods.

I parked and got out of it, making towards the cottage. I knocked on the door and not a second later the squeaky door opened, revealing Bate with an axe.

"having fun?"

"Aw! You know me."

I walked past him and entered inside, running into another door,

"This way." Bate said with a smirk, his eyes filled with amusement, he slowly opened the door to reveal the man who had all the answers I needed tied down to a chair, with a rag stuffed in his mouth.

The sight of him made me boil in fury,

He seemed unconscious as I inched over him,

How could he live so peacefully, I am about to cause him so much pain that he will wish he died that day instead of them.

"Bate, get me a bucket of water, let's wake him up," I said gazing at his unconscious body.

He walked back to me with exactly what I asked for,

"Let me." He smirked.

I stood back and folded my arms over my chest as Bate threw the bucket of water on him, waking him up in shock, he tried to scream, but the stuffed rag in his mouth prevented him from doing so.

"Look who decided to join the party." I stooped down in front of him as I locked eyes with him, his eyes read confusion, shock and also a bit of fear in beneath them.

I removed the stuffed rag from his mouth,

"What do you want from me?" he screamed out in panic as soon as the rag was off.

I stood up and went to a drawer filled with some collection of old knives, I saved them for occasions such as this,

"Do you know how long I have been waiting for this day, Mark?" I asked as I picked out my favorite one.

"What do you want?" he stutters.

"Seventeen years ago you took part in murdering two people that were very important to me." I said as I made my way back to him with the blade in my right hand,

His eyes widened in shock as he realized what this reunion was about, "Boo!" Bate yelled out to his face, startling the man.

I stood behind him, holding the knife against his neck,

"Now that's out of the way, so here's how this's going to go, you tell me who sent you and I would try to make your death a little less painful."

"I-I don't know what you're talking about?" he spat out again trying to be bold. I could easily sense his fear. I pierced the knife further into his neck causing him to scream in pain, my eyes locked with Bate's as he came over to my side with a knife in his hand.

"let's try that again, shall we?" I said as I turned around to stand in front of him,"give me a name."

He remained adamant drowning in the pain, it seemed this approach was a little to easy for him, "Bate." I locked eyes with him again and he immediately understood.

"I thought you would never ask." He said with a smirk as he picked up the baseball bat lying on the floor.

I stood back and folded my arms as I watched bate hit him repeatedly with it for over three minutes.

"That's enough!"

I stooped down to stare at the mess,

"This can all be over." I placed a finger under his chin and brought his bloody face up to me,"I just need a name mark." I said in a calmer tone, "Give me a name and all this would be over before you know it and if I am satisfied you can make it back to your little girl in one piece." I had no intention to kill him, I just wanted to scare him into giving me a name.

"Is...still don't...know what...your...t..talking abou..t." he stuttered with flashes of blood gushing out from his mouth.

I groaned, he was starting to get more on my nerves, I picked up my knife lying on the floor and slammed the blade into his thigh making him scream louder in pain,

"The name mark..."


I pierced the blade further into his thigh,

"please...." he yelled out groaning in pain, Bate circled around me and stood behind him.

"I have.. a little... girl at..home." he pleaded,

Bate losing his patience grabbed him by the collar from behind and brought his lips closer to the man's ear,

"And she would be next in line to join if you don't start talking, Emily is it?" he threatened, causing him to gasp in fear for his little girl's life.

"'t hur..t her..I will t..tell you" he stammered in fear, how could such a coward be able to do such a thing?

I was beginning to doubt if he had the right man.

"Who sent you?" I asked the prick again.

"The...plan them...I swea..r she did the shoo..ting her self.," he said gushing out blood.

I sighed losing my patience already,

"What's her name?"

" name." he stuttered.

"Can you describe her for me, Mark?"

"Blonde..t..tall." He stuttered.

I pulled out a picture from my wallet and showed it to him,

"Is this her?"

He stared at the picture for a while before nodding.

"ye..s that's her."

This was exactly what I had been afraid of...



I was in my room mourning over my lost ring, I planned to tell David everything tonight, I couldn't keep it from him anymore, he was starting to worry,

I was torn from my thoughts when I heard the room door swung open, I gave outbsigh of relief when I saw it was just Jenna.

"Are you okay?" She stalked over to me,"You look like you've just seen a ghost." she said and chuckled afterward.

I just nodded, I wasn't used to being by myself in such a huge house, especially in a new city.

"Anyway, where's David?" She searched around for him.

"Working, I guess." I mumbled, he's been working a lot lately, harder than usual, I was starting to worry a little about his health.

"Good." I raised an eyebrow at her not understanding the sudden excitement," I made some calls concerning your ring and luckily someone called back saying they found it."

My mouth gaped open with joy, I couldn't keep the news all to my self, so I opened up to Jenna about it and she promised to help me find it.

I jumped out of the bed and engulfed her in a tight hug which she reciprocated,"thank you! thank you." I yelped excitedly.

She pulled away,

"Don't thank me yet..We still have get it back and slide it into that pretty finger of yours."

I nodded, my phone began to ring and I rushed to the bed stand to pick it up, a heartthrob smile appeared on my face when I realized it was David calling, I was about to answer it when Jenna rushed and snatched the phone from me,

"It's just David." I let out feeling, stunned by her reaction.

"Don't answer it, he will get suspicious and ask know how defensive David gets over you."

She had a point, but

"If I don't answer him, won't that make him worry?" I asked confused.

"Which is why we need to hurry before he gets back," She said rushing me out of the door and into the car.

A few hours later.

We have been driving for almost 2hours, along the woods, unfortunately the woman who found my ring lives on the remote side of town, at least that's what she said.

The car finally came to a stop in front of an uncompleted building, "Here we are." Jenna let out.

"This place looks really scary, Jenna." There was synthetical about the place, I could feel it.

"Let's just get your ring and leave." She said.

I nodded and got down from the car, "This way." Jenna said gesturing me towards the house, It almost seemed like she was familiar with the place.

"I don't see anyone living here?"

"She is probably behind.." She said.

We stepped further when a masked man stepped out of it, with a huge bat in his hand.

"I have been waiting, What took you so long?"

I swallowed thickly.

"We are here!" Jenna retorted and I turned my eyes to her,

she had this malicious smirk on her face as she locked eyes with me.

"What's going?" I whispered to her.

"You will soon find out soon." She turned to the masked man, "knock her out...we don't have much time." Her words startled me.

"Jenna?" I called, hoping this was some sort of prank.

"Hurry up." She yelled at the masked man,

"He has Mark." The masked man said to her.

"He won't kill him." she said in confidence, "Just take care of the girl." Tears began falling out of my eyes as I stared back at the person I trusted and thought was my friend, How could she?

The masked man's smirk grew as he made his way towards me, he held the bat tighter, and before I could escape he hits me on the head with it, knocking me to the ground.

"Take her and tie her up."

The last thought I had before I slumped completely into darkness was why she would do this.



When I eventually opened my eyes, I was greeted by a bright light, my head was hurting like hell. I tried to move but I couldn't, I began to panic when I realized I was tied up to a chair.

That was when my memories returned, I remembered how Jenna deceived me and brought me here, why did she do this? Why would she betray her own brother?

I began to struggle to free my self but the ropes were a way to tight, I began screaming, hoping someone would hear me and save me from this nightmare.

I screamed at the top of my lungs until I heard footsteps, and I snapped my head up in anticipation.

The squeaky door opened revealing Jenna, the one I trusted and betrayed me without a reason, "Save your strength, no one can hear you."

"How could you do this?" I asked as she walked up to me.

"What did I ever do to you?" I screamed at her,

She laughed,

"David should be on his way." She pulled out a chair to sit in front of me, "In the meantime, I'm going to tell you a story." She said calmly, "You would love to hear this one, it's a story about your father and me...."


"I am trusting you to behave yourself tonight, " David reprimanded as we took the elevator to the 10th floor, it happened to be his birthday and I was old enough to attend huge events such as the one he was having that night, I was eager to explore adulthood and learn

what transpired on his side of the world.

We stood side by side in the elevator in silence waiting for the elevator door to open, I would be lying if said I wasn't nervous.

The elevator door finally opened and we immediately headed out to the hall where the event was supposed to be taking place, I was so amazed at how everything in the building screamed wealth and power.

I bet no one believed I was his sister, I hardly believe I was.

David had obtained a lot of power at a very young age. A year after college he had made his first million, like mama would always say, he was the child with the brain.

When we appeared in the hall, almost everyone began to acknowledge his presence, some greeted 'Good evening.' Others bowed to him, some greeted him with a 'Happy birthday' and once in a while they acknowledged my presence and greeted me with a smile which I gestured back.

Let's not forget the glares I was getting from the woman, they probably thought I was one of his flings, David never stayed with one woman for more than a day, he was the man of that era, they smiled and giggled at him and he gave them his famous cocky smirk.

A lady guided us to the presidential table and all eyes were focused on us, I bet they all thought I was his girlfriend or escort for the night.

We reached our table, a bunch of suited powerful men was already seated down. Flashes of cameras gleamed every now and then, I was silent the whole time, I wasn't sure what I was supposed to be do in such an event filled with celebrities and glamorous people, from my seat I could estimate about 4 thousand people in the hall including all the photographers and media men.

"Behave,"David warned again, before he left the table to greet some of the guests, leaving me more clueless than ever.

Kela Smith, one of David's supposed flings appeared in a stunning white dress and held to David's arm like her life depended on it, I couldn't blame her though, she had a lot of competitions that night.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats we are about to start the program for the night."A man all suited in blue announced on the stage.

The program started and David walked and sat beside me giving me a warm and encouraging smile which I reciprocated, kela Smith was nowhere in sight I assumed she gave up fighting for his attention.

They began giving announcements, introductions, long speeches which consisted of a tribute to the successful young millionaire which was David and a bunch of other things my brain just couldn't grasp.

"Do you want anything?"David asked.

I shook my head, David's name was called up and it was time for him to go up the stage,"stay here."He said as he stood up and walked confidently to the stage.

After some few minutes I got tired of sitting and gawking at celebrities and David's long speech was still not over, I needed to use the bathroom or better still catch some air from all the glamour.

I got up from my seat and found my way to the doorway where I met two guards,"Can you show me the restroom, please."

"That way miss." one of them pointed.

I nodded and walked towards the way he pointed, I was still not quite sure where I was going.

I was walking through the long fancy hallway trying to find my way to the restroom when I bumped into someone and when I looked up my heart stopped.


"Jenna," he called huskily.

"You're here?" I managed to utter,

After he got married to Anne, he moved away,

I barely saw him and I could proudly say in those few years I was finally able to let go him, at least that was what I thought, until I saw him that night looking as gorgeous as ever, all those feelings I kept locked in at that moment it felt like they were about to explode out of me..I snapped out of my thoughts," I mean..I didn't think you would come." I stutter nervously.

"You don't seem happy to see me."

"I am."I let out sharply, I always had the habit of acting like a fool when I was around him, he gave me one of his boyish smiles if only he knew what that did to me.

I never stopped loving him even after he got married to Anne, I always thought things would have been different if I had at least opened up to him in high school and stopped being all shy and scared about it.

"Anne and I just moved back to Sydney, right on time to attend my best friend's birthday," he said with his famous grin,

"And Anne?"

"Unfortunately, Anne had caught the flu and couldn't make it tonight, so it's just me."

I grinned, assuming this was the universe's way of giving me another chance to correct all my mistakes.

And at that moment, I promised the universe that I would make the best out of it this time.......



I was already in my thrid day, three days of pain, crying, and torture and every once in a while the masked man would spare me with some shitty and disgusting loaves of bread for me to eat,

I just wanted to get out of here.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

I felt my heart break and I began to cry as I thought of not seeing everyone I care about again.

I held back my tears and jerked my head up as soon as I heard footsteps approaching the door, hoping it was David here to save me from this terrible nightmare

The door opened and a lady walked in a red dress, she closed the door behind before turning to me with a look of disdain written on her face.

She looked very familiar but I couldn't figure out where I had seen her before.

She stooped down in front of me and grabbed my chin,

"What's so special about you, why do you have all these men wrapped under your finger." She said with a smirk not leaving her face,

"Who are you?"I asked.

"You're worst nightmare, " She laughedm

The door swung open revealing Jenna with a bottle in her hand, "What are you doing?"

"Just getting acquainted."

"Leave us," Jenna snarled and the lady threw me a glare before leaving, I still couldn't place where I have seen her before.

"So...where were we?" She took her seat, "ah! David's party."

"I don't want to hear any more of your lies." I spat."

"We are just getting to the fun part."


A few days after David's party, I needed an excuse to see George again, he barely made to the house since David hardly spent the time at home.

So, I came up with a perfect plan to pay him a visit, I walked up to his doorstep and pressed the bell, It a while before someone answered the door, so I took the time to look around the property, it was really big, almost the same size with David's.

The front door opened and turned back to be faced with a confused Anne,"Hello?" she chirped in politely. To be honest, I had nothing against Anne, I mean it was not her fault, she just got caught up in the web.

I cracked up a smile,

"I am Jenna." I said and she gave me an unsure look,"David's sister." I added.

Her mouth cupped into a smile in realization," I knew that face seemed familiar, please do come in."

I nodded and stepped inside as she closed the door behind, they were still unpacked boxes lying around everywhere, I had always wondered why they had to leave.

"Pardon the mess, I haven't had time get everything arranged." she said as we walked further into the huge house,"what would you like to drink?"

we stepped into the kitchen.

"Coffee,"I replied.

I couldn't help the happy thought that George could be somewhere behind those walls.

"What a lovely home?"

I sat behind the counter.

"Thank you, make yourself comfortable." she said with a smile as she turned away to make the coffee,"What do you do?" she asked

"I just graduated from college." I said looking around warily," I haven't decided what I want to venture into yet."

She dropped the cup of coffee in front of me,"just take your time, there's no rush." she said with an encouraging smile, she was really nice and a little part of me just couldn't help but feel guilty that I was in love with George.

I brought the cup of coffee to my lips,

"Where's everyone?" I asked as I took a sip.

She sighed silently before answering,

"George is in his study working as usual and Alison is staying with my mom in Georgia for the holidays, I'm pretty much desolate at this point." Her mouth was moving but I couldn't grasp anything she was saying, all my mind was focused on was how I would make it to George's study with her getting suspicious.

"Are you okay?" she asked snapping me out of my thought.

"Yeah...Can I use your bathroom?"

"Of course, Take the stairs, the blue door to the right."

"Thank you, " I got up and headed up the stairs, my anxiety rising with every step.

I finally made it up the stairs, I looked towards the right and sighted the bathroom Anne described, I just had to find George's study now...

I tiptoed slowly along the fancy hall until I spotted a wide brown door, this should be it I thought as I stepped closer to it, twisting my fingers together nervously and thinking of an excuse, I couldn't just barge in.

I took a deep breath and turned the door handle and pushed it open before slowly stepping in,"Hi."I let out making him look up at me.


I moved closer to his desk," I was somewhere in the neighborhood, so I decided to stop by and see Anne."I lied.

He raised an eyebrow at me,"I didn't know you two knew each other."

"It's a small world." I grinned not sure what else to say.

He nodded in agreement.

I looked up to the left and spotted a familiar painting hanging on the wall," is that an original Jackson pollocks painting." I asked moving closer to it.

"You know him?" he asked.

"I love him...I mean his works are unique and expressive, I always feel like they are trying to speak to me." I chuckled,"sorry...I know, I sound crazy already." I whispered shyly.

He got up from his chair and motioned towards me,"that makes to of us then, because I feel exactly the same way when I bought it, cost a lot money." he said giving me a breathtaking smile before returning his gaze to the painting.


We both stood staring at it in silence,

"Mural,1943.This particular painting wasn't signed or dated up until 1947." I said.

He turned to me with a stunned smile,"It's amazing how you know these things." he made my heart accelerate faster than usual. "I see brilliance runs in the family."

"It does..."

He chuckled,

We stood staring at each other for a while, I found my self-concentrating more on his soft wet lips.

Snap out of it Jenna!

"I should go." I blurted out when I noticed my emotions were trying to get the best of me, I needed him to realize he was in love with me on his own and throwing myself at him wasn't the best strategy at the moment, it would have ruined everything.

"Thanks for stopping by Jenna."He whispered mistily as he stared back at me.

I nodded and turned to leave but on second thought," A friend of mine is opening a painting exhibition in the city hall next should come."

He nodded without saying anything else,

I just assumed that was a yes.

"Goodbye." I gave him one last smile before walking out of the door. I walked back to the kitchen and said my goodbyes to Anne promising to stop by later and help her with the unpacked boxes, it was the least I could do.


David Hertz

Its been almost three days since Jenna took Ali and I am almost going insane, how could I have let this happen right under my nose? The more I try to protect her and keep safe the more I let her down and put her at risk.

I swear if Jenna hurts even a strand of her hair, I will make sure she pays for it this time, in frustration I picked up a vase and threw it across the room.

The door banged open and Bate walked in, He stayed silent for a second, his eye roaming warily at the mess I made in my office,"You need to calm down man," he finally spoke up,"you destroying everything in your office won't bring Alison back."

"Tell me you found something," I ran my hand through my hair to calm myself down.

"We couldn't find anything," he whispered, "We've looked everywhere."

Consumed by the thought of where they might be I walked slowly to the corner of the room,"there's still one place we haven't tried yet."


Why didn't I think of this earlier?

The old abandoned house a few hours across town, it used to be our grand mother's house and as kids anytime Jenna got missing we would always find her there hiding.

My phone buzzed with a message and I walked back to pick it up.

I opened it and that immediately cleared my suspicion, it was text from Jenna.

"I found them?" I said as I shoved the phone in my pocket.


"My grandmother's old house," I grabbed my keys laying on the desk.

"Then I am coming." Bate let out instantly.

I started this mess when I ignorantly allowed the affair to go on as long as it did and because of that a lot of people are getting hurt, it's time I end this circle once and for all.

I reached to my desk and began writing down the address," I need you to gather the men and come to this address." I handed it to him.

He took it and nodded understanding,

"Be careful man." He whispered with a lot of concern in his voice. I reached out and patted his shoulder thankfully before walking out the door, I had fix this mess once and for all.


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