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"Jenna, thank you so much for coming!"Anne greeted me at the door with a hug. It happened to be George's birthday and his family was throwing a little party for him.I got a little something for him as well and I was praying he liked it.

I smiled as I pulled away from her, she then made way for me to come in.

"Come on it's this way."Anne said and began leading me through the house, I couldn't help but notice the big banners that read Happy birthday George,"everyone is waiting in the hall."They had a little hall built in the house for events such as this.

We stepped into the fancy decorated hall and I could estimate about 50 to 60 people In the room already.

Anne looked back at me and smiled, she looked really excited about something that I couldn't really put my hands on at the moment," get comfortable, I will go get us something to drinks." she said and I simply nodded and watched her walk away. Everyone was already mingling and getting friendly, I stood there like a lost and confused puppy since I didn't know anyone else in the room apart from George and Anne.

I turned to the corner and saw David chatting and laughing with a blonde.I rolled my eyes and focused on something else.

"I didn't think you would come."A voice spoke up snapping me out of my thought, I turned to see George standing beside me with a glass of scotch in his hand looking as breathtaking as ever,"You look lovely." he said.

"Thanks."I mouthed with a smile trying not to raise any suspicions,"I got you a little something."I said handing him the small box.

He furrowed his brow as he took it from me,"what's in it?"

"You have to open it and find out, but I advise you do it alone."I winced slightly.

He laughed,"oh, your really something."He let out,"Thank you anyway."

I smiled,"Are we still meeting tonight?"I whispered making sure no one hears me, he smirked,"Definitely."

After some few minutes, Anne walked back with two drinks in her hands," here, you go." she said handing a glass to me before turning to George,"what were you two whispering about?"she asked looking directly at him, he slid his hand around her waist,"How breathtaking and beautiful you look tonight."He said with a smile as he leaned in to kiss her, she let out a girly giggle kissing him back.

I gulped my drink instantly, trying not to act Jealous or anything, she was still his wife after all.

He whispered something into her ear,"George, get hold of yourself," she shot back playfully,"you're making Jenna really uncontrollable."

He chuckled and finally let go of her waist,"let's go say hi to some friends."Anne said, he nodded and followed her without even looking back at me.

I stood there watching him walk away with his hand intertwined with Anne's, I sighed silently and looked away, landing my eyes back on David who was now whispering something to the blonde.

I groaned and made my towards the liquid section, I grabbed a glass and poured myself a drink, it was the only thing keeping me sane at the moment.

I gulped it and turned around to look at the mingling and happy crowd,"You look uncomfortable."An unfamiliar male voice spoke up and I turned to see who it was.

He definitely didn't look familiar.

"Hi, I am Micheal." He said before I could even speak up.

"Jenna,"I replied turning to look away, I really wasn't interested in whatever he had to say.I was hoping he would just understand and go away.

"I guessing your Hertz sister." He spoke up again.

I hummed.

He laughed slightly,"I am not here to stalk you or anything, I just thought you needed someone to talk to, with the way you were standing here all by yourself."

I turned to snap at him but I immediately stopped myself, when I saw the sincerity in his eyes,"Thank you...but, I am just not in the mood to talk to anyone right now."I said trying to be as calm as possible.

He nodded understanding,"Well Jenna it was nice meeting you...whenever you get in the mood to talk, just holla me.I am right at the corner." He said.

I nodded and watched him walk away.

"Gather up everyone, I have an announcement to make."Anne's voiced out from the end of the room and everyone began gathering to listen to what she had to say.

I moved and made it closer to the front where I could see and hear her properly.

I turned over to George, He was standing next to David with a confused expression and a glass of scotch in his right hand.

"George, Can you come here for a second?"

He gulped his drink before making it over to her and whispering something into her hear making her chuckle slightly,"I was planning on keeping this as a surprise for later, but I don't think I can hold it in any longer."she started and turned to the anxious crowd with a huge smile on her face,"we are having another baby." she yelled out making George almost choke on his drink.

She turned to him,"I am sorry Hun, I found out a week ago, then I decided to keep it as a surprise gift for your birthday."

George managed to crack up a smile and pulled her into a hug,"I love you so much, Anne."He whispered into her hears, but somehow I heard it.

His eyes locked with mine and I could immediately feel his guilt linger back in and that scared me.

Everyone began whistling and clapping in excitement as they each made their way to towards them.

Deciding not to stand there and make a fool of myself, I immediately stormed out the building and I let out a deep breath that I wasn't even aware I was holding as soon as I stepped out.

"Need a ride?"A voice spoke up and I looked up to see Micheal leaning on his car,"Are you okay?" He asked again with a lot of concern in his voice.

I simply nodded wiping my tears,"Can you get me out of here?"

He nodded and opened the door for me, I mouthed a thank you for getting in and we drove far away from the drama.

The next morning

The next morning, George called saying he wanted to see me talk about something really important, sounding really worried.

I immediately rushed to our usual meeting spot and waited anxiously for him.

A few minutes later, the door swung open and George walked in looking really stressed out. I rushed to him and tried to wrap my hand around him to comfort him, but before I could he pushed my arm away,"stop."He gritted.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

He inhaled and turned to look at me,"It's time we cut things off." he said with his eyes not leaving mine.

I huffed slightly,"your joking right?" I let out,"why? because Anne's pregnant."I couldn't believe he was breaking up with because of that.

"Isn't that enough reason?" He barked,"aren't you tired of all this sneaking around, Jenna you deserve better than this."

A sob escaped my mouth,"I don't care, I love you George." it's funny now, how I always said it to him but he never replied back,"I don't mind being your other woman as long as I have you."I cried out.


He moved closer to me and ran his cold hand on my cheeks,"I am sorry things had to end this way Jenna, but I want to try and be a better father and husband this time to my family."He said and leaned in to kiss my forehead," Goodbye Jenna."He whispered and turned to walk away.

"George."I cried out, but he didn't turn back, he just kept on walking until he completely vanished, leaving me there alone in a pool of my own tears.

But, I was definitely not planning on giving up on him, regardless of everything he was still mine, even if I had to rip out that obnoxious baby with my bare hands.



Thanks to David being here, I was no longer tied up to a chair, I could easily move around the room as long as I don't exceed the door."Are you okay?"David asked noticing I haven't said a word since Jenna left the room,I simply nodded.

I wasn't sure what to say after hearing that my father, the one I held so dear to my heart was a cheat and a betrayer. I couldn't even began to, imagine what my mother must've gone through, discovering she was betrayed and taking for a fool by the one person she loved and trusted.

It was sickening to know that such a monster was once called my father.

My eyes turned to David he was staring warmly at me with a lot of worry written on his face, he probably thought I hate him for keeping the truth away from me. I knew he was trying to protect the remaining good image I had of my father and for that I couldn't hate him.

I walked over to him and wrapped my hands around his neck, "I don't hate you David." I told him, "I wish you had told me about it though, but I don't hate you or blame you for it."

He tucked my hair behind my ear,

"I am sorry you had to find out this way, babe."He whispered.

I shook my head, "Don't be." I said and leaned in to kiss him, I really miss those moments when it was all about us.

"I will get us of here alive, I promise." He whispered against my lips, I really didn't care where I was anymore, as long as he was with me nothing else mattered.

He pulled away and we clicked heads together,

"do you hate him?" He asked after some few seconds of silence,

I wasn't sure how to feel, "I don't know."I whispered back.

He nodded understanding.

"Do you hate Jenna?" I asked, It was really hard question for him considering she was his little sister, before he could reply me the door jammed open.

I let go of him and turned to see who it.

It was the lady I met before, I once heard Jenna call her Natalia, she had a love struck expression on her face as she stared back at David.

David on the other hand just looked shocked and confused,

"Natalia." He managed to utter between his shock.

In a flash she ran and wrapped her hands around him,

"I missed you so much David."

My mind immediately drifted to where I had seen her before, she was the girl I met in David's office, I remember because she still had that same desperation she had then.

David shoved her hands off him, causing her fall on the floor,

"What are you doing here?"

"I came to save you from her."

"I thought I told you I didn't want to see your filthy self again." David growled with a lot of anger emanating from him, I instantly felt sorry for her, she looked completely broken.

I wrapped my hands around him to calm him down before he caused more damage to her, she already suffered enough.

"David, I am sorry, Matt made me do it." She trailed when the door swung open and Jenna walked in,

"Having a reunion, are we?" Jenna said as she moved closer to us, "Alison dear, meet Natalia David's former sex slut, they even had a contract and all." her eyes landed on David with a smirk, "All he ever does is keep huge secrets like this from you and all in the name of protecting you, he's a fraud."

I looked up at David and he looked back at me regretfully,

I always knew before we became a thing he wasn't exactly fully committed to anyone,

I couldn't judge him for what happened in his past, besides I couldn't give Jenna the satisfaction that she got to me or succeeded in breaking us apart.

I threw him a smile and I noticed his muscles relax a bit,

"Alison:-" he started,

"I trust you." I cut him short,

I turned my eyes to Natalia who was crying on the dusty floor and it became obvious to me that she was in love with him, I for one know how that feels.

"Leave, you slut." Jenna hurled at Natalia, seeing her stupid plan to break us apart didn't work,"You couldn't even do this one thing right."

Natalia wiped her tears and got up from the floor, she gave David a smile before storming out of the squeaky door.

Jenna turned her glare back to us,"let's get back to the story shall we."her glare turned into a psychotic smile.I was still trying to recall those moments when she looked normal or less crazy.


After George dumped me so coldly that day,I was a total wreck for a whole week,I couldn't eat,sleep or move.alcohol was literally my only companion at the time.

I loved George and I still love him.You might think I was cold and heartless to have done all I did because of some selfish desire of mine,but I was just a girl in love and love makes us do crazy things,they say.

I became really attached to him in those few years we spent together,at some point it felt like I couldn't breathe when he wasn't around me.

I sat outside his office twinging my fingers together nervously,I really wanted to see him and I knew he would be really mad if I showed up at the house.

"Jenna,Mr Stone will see you know."Amelia his secretary spoke up breaking me out of my thought,I looked up at her she had a sorry expression on her face,pretty much everyone in the office has heard the news about George firing me two days after our break up.

I smiled back and gathered myself up before entering into his office,I always loved the fact that his office was enormous and relaxing.

As I stepped in further into the room memories of every moment we spent in here together came flashing in.

My eyes landed on him,he didn't smile or move,he just stared at me as I made my way over to him,I wasn't able to tell if he was pissed or happy to see me.

There was a deep consuming silence in the room."Why are you here Jenna?"He asked,his voice breaking through the silence.

He sounded a lot calmer than I expected and I couldn't help but wonder if he missed me as much as I did him for those past few days we spent apart.

"I miss you." I altered,"he opened his mouth to speak but I cut him off,"I know what your about to say and I don't care,I just want things between us to get back to normal and I still don't care if I am the other woman in your life George." I moved an inch closer," I just want you." I whispered.

He huffed and ran his finger through his hair in frustration,seeing how stressed out he looked I made it over to him,thankfully he didn't stop me.

He leaned his back against his chair and watched me curiously as I loosened his tie"I am never getting rid of you,am I?"He whispered.

"Not in this life time."I replied back.

I noticed his eye flicker towards my lips,then he glanced up at me before standing up from his chair,"it's insane how much effect you have on me."He whispered as he picked me up and placed me on his desk.A smile appeared on my face as I slowly leaned in to kiss him,"you have no idea."I whispered against his lips.

We were kissing and things started to get intense but before we could go any further someone cleared their throat and I quickly turned to see who it was.

It's was Amelia his secretary,she was standing there with some files in her hands,"here are the files you asked for sir."she said trying to act as professional as possible.

George nodded gesturing to move forward.

She stepped closer and dropped the file on his desk before turning to leave.Immediately she left the room,George turned to me,"You should leave,I need to work."

I bit my lips,"am I seeing you tonight?" I asked.

"I will call you."That's all he said and focused his gaze on the files that were laying on his desk,his guilt was back in.

Since today wasn't a total disaster,I decided to leave,"take care George and hopefully I will see you tonight."I said as I reached out and picked up my bag,he just nodded without lifting a glance at me.

I gave him one last smile and walked out the door,I felt more confident and hopeful after seeing him again.

I stepped out the huge building with a wide smile on my face,"we have to stop meeting like this."a familiar voice spoke up and I looked up to see who it was.

"Micheal." I called with the smile not leaving my face,he standing outside George's company with his back leaned to his car.

He moved closer to me with his eyes not leaving mine for a second,"that smile is everything."he whispered as he ran a finger along my cheeks.

"Thanks."I mumbled back,I usually threw snaps and angry glares at any other man that wasn't George,but somehow with Micheal I couldn't.It made me helpless and really vulnerable anytime I was around him and I hated it.


Bonus chapter from George.

Immediately Jenna walked out the door,I sighed and ran my hands over my face in frustration.

She was becoming a drug or worse an addiction that was becoming really hard to get rid off.I knew I had to do something about it before I loose the one person I cared about and sitting in my office and doing nothing wasn't the right solution.

I got up and walked out of the office to meet David,he was the only one that could help me get rid of this problem,he might probably hate me for it but at that point I was willing to do anything to get out of the hold Jenna had on me.

After some few minutes I made it to David's complex,I walked inside and took his private elevator that lead to his floor,the entire security knew who I was,so they didn't stop me from using it.

The elevator door opened and I barged into his office without knocking,"someone's in a bad mood."He teased without looking up from his laptop.

I let out a silent sigh as I settled down on a chair in front of his desk,"there's something I need to tell you."I started, I didn't want to waste any more time.

After some few minutes,he shut his laptop and turned his attention to me,"I am listening."he said.

"It's about Jenna."

He leaned his head against his chair,"I told you it was a bad idea when you insisted on hiring her in your company."he huffed,"so,what crazy stunt has my dear little sister pulled now?"


"I have been sleeping with her."I blurted out and waited for his reaction.

He chuckled slightly as he got up from his chair and began pacing around the room as if he was trying to let the information sink in,"I am sorry."I trailed off again.

In a flash I felt his fist on my jaw knocking me to the ground,I lifted my head up slowly to look at him.

He looked pissed!


Continuation of George's POV

I staggered to get up from the floor, grabbing the chair for support, but before I could completely stand up David stormed over and pinned me forcefully against the wall, I have never seen him this mad before, sure as his best friend I have seen him get angry a couple of times but not to this extent,"how long has this been going on?"He gritted.

I gulped,"Two years."I manage to mumble against his tight grip.

He tightened the grip he had on me,"two freaking years George." he hurled in my face," and in those two years it didn't occur to you to end it."

I bowed my head down shamefully,"I am sorry David, I messed up."I admitted.

"So you cheated on Anne? Shit!! that was the reason you wanted Jenna in your company, wasn't it?"

"Please, Can we sit down and talk about this?"I pleaded.

"Shut up." he spat and forcefully let go of me,"let me guess...Jenna is getting clingy and now you want out."

I nodded.

He chuckled slightly,"you're piss of shit, do you know that?" he spat and walked over to a little bar beside his desk to pour himself a drink.

After pouring himself a drink, he leaned on his desk and turned his eyes to me,"You know, I had always envied you."he said,"I mean you had everything,the perfect family,the perfect wife,that selflessly sacrificed everything for you,including not being able to see her daughter as much as she wants to."he gulped his drink,"I would kill to have someone like that."he dropped the glass and stepped closer to me,"and you threw it all away for someone as selfish and idiotic as Jenna."

"Just help me save my family."I pleaded, David was the only one I knew Jenna was afraid of.

He ran his hand through his face before turning his eyes back to me, I don't think I could ever forget the last words he uttered to me that day, "this is your karma George, deal with it." he spat and stormed out the room, I assumed to confront Jenna.



David and I were on the floor warmed up against each other for some heat, the weather was freezing, I couldn't believe it was a week already,

"Why did you take off your ring?" David asked after some time.

I froze, I had completely forgotten about it, "hmm," I began mumbling like an idiot.

He reached out into his pocket and pulled out a box. I covered my mouth in shock as soon as I realized what it was.

My ring!

"You had it?" I impulsively snatched it from him.

"It was lying on the bathroom floor, if you didn't like the ring, you could have just told me, I would could have changed it."

"No..." I inhaled sharply and placed my hand on his cheek, "I love it..,,I thought I had lost's why I came out here with Jenna, she told me someone had contacted her from this location saying they found it."

"Why didn't you just tell me you lost it?" He asked.

I lowered my head embarrassed,

"It was so expensive, I didn't want you to get mad."

He placed his hand under my chin and made me look at him,

"Ali, I have pardoned you for all the crazy stunt you've pulled in the past, let's go through them shall we, like when you sneaked out to see Matt, a week after we rescued you from him."

I chuckled, "That was really stupid." I admitted, I still can't believe I was that childish and naive once.

"Let's not forget your recent stunt, huh?" He teased, "or the one after that, or the one way, way, way--"

"Okay, We get it, David. I was reckless, move on..."

He chuckled,

"Babe, what I'm trying to say is that losing your ring would have meant absolutely nothing, I could have easily gotten you a new one, even if I had to propose all over again." He took a loose strand of my hair and tucked it behind my ears, "I don't want you to ever feel like you have to hide anything from me, that's not how this works."

"I'm sorry." I smiled.

He chuckled and shook his head at me,

"Here.." He took my hands and slipped back the ring, "You are never too take them off."

"Yes, boss." I smiled in mischief as I moved an inch closer to him, "But if I don't." I bit my lips seductively, "What's my punishment, Mr. Hertz?" foreplaying wasn't exactly my fortay, I was glad it didn't turn him off.

"Get that off your mind." He warned me amusingly, "I should be getting you out of here."

"David, I don't care right now." I tried to unbutton his shirt, but he removed my hand, "We are either getting out of here or dying in here together. So what's the point of stressing, besides Jenna won't be back here till morning, I just want to take advantage of the moment." He removed my hands again,

"Alison, I'm going to get you out here tonight, with our without me."

"You would have to kill first."

"Hey, don't say that!" He cautioned me.

"Would you just fuck me already" I clamored without thinking, and noticed his eyes widened. There was a moment of silence before we both dissolved into laughter, let's just say he gave in eventually.


David Hertz

I paced the room thinking of away to get Ali out without her noticing, luckily she was still asleep. Worn out from exhaustion, I smiled as I stared at her.

The sounds of the keys in the door snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to it as the door slowly opened.


He walked in and I immediately noticed how his eyes briefly glance at Alison, "We need to get her somewhere safe before Jenna returns." he said without lifting his eyes off her.

Alison had told me about him promising to get her out and seeing the way his eyes are gleaming at her, there was no he had feelings for her.

I could use him,

I turned my eyes to her and the. back to him,

"Why will I trust you?" I needed to be sure this wasn't some plan of his.

"Do you want her alive or not?" He shot back.

I nodded and motioned towards Alison, I had to wake her up.

"wake up." I whispered kissing her lips.

Her eyes flickered open slowly,

"D-David." she whispered wearily, "What time is it?"

"Almost midnight-"

She up straight, her eyes glancing towards Matt for a second, "What's going on?" She sounded worried.

I reached and grabbed her hand, I didn't want to waste any more time getting her out of here, "princess, I need you to go with Matt." I said and her eyes driffed to Matt. "Why!!..what about you?"

I leaned closer and pressed my forehead against hers,

"I need to settle this out with Jenna and for that to happen, I need to be sure you're safe.".I whispered.

She shook her head frantically,

"No..I'm not leaving here without you."

"We need to hurry.." Matt spoke up.

I placed my thumb underneath her chin and slowly raised her face to me,

"Please.."I pleaded,

She shook her head again, adamant.

"I'm not leaving here without you, David and please don't make me." She cried out and held tightly unto me like she was afraid I would disappear.

I turned my eyes swiftly to Matt and he looked away, it occurred to me that there was only one thing left to do, knowing Alison she won't let go without a fight.

"Alison." I called and she lifted her head up to look at me, it shattered me to see how weak and scared she looked. "I'm not going to lose you again David, I won't." She cried even more.

I cupped her cheeks and crashed my lips against hers.

Then I broke away and pressed my forehead against hers, "I love you." I told her.

She chuckled, "I love you too, bubble head. And, I'm still not leaving here without you." she warned me.

I stroke my finger gently on her face and smiled one last time at her beautiful face, should this be the last time I see them again, "I'm sorry, but I have to do this." In a flash, I snapped her neck knocking her out, it was a trick I learned in college, it kept the victim unconscious for a few minutes.

I held tightly to her unconscious body and pressed it against my chest,

"I will find you, I promise." I kissed her gently and motioned Matt to take her.

He picked her up carefully and swung her over his shoulder,

"See you soon man." He said,

I nodded and watched him sneak out the door with her on his shoulder.

I remained awake night, pacing back and forth, pacing around the room only made my anxiety worse, so I sat on the floor and tried to regain my sanity.

Somemtine at noon, the door slammed open and Jenna, dressed in red, her eyes rosmed around the room,

"You finally, go out her out, let me guess, Matt." sShe chuckled sarcastically and walked further into the room, "You've always been so predictable, brother."

"Your problem is with me and not with her."

She walked to where I was and stooped in front of me,

"How are you?"

"What is it you want Jenna?" Jenna doesn't act on impulse or without a reason, she definitely wanted something. I had to stay back to find out.

Silence .

Her eyes turned dark,

"Where are they?" She growled,

"I told you to leave Alison out of this--"

"I mean Anne and that baby, I know they are alive, and you've hidden them somewhere, somewhere safe....just tell me where you hid them."

"I don't know what you're talking about?"

"I knew, you'd say that, so I did some investigation of my own, imagine my surprise when I looked into the files and discovered that Anne's body was never found and the hospital she was rushed in has no record of her death or that of the baby's."

"You're insane."

She laughed before her voice turned wicked, "I wonder how Ali would feel when she finds out you've been lying and hiding her sweet mother for all these years." she smirked devilishly and brought her red lips closer to my ear, "I bet she would be really heartbroken and disgusted with you, exactly how I felt when you broke George and I apart, brother!"


David hertz

My blood boiled in fury as she continued went on and on, "I bet she'll finally see you for the worthless piece of trash that you are."

"Or maybe she will leave your old ass for a much younger man, I'm betting my money on Matt, who are you betting on brother?" She moved closer, her eyes cold and dark as they started harshly into mine, "Tell me where you hid the bitch David." she snapped.

"I don't know what you are talking about."

She chuckled slightly

"You really shouldn't have left Ali on her own. Who knows what might happen to her."

As soon as the words left her lips, I found myself pinning her to the wall.

"Oh....there he is.." She taunted and I felt a cold metal pressed against my chest, "Backway, David." She warned smirked, regardless of everything, I couldn't think of hurting her.

I let go of her,

"Why?" I found myself asking, "if you loved him like you claim you did, why then did you kill him?"

Her gaze softened.

"I claimed George was the love of my life, I never said I was his."


An hour before I was supposed to leave for Melbourne with Mama and Nana, I pleaded with George to allow me to see him one last time before I leave, he got reluctant for a bit but he later gave in, promising he would show up.

I paced around the room running my hand trough my hair as I patiently waited for him,I knew he would show up eventually.

Pacing was only making my anxiety worse so I sat on the couch.Couple of minutes after,I heard the sound of the key on the door making me jump to my feet as the door slowly opened.

George stepped into the room looking really worn out,"I was thinking you wouldn't show up."

"I promised,didn't I?"

I nodded as leaned in and pressed my lips against his,he didn't stop me but neither did he return it,"will you miss me?"I whispered.

He broke away from my hold,"sure."

We stared at each other in silence for a few seconds,I didn't want to let go of him,"What if things were different George."

"What do you mean?"

I brought my lips an inch closer to his,"there was no Anne,no David."I whispered,"just you and me in the world."

"Those are fantasies."

I nodded,"A girl can only dream."I let out with a scoff.

"You have to go."He said,I knew there was something off about him that day but I just assumed it was his guilt having a hold on him again.

"Will you visit." I asked again.

I didn't want to leave him,but David had threatened to send mama away for good and I just couldn't stay back and watch that happen.

He nodded and turned to leave,"aren't you forgetting something?"

He turned his eyes back to me,"What?"

I rolled my eyes at his naivety and moved closer him wrapping my hands around his neck,"this."I crashed my lips into his."I have time George."I mumbled against his lips.

He broke away and pressed his forehead head against mine,"I have to go."

"Tell me one thing before you leave."


"Do you love me?"I asked,"I you sometimes wish things were different between us?

He let out a slight huff,"I really don't have time for this Jenna."

"Tell me you love me George." I snapped almost loosing my patience.

He cleared his throat,"y_yeah,Sure... I love you and I wish things were different,but:-"we went on and on but all I could gasp was the I love you part.

I ran my hand on his cheeks,"what if we get rid of the difference?" I asked.

He jolted my hand off,"enough Jenna."He growled.

"Come on baby,don't be mad.I was just joking." I let out instantly and noticed his muscles relax a bit,"You should have seen your face though."I chuckled.

"Take care Jenna."He said before turning to leave.

"Will you come visit."

"Sure."He whispered before walking out the door.

6months later

It had been 6 months and we were already in the month of Christmas and still George hadn't called or even checked up on me.

I knew,I had to come up with a plan before he slips away from my,I booked a flight and flew back to Sydney without David's knowledge.

Anne and I were really good friends before I left,I knew she wouldn't mind having me over....

I pressed the door bell and stood aside waiting patiently for someone to answer it and not a second later,the door swung open revealing Anne with a huge bump,"Jenna!"she exclaimed excitedly pulling me into a hug.

I chuckled slightly,"I missed you too hot stuff."I said returning the hug which was really hard with her huge bump getting in the way.

I broke away and took my eyes to her bump,she smiled and ran hands on it before making way for me to come in,"I thought David said you won't be able to make it back for Christmas?"she asked closing the door.

"I missed home."

She smiled understanding,"would you like something to drink?"

I nodded and followed her towards the kitchen,"how far long are you?"I asked taking a seat.

"7 months."

I smiled,"and George?"

She placed a cup of coffee in front of me,"he stepped out to get some groceries from the store,he should probably be on his way back by now."

I nodded.

"Do you mind if I stay here up until Christmas?"I asked bringing the cup of coffee to my lips.

She chuckled,"of course not and I am sure George won't mind either."

She was so predictable.

Few minutes later we heard the front door getting shut,"hun?"A voice that sounded more like George's yelled from the other side of the room.

"In here hun."Anne yelled back.

"I got you s-:"he stopped mid sentence when he spotted me sitting comfortably in the kitchen,"Jenna?"


"Jenna will be staying with us for a while,isn't that great hun?"Anne injerks

He moved further into the room dropping the grocery bags on the counter looking extremely pissed,"hun?"Anne called making her way towards him,"are you okay?"she asked him.

He nodded and leaned in to kiss,"I missed you."he whispered against her lips,she simply chuckled and ran her hand on his hair,"silly."

"Hun,do you mind checking who's at the door?"

"Of course."she said with a smile before walking towards the front door.

As soon as she left he turned his gaze to me,"have you gone insane?"he hurled.

I got up and moved closer to where he was,"I missed you too hun."

"Just pack your shit and leave Jenna."He growled,"I don't want Anne getting the wrong idea or anything."

"Why didn't you call or come visit like you promised?"I asked.

"I have been busy."

"Busy."I repeated,"let me guess taking care of Anne and that obnoxious baby."I gritted,"I heard you took a long leave off work to spend more time with her."

"She's my wife Jenna."he spat,"it's my duty to take care of her and my kids."

"What about me? What about the duties you owe me George."

He looked away,"I mean important duties." He mumbled,those words coming from him broke me completely,I knew what we had meant nothing to him but I never expected him to rub it so boldly on my face.

I grabbed him by the jaw and made him look at me,"I am tired of you playing around with my feelings and taking me for a fool."I hurled,"so,here's the thing luv,you have up until Christmas night to decide who you rather be with."I reached out and planted a chaste kiss of his lips before trailing my tongue to his ear,"you don't want to get on my bad side George,so I suggest you choose wisely."

And in a second Anne walked back into the room completely oblivious of what's going on,"Come on Jenna,let me show you to your room."she said.

I nodded,"Thanks again for letting me stay George."I said with a smug,he didn't reply or say anything,he just stared sternly at me.probably thinking of different ways to get rid of me.

"Hun?"Anne called making him turn his eyes softly to her,"do you mind sorting out the groceries?"


"Thanks Hun."she said before leading me upstairs. I mouthed an I love you to him before turning and trailing excitedly behind Anne.


"Let me guess, you murdered him because he didn't want you?" I asked.

She shook her head frantically, "I didn't kill George, I couldn't have killed him, I loved him, I love him."

"He's dead Jenna."

In second she ran towards me and pointed the gun to my head her eyes turning dark and cold,"tell me where the bitch is?" She spat in fury.

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath waiting for the impact. If Anne was still Alive, there was only one person who could have saved her that night and I wasn't going to give that clue to Jenna.

I heard a loud bang and waited for the pain, but it never came.

I opened my eyes,

"NO." I yelled as I saw Jenna on the ground and in a pool of her own blood.

I went to her body and checked her pulse.

"She's alive." I let out in relief.

"We will take her." I looked up and saw Bate holding a gun and in an instant the men came rushing into the room.

I looked down at Jenna's again and kissed her forehead.

Despite of it all she was my sister and I loved her,

"We are going to get her all the help she needs.." Bate said as the men came and lifted her lifeless body away from my arms and carried her out.

"Let's get you home." he pats my shoulder, "Alison has--"

"Where Anne, Bate--" I cut in.


David Hertz

Bate brought Alison to my doorstep after the shooting, saying George had placed me as her guardian with some declarations attached to it.

At the time it never occurred to me to ask him how he got hold of her so quickly,

"Where's Anne?" I asked again,

He stared in realization,

"You know?"

"Start talking," I growled, I was losing my patience.

He started,

"On the night of the shooting I was in my office going through some case files when I got a call from Anne. She was in a very frightened and hysterical state. It took me a while to grasp what she was saying, she said something about George getting shot and blood. I immediately hung up and made a connection to the police station before running to her, by the time I got there it was too late. I saw her on the floor bleeding intensely and holding George's lifeless body like her life depended on it, "help him!" she cried as she held firmly to him, she looked vulnerable and scared, I knew at that moment that I had to protect her, she was in so much danger,"

Silence plagued the room after he had finished,

I couldn't believe what I was hearing,

"All these years, you knew it Jenna and you watched me blame someone else for it,that was a game you played." my mind was twirling different emotions at the time,

"I didn't, Anne never mentioned it. She couldn't, the events of that night left her traumatized, I had no way of asking her anything."

I closed my eyes, pinching the bridge of my nose as I thought of how I was going to explain it Alison,

"And, the child?" I asked.

His mouth turned into a child like smile and his eyes held a sparkle that I had never seen them before,

"I sent him to a business school in the US, he's a really smart kid, like his George." he said.

"What's his name?"

"James, she named him-"

"After her father James." I supplied.

He nodded, "She insisted on calling him that." I had never seen him this happy,

"Are you together?" before he could answer one of the men cut in,

"We are ready to leave, sir."

I nodded.

Bate reached out and patted my shoulder softly,

"C'mon, let's get your ass home, before Alison burns the roof down." I turned and gave the dreadful place one last look before nodding and walking out the door with Bate,

We drove to the place where they hid Alison, it was a small cottage in the middle of the city.

He parked and we got down from the car.

Shouts and grunts could be heard from inside as we made towards the door,

"Oh, boy." I let out.

"She's a feisty one." Bate chuckled as he inserted the key in the hole and pushed the door open,

"Get me out of here this instant!" her voice hissed out in pain as we stepped into the room, making my heart skip.

"Alison?" I called.

The second she noticed me, she ran into my arms,

"You!" unexpectedly, I felt palms smash against my cheeks, she slapped me, "How could you do that to me?!" She screamed with watery eyes, "do you have any idea how scared I was... I thought something.." She cut herself short and lunged herself into my chest,

I held her firmly as I pressed kisses to the crown of her head desperately,

"I was so scared, I thought I lost you." She sniffled into my chest.

"I'm here now." I soothed gently as she smuggled up deeper into my chest. I held tightly to her petite body afraid I would lose her any second from now, "I'm sorry." I whispered and kissed the crown of her head tenderly.


As soon as my eyes set on David's face, I ran into his arms, relieved, but then a sudden anger surged out of me and I found myself slapping him,


"How could you do that to me?" I screamed at him in tears, my adrenaline taking over, "Do you have any idea how scared I was, I thought something..." I choked and lunged myself into his chest, holding him tightly, "I was so scared...."

The minute I woke up and saw only Matt, I knew what he had done, a huge amount of fear overpowered me with the thought of what Jenna might do to him,

"I'm here now." He soothed into my ears and held tightly to my weak body as if afraid I would disappear.

I couldn't help the tears that were escaping my eyes, I quickly wiped them and dipped my head into his chest, whimpering,

"I'm sorry." He kissed the middle of my head and my head suddenly began to spin,

"David?" I whispered, my legs were going numb.

David's grip on me was the only thing stopping me from falling to the ground, "Alison?" David panicked, my surroundings were spinning and my eyes blurry.


Suddenly, David's sweet panicky voice was the last thing I heard before my eyes completely closed and darkness took over me.


Flashback ANNE STELE

I forced the key into the door as I walked into our apartment, I had spent the rest of Christmas morning in a lingerie shop trying to buy some new sets of lingerie, I planned on surprising George, we haven't had enough time to ourselves since the baby.

I set my key on the counter as I made it further into the house, "George?" I called as I climbed upstairs, I heard a sound coming the room. I let out a soft sigh and made my way towards it, a smile appearing on my face as I thought of the events I had planned for the night,

I was halfway to the room when I heard another sound.

I held to the door handle and pushed the door open, hoping I would surprise him but my steps faltered at what I saw.

Jenna had her arms around George, her lips pressed against his, kissing him,

My shoe made a little sound, having them turning heads to me, George's eyes widened as he stared back at me,

"Anne..." he mouthed in shock,

So many emotions were dashing through me.

My heart seemed to have stood still as it tried to gasp the unbelievable sight in front of it.

How was I supposed to react seeing the very man I loved in the arms of another, a woman I thought was my friend, the same woman I welcomed into my home with open arms,

"I can explain." He trailed.

A loud scream was heard in the room and it took a second for me to realize it was coming from me,

"how long?" I choked.

"Two years." Jenna blurted emotionlessly,

I felt my heartbreak a thousand times,

I turned my eyes to George and he lowered his head in shame. I made my way towards him so I was able to look him in the eye, "Was she the reason for all those late nights?" I asked,

"I can explain--"

Before he could complete my palm made hard contact with his cheek, I couldn't control all the anger radiating from me,

"Why?" I cried, "And, after everything we've been through, her, your best friend's sister:"

"That's enough!!" Jenna cut in, her voice dripping with annoyance. I barely noticed the two masked men standing at the end of the room.

I took my misty eyes back to George,

"Anne...." he mouthed, his eyes traveling all over my body with eminent guilt written on them, "I.."he trailed again but Jenna cut in.

"We don't have much time, George." Jenna said.

"Anne...." he trailed again, "baby, I'm.sorry." he started.

I let out a sob, "You're just sorry you got caught George." I shot back as I stared back at the man I thought I knew, the man I so wrongly believed to be good.

He made a move closer to me,

"Anne, I love you, whatever happened was a huge mistake." He said his voice cracking as he called my name, he took another step towards me, and tears began falling down my eyes blurring my vision, running down my pale cheeks without my permission, but still I was unable to look away from the man I thought loved me, I still loved him.

"How could you?" found myself screaming out.

Jenna rolled her eyes and walked over to me, "enough, with this bulshit." she pointed a gun to my head, More tears began rolled down my cheeks, how could I have been so stupid?

In an instant I heard the safety lock going on making me gasp in fear,

"Time up!

"Jenna, stop."George became alert.

"No, I will not stop." she gritted in annoyance,"you never cared about me, it was always her, Anne wants that and Anne wants this. Anne, Anne, Anne, what about me and what I want or how I feel." she snarled in pain.

"I'm sorry, I made you feel that way Jenna, it's all my fault." he said calmly, "Just let Anne go, so we can sit and talk about this."

Her eyes turned soft, "don't you see George, it's all her fault, if not for her and that baby, we would have been happily together in Miami or somewhere else."

"Just let her go." George growled with a lot of fear in his voice.

There were a lot of commotions going on in the room, but I couldn't scream or move, "I'm guessing, you made your choice then." Was the last thing I heard before a loud bang was heard.

My eyes widened when pain erupted through my ribs, "No..." I heard George scream, making his way towards me, he held me before I could land on the floor, "Anne, stay with me baby." he cried out as he held tightly to my body, "stay with me, please." Suddenly, I felt numb and my eyes began to close and fell completely into darkness.

Sometime later, I slowly opened my eyes and realized I was on the floor. Instantly, I felt an enormous amount of pain from my ribs,

My mind slowly drifted to what had happened....

With my vision still a bit blurry I lifted my eyes and saw George lying on the floor lifelessly as blood gushed out of his rib.


I gasped and crawled my way to him and fumbled his body to find the wound,

"Oh, no!" I panicked as I saw the wound directly in the middle of his chest.


"Shhh...just stay still." I used the end of my dress to cover his gushing abdomen and failed miserably as the blood continued to seep through his shirt, my dress and unto the ground forming a pool around us.

I stretched my shivering and bloody hand to the side table and grabbed the phone.

Immediately dialing David, but it went to voicemail,

"Hold on, George."

I held tightly to him and dialed the one person I never thought I would call again.


I called his number and in a second ring he answered,

"Bate." I cried out, "I n..need you, George sh b..blood." I mumbled as I stared down at George's almost lifeless form.

He hung up.

"Alison is--"

"Shhh...just stay still." I said, smoothing his messy hair from his forehead, "hold on, just a little longer." I wailed.

In a few minutes, the door banged open and an aspirated Bate walked into the room, "Anne.." he called breathlessly as he made it towards me, his eyes went down to George's,

"What happened?"

"Please help..he's going to die." I cried. I could feel him beginning to take his last breath, "help him, Bate." I cried and screamed as I held tightly to him, "please, don't leave me!!."

"Anne.." He was in pain, "I love you so much, I'm sorry."

I shushed him,

"I forgive you, just don't leave me. I can't live without you, George. Please don't leave me." I pleaded with him.

He reached and wiped the tears off my eyes,

"Beautiful." He whispered with a smile as his eyes slowly began to close,

"Please, don't leave me." I panicked, his body began to get cold and unfeeling in my arms,

"Take care of her." He breathed lastly and his eyes completely closed,

"George!" I screamed, pumping his chest.

"George, please no!!" I moved my trembling fingers to the small area underneath his neck to feel his pulse.


He was gone! He left me! He left me!

Bate immediately fell on his knees in front of me and wrapped his strong arms around me protectively,

"It's okay," he whispered,

"H..e left me.." I cried uncontrollably in Bate's arms. How was I supposed to leave the rest of my life without him?


When I opened my eyes, I was greeted by David's deep blue ones, "You're awake?" he whispered, running his thumb on my cheeks.


He nodded and immediately went to get it for me, he returned some seconds later and handed me a glass of water.

I drank it all instantly, I was so thirsty.

David took the glass away from me and placed it on the side table, "What would you like to eat?" He asked.

I shook my head, "I'm not in the mood for anything." I told him, I felt weird inside, the mere mention of food made me feel like throwing up all of a sudden.

"The doctor said you lost a lot of energy, so you have to eat." He insisted.

"I really don't feel like eating, I actually feel like throwing up, I feel really weird." I grumbled and he snickered at me, "What's funny?"I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Alison.. I don't know how say this."

"Say what?"

"The doctor confirmed you're pregnant."

My eyes gaped one, "Wait, what?" I gasped as it slowly registered in.

pregnant!!!! pregnant!!!!

"Ali." I slowly turned my eyes to him,"Say something." He became worried.

"How?" I let out and realized how stupid that was, "I mean when? We've barely had sex--" I rambled on and on, and then stopped to looked at David, that's when hit it me hard, "We are having a baby."

"My baby is having a baby." He said and laughed, there was a sparkle in his eyes that I had never seen before, "This is the most amazing news ever."

I couldn't contain the joy I felt, so I deepened my head in his chest, whimpering.

"You're going to be an amazing mother, Ali." He soothed me and I lifted my teary eyes from his chest to look at him,

"You don't want this?"

He pulled away leisurely to look at me,

"Are you insane!! This is the best news. Ali, and I want nothing more than to start a family with you. To spend the rest of my life with the one woman that takes my breath away every single time..."

I let out a light laugh,

"That's still me right?"

He chuckled slightly and leaned to kiss my forehead, "Always." he mumbled and pressed his head against mine, "You've made me the happiest man alive, Ali. You have no idea how much."

I laughed and grabbed his face.

I don't know what good thing I did in my previous life to have deserved all this happiness, but all I can say is that I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be loved and cherished by such an amazing man, and for all the wrong my father did, I was grateful for this one.



Everything was finally back to normal. David and I returned to Sydney the day after, and sadly I had to prepare myself to return to L.A, I had a lot of catching up to do, from projects to seminars.

David left for a business trip, he said, he would be back the next day, so I was by myself, I missed him so much, I could barely survive a day without him.

I walked over to David's closet and I picked up my phone from his traveling suitcase, instantly gasping at the numerous missed calls and texts I received, most of them are from Dylan.

Poor Dylan, he must be worried out of his mind, I should call him, I thought as I called his number.

I frowned as it went straight to voicemail,

"He's probably busy." I decided to call him back later,

I placed the phone away and went to get a glass of water, but just as I made it through the bedroom door, I heard a loud bang coming from downstairs and I frizzed.

My mind wentbblank as I realized they were people in the house,bfor a split second I prayed it was David coming back earlier than promised. However, the smart side of my brain alerted and reminded me of everything that had happened,

Grabbing the door handle, I twisted it and pulled the door open gently. I swallowed thickly as I made my way down the hallway, trying my best to make as little noise as possible, not alert whoever the intruder was.

'Please, let it be David.' I prayed with my eyes closed as I pushed open the kitchen door.


A familiar voice called and I flickered my eyes open immediately.

"Oh, thank God!" I gave a sign of relief when I realized the intruder was just David,

"Are you okay?" He asked motioning towards me.

I nodded, holding onto my chest.

"I thought an intruder got into the house."I explained.

He chuckled,

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." He came and kissed me.

I pulled away to notice Bate leaning on the wall and staring warmly at me, "what's going on?" I asked returning my gaze to David, he just smiled and glanced at something behind me.

"What?" I turned to see what it was, when I noticed a lady in a blue dress standing behind me, her eyes water with tears.

"Alison..." She called out breathlessly.

I returned my eyes to David confused,

"What's going on? Who is she?" I asked again.

He smiled and motioned her forward,

"Alison, meet Anne stone."

'Anne stone.'

"Wait.." I remembered where I had seen that face, She looked exactly like the pictures of my mother David had hanging on the wall.

I froze.

No, it couldn't be.

I stared at her again,

My eyes widened and my jaw clenched.

"Mom?" I questioned in shock.

"Alison," More tears fell out of her eyes, "You've grown so beautifully.."

"My mother is alive!" I exclaimed and looked towards Bate, then David, his eyes had a hint of worry in them as they stared back at me, "You knew about this!?"

"I just found out.." He said, David was secretive, but not this secretive.

"Alison dear.." She moved closer and stepped back. It almost felt like I saw a ghost, "Please, I just want to hold you, I have missed you so much."

"I don't know who you are, but whoever you are you need to get away from me.." I was overpowered by a feeling of anger and betrayal. What sort of mother abandons her child and pretends to be dead for eighteen years, then all of sudden appears out of nowhere with smiles and tears.

"Alison, please let me explain." She pleaded with tears in her eyes. She took another step forward and I move back bumping unto David's chest, "Stay away from me Lady." I growled, "David get this woman out of here!"

"Alison, listen to her."

I threw him a glare and he immediately understood, deciding not to stand and look at her dreadful face anymore, I stormed out of the kitchen.

I stepped into the bedroom and locked the door behind me, immediately sailing on the bed and tucking my knees into my chest, wiping.

"Babe!" David whispered from the other side of the door.

"Just leave me alone." I yelled back. He immediately understood because I heard footsteps turning away from the door.

Some part of me wanted to go out and hug her, forgetting everything else, but the other part, which was the stronger side just felt betrayed. How could she have been alive for all these years? What was her reason?

These were the random thoughts going through my head as I remained locked the in room, but suddenly the sound of the keys on the door snapped me out of it.

I turned my eyes to it as David slowly walked in.

"Hey..." He motioned towards me, "I'm sorry I took you by surprise." He sat beside me, staring warmly, "If I knew you would get upset I wouldn't have suggested it."

I shook my head,

"It's not your fault."

I wiped my tears, deciding not to ponder on it anymore, I needed a distraction so I straddled unto his lap and started kissing him.

As expected he didn't kiss me back,

I divert my attention to his face in annoyance, "What's wrong babe? Kiss me.." I tried to kiss him again and still nothing.

I pulled away frustrated.

"Inasmuch as I want nothing more than to kiss you right now, you're not in your right state of mind, we should sit and talk about this."

Feeling a little rejected I got away from him,

"I'm fine.." I lied, jumping out of bed, "I need some air." I grabbed a jacket and walked out of the room to take a long walk. Hoping to get my mind settled for a while.


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