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I woke up one Sunday morning to soft sheets and the morning light oozing through the blinds. Yawning. I turned my eyes over to David to find him wide awake.

I smiled tugging myself closer to his warm chest, "That was the best sleep I've had in years,"

He smiled and snarled his arms around me, pulling me closer to him, "You smell so heavenly in the morning." he moaned to my ear, and I threw him a look,

"Oh no, you ain't fooling anyone."

He laughed shortly, trailing soft kisses against my neck, but just then Sophia voice begin yell from the other room,

I groaned,

"I swear, she picks the best moments." I pulled away to slip out of the bed, when David's arms tugged me back.

"I got it, get ready to get together." David said, instantly reminding of the get together we planned with everyone, "You remembered, right?"

"Yeah," I said dryly.

I totally forgot.

He chuckled and went to check on Sophia.

I sunk deeper in the covers and tried to fall back to sleep,

Ugh, I frowned as the mission was proving impossible, I couldn't sleep.

I got out of bed and went into the shower to freshen up for the day before leaving to check on them, I walked into Sophia's room.

"David?" I called as I noticed the room was empty.

"Kitchen," David yelled to me from downstairs. I tugged my arms around my body as I made my way downstairs to the kitchen.

"Eat up, princess."

I leaned against the doorway with a smile on my face as I watched David fix breakfast and at the same time feed Sophia, he looked miserable,

I pulled out my phone and took a cute photo of them,

"Mommy!" Sophia exclaimed as I stepped further into the kitchen.

"Morning baby." I blew her a kiss. She chortled and caught the invisible kiss on the air and placed it against her heart smiling,

I smiled back at her and made my way over to David, who looked really miserable,

"Babe, I got this."I said, taking the spatula off his hand.

"Are you sure?" he questioned.

The last time I was in the kitchen I almost burned down the whole house, so you could imagine how troubled he looked, but the jokes on him, because I just had cooking classes.

I couldn't wait to see his face when he eats what I make.

"Yes, go on, take a shower or better still lay down, I have got this all covered." I lean and kiss him, "You have nothing to worry about."

He pulled away, murmuring something under his breath as he left.

"Mommy, I'm full." Sophia whined,

"Alright, let's clean you up."

I reached over to her and began tidying the mess she made on the table,

Can I have ice cream and cookies now?" She asked.

"No sweets after breakfast, that's the rule."

She frowned, "But daddy lets me have them all the time?"

I clutched my hands to my waist, "Well, that's why I am mommy, not daddy." I told her.

She spouts and gave me the puppy look, the same ones she gave David any time she wanted something out of him, and trust David to fall for it every single time.

"Not working, Sophia. Go up to your room and finish your homework."

She sighed,

"Okay, mommy." She let out, making me almost wanting to give in, but one of us had to be the stronger parent or she would turn out like some rich spoiled kid.

With that thought I started the task.

Moments later, I wiped my forehead with the back of my hand, it felt like I had been in the kitchen forever. Anyway, the table was set and the food was nearly finished,

I just had to add the remaining sauce to the boiling pasta. I was about to sit and rest a little when I heard the front door open indicating they are here.


I stood up and began cleaning up all the mess I made,

"Alison?" Mon called as she made it towards the kitchen.

I quickly looked up from what I was doing and grinned at her, "Hey, mom." I wiped my hands and moved towards, pulling her into a hug,"thanks for coming."I said over her shoulder.

"Oh! Anytime baby." she pulled away and her eyes wandered around the kitchen, " you cooked?" she asked with a hint of surprise in her voice.

"yes, mom I cooked." I rolled my eyes.

"Do you need any help?"

"I have it all under control..."

"Um, something smells nice...oh! Hey sis?" James walked in and pulled me into a hug.

I hugged him back, "I missed you guys so much."

"Uncle James." Sophia squeals from top the stairs, running towards us. James lets go of me and hurled her into his arms,

"Aww! My little pumpkin is grown up."

I had been looking forward to seeing Dylan and Tessa today, but they had already called earlier to cancel.

I moved over to my mom, "Where's Bate?" I asked, who would have thought Bate would turn out to be my stepfather,


"Probably in the living room with David, you know those two and politics." she said and I rolled my eyes understanding.

"Dinner is ready," I announced and everyone began venturing into the dining room, mother helped me dish out the food.

After we were done serving the food to everyone we took our various seats, I sat beside David at the head of the table.

Everyone started eating and got nervous. What if they don't like it? Damn it Alison, you could have just assisted David in the cooking but no, you had to do it yourself and ruin everyone's taste buds forever, I scolded myself,

I looked up from my plate and met David's gaze,

"You okay babe?" He asked with a raised brow.

"Yes." I mumbled smiling, "Do you like the food?" I asked him.

He leaned closer and placed his arms around me, resting at the top of the chair, "It's perfect." I could feel him smiling, it was a good sign, "Those cooking classes paid off after all." he added and I snapped.

"You knew!?"

"I figured, when I saw the pamphlets hidden in the top drawer." He said and I gasped. I did all this to surprise him and knew all along.

He was unbelievable and always one step ahead, it sucked.

He leaned to my ear, whispering. "I can't wait to see what you have planned for desert." I could sense him smirking at the end of that sentence,

"Figure it out, Sherlock." I retorted.

He laughed shortly and kissed me again before turning back to his conversation with Bate. I looked around the table smiling, James his whispering something into Sophia's ear having her giggling,

Mom was watching them with a smile on her face, David and Bate, as usual, were discussing politics.

Everyone was basically happy chanting and joking around, after everything we've been through, I was glad that in the end it only made us stronger.


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