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Chapter 5


David Hertz

I was in the middle of a crucial business meeting with some new and old investors from South Korea, When Jason the bodyguard I hired for Ali, Called in to inform me about her little stunt with a boy in her class.

"Get her home, I'm on my way," I said and hung up, that girl.

"Any problem." Someone asked.

One of the men asked and I turned my eyes back to them once again. "We have to adjourn this meeting.."

"Is there a problem?" One of them asked.

"An emergency actually, we will conclude in the morning." I said and everyone agreed. I thanked them, before leaving,

"Sir," Sonia, my secretary ran after me as I exited the building, "The proposals haven't been signed yet."

"I'll sign them in the morning." I tell her.

"But, sir-" I looked at her and she understood not to bring it up again, "It's fine, sir."

I nodded and walked out of the building.

I got into the car and immediately got another call. I clicked answer and waited for the person on the line to speak first, I already who it was.

"David, it's me."

"I know, is there a problem?"

"It's time and he also asks you bring Alison just this once?"

"You know that's not possible.." I said.

"Fine then, just be here on time.."

I hung up and let out a sigh, "Change of plans, we are going to the hospital," I told the driver and he nodded understanding.



After school, I was escorted home without a word about of the incident. I already knew I was in deep trouble, I had to kiss my skating dreams goodbye.

I got down from the car and immediately caught sight of Henna as I hurried inside. She was standing at the end of the stairs as if waiting for me. "David asked you to see him right away." She informed me.

"Do you know why?" Did I even have to ask?

"No." she answered and climbed upstairs. I knew I was in deep trouble. I made my way down to his office gradually, taking the time to appreciate the little self-freedom I had left, seeing I would soon be grounded for life.

I got to his office door and, note I usually just barge in to piss him off, but not today, I actually knocked.

No response

So, I knocked again.

"Enter." I heard him whisper from the inside.

I turned the doorknob and slowly walked in,

I stepped into the room and immediately caught sight of him, he was leaned against the stand, his shirt white completely unbuttoned and a glass of scotch in his hands.

This can't be good.

Was my first thought.

Let's not forget the scowl on his face,

I cleared my throat,

"Let's just skip the part, where you yell at me for breaking the rules and we just argue how long." I started with a wide shaky grin on my face, "Okay, so...How much trouble am I?"

He poured himself another glass, ignoring me.

"A week?"


"Okay, a month?"

"6 months..." I cringed.

He groaned at the last part, dropping his glass, "What are you on about, Alison?" He asked, lifting his stern gaze to me.

"My punishment." Quit pushing it Ali, Does it mean Jason didn't call him? "Wait, if I'm not being punished then, why did you call for me?"

"Forget it, return to your room." He took another sip off his drink, that's when I took a closer look at him. His eyes looked stormy and troubled, like he's been mourning.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"Yeah." he said, walking to pour himself another drink.

That's when I had it, "Okay, that's enough...." I reach and took the bottle away, "You can't drown all your problems in alcohol." I scolded him, "This was not what I meant when I insisted you took a break from work, I meant vacation in Paris, the Bahamas--"

"What do you think you are doing?"

"Saving you from this obvious poison." I dropped everything far away and moved closer to him, for one who's been drowning himself in bottles and bottles of alcohol he looked completely in control, he wasn't fazed one bit,

"What's it you want?" He asked,

What I want? Now that's an endless list. I wanted to tell him I wanted to skate, but instead, this came out of my lips. "Look, I know we don't exactly get along most of the time... I mean every time..." I paused for a bit, "I guess it's because you and I are on opposite ends in life." That didn't even make sense, "but there's no denying that we are sort of like family and families I hear stick together all, so can we at least just try to get along." I didn't know where that came from, but it seemed to have worked because he relaxed a little,

"Ali.. We not family." He corrected me.

"Friends then." I said, he didn't answer, I didn't expect him to.

"Mr. Hertz." I reached and held his hand, which were really soft by the way, like a baby's butt and pulled him towards the middle couch,

"Sit." He was hesitant but sat anyway, "Let's have a talk first, like how was your day? Did anything exciting happen today?" I was trying to create a friendly atmosphere between us, "I for example had lots of fun today--" I start to tell him my day, skipping a few parts.

"What are we like mates now?"

"Wait, a joke from Mr. Hertz himself, now that's hard to come by around here. The media are going to chew this up, Headlines...The veteran Grand mogul David Hertz has a soft spot after all...." He snickered, causing me to laugh even harder. This was probably the first time I have seen him let his guard down a little,

Before now, I had never seen him smile or laugh, it was satisfying. "You should smile more often, it suits you." Wait, was it just me or did that just sound like I was flirting with him.


Luckily he didn't notice, "I'm glad to see you all grown up. Your parents would have been very proud." For the first time in like forever, he gave me an actual compliment instead of the typical complaints and that felt really nice.

"Thanks," I mumbled.

There was an awkward silence between us after talking for a while, we just ran out of things to say, it was a freaking miracle we lasted this long without getting on each other's throat,

I had wanted to tell him about the skating contest, but something else escaped my lips.

"You looked sad earlier, did something happen?"

You could say I was worried, "I lost a friend today." He answered to my surprise.

"That's sad, I'm sorry.." I mumbled, not exactly sure what else to say.

"You should go?" He waved, getting up to change. I guess the break was over.

"Yeah, I have homework anyway." I said dryly and stood up to leave.

"And, Alison?" He called as I made it to the door, I stopped waiting to hear him speak. "No more running off on Jason....."

Of course, he knew.

"Sorry about that..." I said shyly and left.

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