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Chapter 6



I was in my room whistling and doing my nails, when Henna appeared, "You have a visitor?" My eyes snapped to her, I never had any visitors come by, so it was a surprise, "Come downstairs." She said and left.

I quickly went downstairs and rushed down to the living room, at first I spotted no one and then,

"Olivia?" I exclaimed in disbelief.

"Alison.." She grinned,

We ran and hugged each other, screaming and jumping while at it. Olivia was the gardener's daughter, she and I used to be best friends, that was until they had to move away to another city, I remember being so lonely after she left.

I broke away to look at her, "I can't believe you are here?"

"Believe it, I even flew first class to get here--" I dragged her abruptly to the chair, where we began to chat about old times. A lot had happened.

"I still can't believe you are really here, it's been so long, five-six years since I last saw you."

"Mr. Hertz, flew me here. He mentioned you needed a friend."

"Wait, Mr. Hertz called you here?" I was surprised and shocked, but yet again he did know how close Olivia and I were growing up. Henna stopped by and dropped some snacks before smiling and leaving,

"I thought he informed you about it." She reached to grab a cookie.

"He didn't mention it." I answered.

"But, I swear he's got even hotter." Olivia has always had a thing for Mr. Hertz, just a crush.

"You still haven't gotten over him, huh?" I teased her.

"My dear, No one can get over that smitten image." She said and I laughed shortly, looking out the window to see Mr. Hertz having a meeting at the yard. People always mentioned how really attractive he was.... I never really paid attention to it.

To me, he was just simply boring and grumpy. Okay, I admit, I might have noticed he's a little attractive, I mean distractingly attractive--

"You're so damn lucky, you get to see that gorgeous sight every morning." Olivia waved in and my averted gaze from him and cleared my throat, "I wish he was my Guardian." Mischief laced her lips.

I suddenly felt uncomfortable, "Enough of Mr. Hertz, how's T?" Terry is Olivia's older brother who's in college now, I had a huge crush on him and Olivia used to tease me about it.

She turned her gaze from him to me.

"He's still in college, we don't roll like that anymore, I really don't know what goes on with him," she made a sad face.

"I guess that's what happens when you go off college." I added.

"I guess," She said and bumped my shoulder playfully, "I can't believe you still have a thing for him, it's been like forever."

"I don't." I said shyly.

"Right..." She rolled her eyes with a laugh.

"I'm guessing you and Marcus are still hitting off good," I try to change the topic from me.

"What, Hell no!" She shrieked, "We broke up like decades ago."

"Aww! that's sad, he was always really nice and he cared about you a lot."

"He was way too clingy and you know how I hate clingy boys," she shivered at the thought and soon the conversation escalated, enjoying the delicious snacks while at it.

"Well, at least you had someone." I said and she looked at me.

" don't?" she asked, looking stunned.

I shook my head,

"No one?!..." she said, raising an eyebrow.

"It's not really my priority right now." I said.

"What is then?... Graduating and getting a job!" she furrowed her brow in confusion.

"I mean, yes... Isn't that what's most important?"

"Girl! may I remind live with a freaking billionaire.., money is never going be your problem, ever..."

"I can't always depend on Mr. Hertz, besides

I'm just not ready for the other thing yet."

She paused like she was thinking, "What another thing?" she asked finally.

"You know..." I slurred.

"Wait! mean sex?" she yelled.

"Shhhh..." I shushed her looking out of the window, "Lower your voice someone can hear you and....yes that.."

"Wait! You haven't had sex..." She exclaimed, a bigger shocker on her face. My cheeks turned tomato red, that was the thing about Olivia, she always had a way of making me feel really insecure about myself, but somehow I still couldn't help but talk to her about certain things,

I guess it was because she was experienced and popular in certain areas,

"It's not that big of a deal." I said trying to let her know she's exaggerating a lot, "I just haven't found the one that tickles my fancy."

"It's are so beautiful, I would die to have your eyes." She said and we laughed together, "Never mind me, I'm sure one of these days, you are gonna find someone who tickles your fancy.." She said and we laughed again.

"Thanks.." I said and she shrugged, reaching for more snacks.

"So, how long are you staying?" I asked trying to change this awkward conversation.

"Just for tonight. I have to return to the dorm. "Olivia is in a Catholic boarding school."

"That's sad, So when are you stopping by again?" I was a bit disappointed that she was leaving so soon, I had so many plans for us.

"I'm not sure yet, but I'm sure of one thing though, that the next time I show up in Sydney, we are definitely going out for some fun." I smiled and then we talked about other things.

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