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Chapter 7


David Hertz

The moment I opened my eyes, I met Natalia's face,

"Hey, handsome." She beamed.

I let out a grunt looking around, I must have passed out from all the wine.

Then holding onto my throbbing temple, I managed to get out of bed and made my way into the bathroom to freshen up,

"Do you always have to?" Natalia asked, hovering around me.

"What?" I freshened up and got ready to leave.

"I mean you should stay till the weekend."

I sighed, "You know, I can't."

She bit her lips, reaching even closer. "We don't always have to play by the book?" Natalie and I have a contract, a no strings attached alliance,

"David, I know we had an agreement but it wouldn't hurt to mix it up little, plus you look like you need it, we can start with a massage, we could talk--"

"Natalia...." I groaned.

"Can I ask you a question?" She asked anyway. "Is there even a chance for a us? I mean after this is over."

I stopped what I was doing and turned to her, "Natalia, I thought you understood the terms of the contract, you can't be having feelings."

She huffed moving away from me in anger,


"It's fine, David, forget I said anything, a girl can only dream, right?"

"Are you okay?" I got closer. I might not have true feelings for Natalia, but I care about her. She was really helpful to me these past few years and that must mean something.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She cracked a smile, "So, when am I seeing you again? At least give me something to hope on. " She reached and pulled my collar.

"I will call you," I tell her.

She beamed, "Promise?"

I nodded with a sigh,

"Fine, take care of your fine self." She smiled and fixed my shirt collar, before finally letting go, "And, be careful, " She whispered, watching after me...



"Where were you?"

I barged into his room without thinking, to see him standing there, getting himself ready for bed, not to mention he's been away for almost two days.

I was concerned.

He never stayed out for that long, unless on a business trip, which according to his secretary he had none--

Okay... .I sound like a creeper.

"Why are you up so late?" He asked, pulling over a night shirt.

I folded my arms across my chest, "Well, I was waiting for my Guardian to get home."

He raised an eyebrow, probably wondering what I was all about tonight, I was wondering that myself,

"What happened?" he asked suspiciously.

"I lost sleep, that's what happened." I raised my voice, "You could've at least sent a text or called."

He chuckled shortly before his mouth turned into a smirk, "And, what's with the outfit?" He asked, glancing at my running outfit, "Are you going somewhere?"

"I-I needed to clear my head." I rambled.

He ambled closer, like he was about to gobble me. I gulped and trudged backward, only to bump on the damn door.


Not knowing what else to do, I shut my eyes and waited for the worse, when I didn't hear anything for a while.

My eyes fluttered hesitatingly and met with blue ones. How one man could be so stunning and intimidating, all at the same time? baffled me. It should be illegal and unfair to the rest of us with boring eyes,

Those were my inconsequential thoughts.

"Go to your room, Ali." He turned away from me and I scoffed.

"Go to your room! that's all you have to say to me? how about I'm sorry, I have been here, waiting for you for hours, worried out of my mind and that's all you say to me." I raised my voice feeling my annoyance skyrocketing, I couldn't explain why I was overreacting, or why I was angry, I just knew I was tired of him shutting me out, "Why don't you ever say anything else to me, it's always, go to your room, Ali. You know the rules, Ali. You can't do that, Ali, for once I would like to hear something else, hello for example, or how was your day? How's school?" He was just staring back, not even fazed by my speech, he actually seemed regaled.

"You know what, forget it.." I turned to leave when arms caught me and spun me around abruptly, pulling me in.

"Let me go." I fought to free myself,

"Stop!" he ordered, "What's this really about?"

I stopped fighting and looked down at my hands, "Alison..." I called, staring at me.

"I guess I was afraid." I said and looked up at him, "I know I might not mean much to you since we are not even related, but the truth is that I'm clueless without you, God forbid something happens to him, I wouldn't know what to do or where to go." My voice breaking.

"Why would you even think something like that?"

"You are my Guardian, I-I care about you." I stuttered.

"Ali--" He whispered and I gulped as he covered the space between us, I had never been this close to him,

That's when I realized why he hadn't kicked me out yet, his breath smelled like alcohol, he was probably drunk.

I was still wrapping my head around it when I heard him say two words I never thought would hear him say, not even by mistake.

"I'm sorry."

I remember suggesting it but I didn't think he would actually say it--

Another thing I trying to wrap my head around when he shocked me again, he cupped my face and kissed me,

My eyes went wide, it felt as if I had been struck by lightning. My brain was liting on fire, just trying to assimilate what the hell was going on,

I gave in eventually, my hands slid up to wrap around his hair,

He grunted and slid his hands around my waist, pulling me in and causing the kiss to get even more intense.

He pulled away after a while, letting me catch some much-needed air, whilst holding my gaze.

"Um, uh," I was dumbfounded even to speak, what just happened?

"Godnight, Alison." He said and gestured me out of his room like nothing happened, like he didn't just kiss me a few seconds ago.

I stood at the hall, frozen to move. What the hell just happened? Please, tell me I didn't just make out with my guardian?

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