Brute of a Joke

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Where did you come from is it the right world you live in she said maliciously to myself this soul who happened to have wandered in from something els Where did I wander from and was it the right world that I belong in and what had happened to this thing which and where everyone belongs in the same world with the same rights and the same thinking and what does it matter when the abuse is one of systematic abusive callow behaviour gone mad with the conceits of privileges and the disaster which it meant to our heroine when privilege goes to the aristocratic head then their heads do get chopped off that is it? No it does not they live in eternal bliss and take rewards and are rewarded for their bad behaviour because their conceits are so good. So witty so nice to be nasty and naughty. Well it is our witticism that makes us so amusing. Well we can't live without humour and humane interest can we there has to be happiness and laughter in our lives too we work so hard and we work all the hours and we have to have our little pleasures and enjoyments?

Drama / Humor
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Chapter 1

It is nothing to do with us that you have everything and forever and we have nothing she said to me for they are rich and I am poor and that means I have forever and they are unique and me what I am?

“You are forever we are just passing through so get a life a wife or something.” She told me she tells me constantly in her many guises and he develops a fascination for her words and they make out all the time. The cost is they make out and it is right because they are married. The marriage rites had been gone through and I am in their way. I go to the day centre they come appealing to me to go back to some other place as I am in their way. I go to class they come to glare what are you doing here? I go to the surgery she comes as the doctrine of respectability. I go to the scholarship event and he is the head show and then when I go to somewhere else they are always there in each others arms trying to make me stop to make me stop doing what? They must not appear to be too dependent on me. On me what I am to these fiends is it a joke? What is the joke what are these people doing or trying to do to me?

“We need you nerd.”

“Need me how?”

“We just need you.”

“What for?”

That she is not even embarrassed she is not even trying to hide it her lips are trying to touch mine. I am not eventually going to see it. He is not seeing it. His wife wants me what for?

“Is she not getting enough with you?” I try to ask his behind but he does not reply he is sad for some reason he does not feel anything anymore to love someone as he has done and for that woman to turn out to be so involve with the thinking of what it is nothing right about this there is nothing right. I asked for this he asks? What reasonable cause did we give you?

“You stopped me working.”

“Working you were hopeless at work.”

“You stopped me having a flat because I thought you would both move in.”

“You stopped me from doing all the things I want to do.”

“Like what?”

“I can’t go out without your wife coming and trying to hurt me now.”

“Her females and herself and the men they sleep with come trying to poke round me on buses and then they stoop to the level of hooligans.”

“No use behaving in such an unseemly manner I think but they do. It seems I am the new fox which they enjoy hunting.”


“She said I used her trust.”

“Well did you?”


“What else?”

“She said I made her a outcry.”

“Well haven’t you.”

“Then why the fascination with her?”

“You will not understand.”

“No I do not.”

“She is a disgrace to womanhood and to your selfhood and what do you do you give her money to work for you.”

“Because she works hard and does the job right and on time.”

“Yes so what?”

“She is reliable and efficient and gets along with people.”

“She is a wife too?”

“She behaves properly at all times does not shout and scream.”

“Well qualities we must all have.”

“Well bred and well brought up. Nice and easy to look at made up and ready to go.”

“I am ready now to ask you to go.”

“I will never leave you.”

“This is what it is this is what we made of our lives?”

“Life is not that easy.”

“Life is when I come at you with the hatchet and do it right.”

“Just when you are looking at her image.”

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