Up So Floating

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Chapter 39

Her mother called the next day from Oma’s phone. It was as if speaking to a ghost. What do you say to a person who disappears one day, taking part of you with them? She wondered if that piece in her mother’s possession was still alive, what it looked like. Did it pity its life being separated from itself?

“Has daddy talked to you yet? He wants to talk to you about something,” Aria asked, willing joy to show up.

“We’ll have a lot of time to speak when I come to get you. I need to talk to you about many things,” her mother replied.

Wishboned, Aria wondered which part of her would break first?

The Kensington family buzzed with ideas. Trish focused on how incompetent of a mother she must be to have gone away in the first place. Rudy gathered information about the best schools in New York to send Aria to, Elias and Sasha began

showing up with musical theater and opera camp workshop materials. Heather-Celeste talked to Aria about how much both her parents loved her and that either way she would be loved, and neither family would ever forget her. Kiev seemed to show up more wherever Aria was and stay a little longer.

Eloisa said upon hearing the news, “Stay in the present, don’t go leaning too far into the future child like these adults around you.”

It was almost like a terminal diagnosis. Everyone, even Trish in her own way, seemed to carry a sad heart. Aria torn and confused began to sink.

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