Healing Hands

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Chapter 11 | Hospitals and Handcuffs

The loud thuds of me pounding on Lexi’s front door are most likely heard from a mile away.

“Hang on a dang second!” I hear my best friend yell. “Who is it?” She asks before opening the door.

“Lexi…” I barely say, but I know she heard me, or at least felt my presence from behind the door.

She yanks the front door open, and when she sees me, she instantly knows.

“That bastard.” She growls.

Tears are falling from my eyes as I try to pull the hair tie from my tangled hair. I wince in pain and Lexi is quick to step behind me to help. Once she gets the tie free from my tangled mess, she hands it to me.

I try to brush my hair with my fingers, but it’s no use. Not caring, I ball all of my hair up and throw it on top of my head in a very messy bun.

I try to wipe at my wet eyes, but that’s no use either. Tears manage to keep falling as I lean against the side of the porch. I can’t even sit down. My body is aching.

“Dallas, please tell me what happened.” Lexi says after a few moments of silence.

“What do you think happened? He used me like an old, ratty t-shirt. He chewed me up and spit me out, with not one single care in the world for my well-being. Maybe I deserved this.” I shrug. “Maybe I shouldn’t have left the house at all.”

“What the fuck is the matter with you? How can you even say that?” Lexi gasps while taking a step closer to me.

I shrug again, not daring to meet her challenging eyes as I focus on my feet.

I feel completely numb all over, but I can still feel the pulsating pain running through my body.

I finally look up to my best friend as her lips turn downward into a deep frown. That alone causes the dam to break yet again, as more tears manage to escape my lost eyes.

“I-I don’t know what to do Lex…” I trail off while sobbing.

“I’ll tell you what we’re going to do, we’re going to get into my car, and we’re going to drive to the hospital.” She instructs. “Let me go grab my keys.”

I watch as she disappears behind the door, only to return a few moments later with her bag and car keys.

“What about Jayce?” I ask.

“My parents are home. I didn’t really have to watch Jayce. I lied, remember?” She says with a small smile.

I nod as she guides me to her car. She pulls open the passenger side door, and helps me sit down. I wince as I feel pain shoot up my legs and my sides. I watch as Lexi grimaces while watching me in pain.

Once I’m situated in the seat, she dashes over to the driver’s side and gets inside the car. She wastes no time in starting the car and speeding out of the driveway and down the road toward the hospital.

It takes us about fifteen minutes to get there, and while she’s helping me out of her car, my phone begins to ring. Lexi grabs it from my pocket to see Liam’s number on the screen.

“We have to tell them this time Dallas; we can’t keep this a secret anymore.” Lexi instructs, and with what little energy I have left, I decide not to fight her and I nod.

Once I’m out of the car and can walk on my own, Lexi calls Liam back since she missed the first call while helping me. She places the call on speaker so we both can hear.

“Dallas? Where the heck did you go? Jeremy said you ran out while he was in the bathroom.” Liam says, and I want to laugh at Jeremy’s horribly made-up story.

“That’s not what happened Liam.” Lexi says. Apparently, I lost the ability to speak.

“Lexi? Why are you with Dallas? I thought you were home babysitting Jayce? What’s going on?”

Liam’s game of a million questions, isn’t helping the pain still coursing through my weak body.

“LIAM!” Lexi suddenly yells, and I jump at her loud voice. She gives me an apologetic look before continuing.

“Something happened to Dallas okay? Something bad. You and Ethan need to come to the hospital right now, we will explain more when you get here. DO NOT BRING JEREMY!” Lexi says and then ends the call before Liam can protest and ask more questions.

“Come on hun, let’s get you inside.” Lexi says gently while leading me up the walkway toward the entrance of the emergency room.

Once we’re inside, the nurse at the desk looks up and her eyes widen.

I must look like complete arse.

“Oh my, what happened sweetie?” She asks while looking between Lexi and me.

“This is my best friend, and she’s been raped. We would also like to file a report with the police. We need to get her checked out, as well as use a rape kit to collect the specimens needed to confirm the DNA, even though we know exactly who did it.” Lexi explains as the nurses eyes widen.

I can’t even believe that those words just came out of Lexi’s mouth. She sounded so sure, so professional.

“Good lord… please, come with me girls.” The nurse says, pure concern written on her features.

The kind nurse checks me in, using the information Lexi gives her on my behalf. I still can’t speak, believe me, I’ve tried. Lexi answers every question as if she’s inside of my head, speaking the words that I can’t seem to get out.

Once I’m taken to my room, Lexi is quick to help me change into a hospital gown. I watch her eyes darken at the many bruises that line my side and stomach. I wince as she barely grazes my skin with her fingers.

“I’m literally going to murder him.” She says under her breath.

I look at her and shake my head. She nods, understanding.

Once I’m as comfortable as I can be, Lexi sits beside me in a chair while we wait for whoever to come and look at me.

“Liam and Ethan should be here any-“, but Lexi is cut off when we hear Liam shouting at the nurse outside of my room.

“I’m her brother, her twin okay? Let me in or so help me…” He trails off as Lexi shoots up to open my room door.

“Let him in!” Lexi shouts, and I watch as Liam’s head snaps to hers, and then to me from just outside the door. He slowly walks in, and takes in my appearance.

“Dallas… what happened to you?” He asks with a frown.

My eyes immediately fill up with fresh tears, as I shake my head frantically and look away from him.

“Dallas…” His voice breaks upon seeing me in the state that I am currently in.

I continue to sob as Lexi walks over. She whispers something into my ear.

“Want me to tell him?”

I nod and she nods in response, before turning and looking up at a very distraught Liam.

“I think Ethan should be here when I tell you.” Lexi says.

Liam furrows his brows, but walks back outside to get Ethan. I think the nurse knew not to give Liam any trouble this time.

A few seconds later, both Ethan and Liam are standing in my hospital room with Lexi. They shut the door, so it’s just the four of us.

“Dallas, shit, what happened?” Ethan is quick to rush over to me. I wince as he tries hugging me, and Liam’s eyes widen.

“Both of you need to sit down.” Lexi begins. “This isn’t going to be easy to explain, let alone to hear.”

“What the fuck is going on?” Liam demands.

I give my brother a look, and he instantly calms down.

Both Liam and Ethan walk over to the extra chairs on the other side of the small room and sit down.

“While both of you left to go to the grocery store, something happened between Dallas and Jeremy.” Lexi begins to explain, though the confused looks on both Ethan and Liam’s face told me that they weren’t following.

“Jeremy… he-he forced himself onto Dallas.” Lexi blurts out.

“What? No fucking way. That’s ridiculous!” Ethan is quick to disagree. “Come on, this is Jeremy we’re talking about.”

“Why the fuck would we make this up Ethan?” Lexi is fast to defend me.

I take this opportunity to look at my brother. His face is hardened, his jaw tight. If only I knew what was going through his head right now.

“I don’t know! There’s got to be some kind of explanation!” Ethan shouts.

“Listen to me you ass! Your picture-perfect brother,” Lexi sneers sarcastically, “raped her!”

Ethan’s eyes widen to the size of the moon as he slowly shakes his head.

Liam’s eyes snap to mine, and he watches as more tears fall down my red cheeks. Neither of us say a word as I slowly nod in confirmation.

I watch as Liam takes a few deep breaths, before standing up straight. He walks over to me, and sits down directly beside me.

“I want you to tell me exactly what happened. Now.” He demands coldly. I cast a glance to Ethan who looks so sad and lost while staring at his feet, wishing I could reach out to comfort him.

Lexi feels my gaze, so she sits beside Ethan and wraps an arm loosely around his shoulders for some kind of support.

I swallow slowly before willing myself to speak.

“He-he asked me to help him cut some food for dinner.” I slowly shake my head in hurt as I remember. “He started making comments, saying that I smelled good.” I explain as Liam’s eyes falter. I watch him wince as I continue to explain what happened.

“I told him to stop, but he-he forced his tongue into my mouth and kissed me. He only stopped to text you and tell you to pick up more useless things he needed from the store, to get more time with me.”

I watch as Ethan’s sad face, turns into one of complete rage and disgust while he listens to me speak about his older brother.

“After that…” I trail off while looking down at my lap. “He forced me into the living room and pushed me down onto the couch. You can pretty much figure out what happened next.” I say as I play with the tips of my fingers.

“Anything else I should know?” Liam manages to say, his voice softer now.

I slowly lift my gown up to reveal only my beaten and bruised stomach, and that’s when Liam loses it.

His eyes well up with tears as he looks at me. Broken me.

“God fucking dammit!” He suddenly yells as tears fall down his face. “Has anything like this happened before?”

I’m quick to look away again, as I hear Lexi answer for me. “Yes. Once before he managed to succeed. This was weeks ago, she just couldn’t find the courage to say anything.”

“So that’s why you haven’t wanted to come over.” Ethan finally says. “And we practically forced you to come tonight… dammit!” Ethan shouts.

“Please stop yelling!” I cry as I pull the hospital blanket up to my chin.

After a few moments of silence, the door to my room opens and a doctor walks in with a nurse not far behind her.

“We’re ready to begin the examination process. We’re going to have to ask the three of you to leave the room.” The doctor says to my brother and two friends.

“I’ll be right out in the waiting area, okay?” Lexi reassures me as I nod.

Before I can look at Liam or Ethan, they’re both sprinting out of the room and down the hall to the exit.

“Lexi follow them! Don’t let them do anything stupid!” I shout as Lexi’s eyes widen. She snatches her bag from the floor and runs after the two boys.

I know exactly where they’re going.

| Liam’s POV |

That filthy piece of shit! I can’t believe Jeremy, of all people, has hurt my sister like this.

“How am I supposed to tell this to my parents?” I hear Ethan say from beside me as I drive down the road like a maniac.

I only have one destination in mind.

“Simple. You tell them that they have a rapist for a son.” I shrug casually as I make a quick turn down the next road.

“That’s not exactly something simple to say.” Ethan sighs.

“Well you are going to tell them right? This is Dallas we’re talking about Ethan, you can’t just let Jeremy get away with this. I’m certainly not going to!” I argue as I turn down another road.

The moon is illuminating the roads as I drive back to our street.

“Of course not!” Ethan glares, though I don’t even bother to see it. I continue to focus on my driving.

“I mean, you of all people should be the most upset about this, other than me.” I begin saying, and I notice his body tense from beside me.

“Oh come on bro, I know you’ve had a thing for my sister ever since we were younger.” I challenge as I finally turn onto our street. I slam on the brakes just beside the curb to Ethan’s house.

We both practically jump out of my jeep, before sprinting to the entrance of the large home. We burst through the door, and see Jeremy casually eating food at the table in the living room as the TV plays.

“Hey guys! The food is in the kitchen! Help yourselves!” He shouts.

This motherfucker is going to die.

I immediately rush into the living room, and just as quick as Jeremy stands up, I throw a punch to his face causing him to stumble back down onto the couch as he holds his face.

“What the fuck Liam?” He shouts while blood begins to pour from his nose.

“Don’t you dare fucking speak to me!” I shout back. “Who the fuck do you think you are to rape my sister?” I continue to throw punches at him, as he holds his hands up in defense.

I subconsciously hear Lexi run through the front door. “Liam, no, stop!”

I ignore her. I ignore everything but the beautiful feel of his face cracking under my knuckles.

Suddenly, a pair of large arms enclose around me, pulling me off Jeremy.

I turn around to see my best friend holding me back from continuing to attack his brother.

“Ethan, let go.” I say in a very threatening, deep voice.

“No Liam.” He argues while continuing to hold me back.

“Why are you protecting this piece of trash?” I yell in his face.

“I’m not protecting him! I’m protecting you!” He shouts back, and this makes me soften just enough to realize that I can’t keep beating him, or I could go to jail myself for assault.

“I’ve already called the police, they’re on their way.” Lexi says, and that’s when I finally realize that she’s been standing here with us the entire time.

I notice Jeremy shoot Lexi an angry glare, and I take a threatening step towards him as he turns back to me.

“Don’t even look at her.” I sneer viciously and he is quick to obey.

“There’s no way in hell you’re getting away with this. I’ll make sure of that.” I say, and Jeremy actually has the balls to smirk.

“We’ll see.”

And that’s all he can say, before I’m lunging at him a third time. Ethan is quick to tighten his grip on me, holding me back from doing any further damage to Jeremy’s smug face.

“There’s a special place in hell for people like you.” Lexi says and Jeremy whips his head to look at her.

“Well, I hope for my sake, that you’re there.” He winks, and that’s when I finally lose it.

I knock Ethan back and as he falls down behind me, I lunge for Jeremy again, this time succeeding.

I throw punch after punch, until his face is covered in blood. I don’t even hear the sirens outside.

After what seems to be hours, but is only a mere two minutes, I’m being dragged away by two large police officers as a third goes to the aid of Jeremy who is lying limp on the couch.

I hear the police officer call in for an ambulance.

“We need to get him to the hospital.” She states as the two other male police officers place me in handcuffs.

“Don’t take him to St. Thomas’s.” I glare.

“Why not?”

“Because that’s where his rape victim is currently being tested for his semen.” I practically spit toward Jeremy.

I watch as each officer’s eyes widen, before they also place Jeremy in handcuffs.

“Who is the victim?” The female officer asks.

“My sister.” My voice breaks as I look down to my feet.

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