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October 2026

My eyes turned glossy at seeing the person in front of me. It was him, he looked different now, a good different, more muscular but not bulky, tanner than the last I saw him, his thick black mane of hair messy as always, his face more mature, the sea green eyes that once sparkled with light and happiness now cold and dark. My heart exploded with happiness at the sight of him. He started to walk towards me, his steps slow and unsure. I did nothing but run towards him and flung myself at him and poured out all the emotions that I have jarred up into the hug.

Till now, I wasn’t sure whether the feelings I had for him was just a mere infatuation or love but now I was sure that I love him like i have never imagined that someone could love someone this much. We pulled back and stared at each other, studying each other. “Rhea”he breathed and that is all it took for him to knock me down, I fell into pits of comfortable darkness.



This is my first time writing a book and English is not my first language so I request you guys to bear with my grammatical errors. I am open for constructive criticism.

Hope you enjoy the book,

until then,


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