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there could be a silver lining for Katlego who witnesses a murder, more so since she's trying to make a name for herself. katlego's life takes a rapid turn of adventure and wealth when she witnesses a murder in her bosses office. she's tired of not being considered but most of all being poor. she only has herself to rely on and maybe in her case that's not a bad thing after all. life has kicked her while she's down and people she thought she could rely on turned out to be disappointment's not even she could begin to comprehend. It may be her against the world but she's gunning for her piece of pie and when you become a stumbling block, she's more than willing to turn you into another step to climb to her victory. she's no longer willing to settle, when she's already settle enough in her love life, career and whatever else one can think of. Selfishness will prevail because she has learned that's the ultimate weapon to every underhanded winner. Especially almost all the man in her- past and present- they pawned everyone and everything of use in an effort to succeed- which they did. so why can't she do the same? after all she can play it better.

Drama / Action
Awesome writer
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chapter one

I was a mess, drowning in debts that weren’t even mine and to top it all off I lost my job a day ago, because I spilled a hot cup of coffee on my bosses girlfriend. The woman had it in for me the moment she laid her eyes on me. The snarky comments directed at me that I always tuned out were starting to sink in.

The small RDP house I was living in, left to me by my uncle was going to collapse on me while in my sleep and that added to my fuelling rage. I worked hard for that assistant position and just because of a minor slip up I lost it like I never even had it. Although I was over qualified for the job it was the only one I could find.

That was why I found myself having snuck into the office that was once mine to search for something that I could use to milk money from my boss with. I searched for a full on three hours and had decided to wait a while longer so I could go into his office and snoop.

He was always the last one to leave which made it a very long waiting game. Now I knew why his girlfriend envied me so much, I spent so much time with him and anyone could get suspicious of infidelity especially if your boyfriend was a rich man who owned one of the biggest logistics company in the country.

Although Mr Vermeulen had pockets spilling with money he wasn’t easy on the eyes, with his ill-fitting suits that were two times bigger than his small frame and a balding head. I had pure respect for the man, no doubt. He knew his business but whenever his eyes set sight on his girlfriend’s thighs the business tycoon disappears and in comes’ a pussy whipped idiot.

My match box of an office was right next to his and when I heard loud cries of begging I immediately became curious. There was a small hole on our common wall, I used to listen in on his conversations in his office.

My eyes or rather eye landed on a man on his knees, all I could see was blood on his face slowly discolouring his white shirt. It was a horrific scene but I couldn’t move. It was as if they had glue and nailed my forehead to the wall.

I never knew that this man played dirty as well. Four men along with Mr Vermuelen stood hovering above him laughing like he was a joke. I wanted to know exactly what they were going to do with him so I summed up my carriage and remained in my uncomfortable position and watched as they punched and kicked him wherever they pleased.

‘’This is what happens to people who betray me Alex,’’ Mr Vermuelen barked at the man as he lay unconscious on the floor, ‘’finish him, I don’t want any mess this time around,’’ he added as he made his way to his office chair. One of the men dressed all in black took out a hand gun and shot him.

The loud heart-piercing noise made me gasp in fear and tears wet my cheeks. ’’I didn’t say finish him here you dense fool and especially not with a gun!” Mr Vermuelen reprimanded the man upset.

The man uttered a quick ‘I’m sorry boss,’ and he took out his phone and tapped on the screen. ‘’the gardener will be here to clean up the mess,’’ he said again as he bent down to lift the dead man’s body and put it in a big orange bin I had not seen prior. It might have been a horrific scene but I had to benefit from it, one way or the other.

‘’and get that bullet out of his head,’’ Mr Vermeulen barked lastly as he removed his suit blazer-that just like the rest of his clothes didn’t fit-from his chair and left. These men were experienced in their field and you could tell, but whenever the boss left, employees use the time to play.

They were going to be a bit tardy and I hadto keep my eyes open.

An hour past and they still remained in their positions waiting for the gardener and my legs were getting numb. The elevator doors dinged open and I went for hiding since my office had no door. I was more than petrified but I had to witness this with my own eyes. Loud footsteps echoed through the empty hall as they made their way to Mr Vermeulen’s office and I made my way to my former station.

The three men immediately stood from their positions as a sign of fear more than respect. The man whom I believed was the gardener observed the scene as he stood in the middle of the room. His back was to me and the only thing I managed to get a peak of was his staggering height and his muscular arms that failed to be hidden by the jacket he wore to accompany his casual look.

‘’put it in my truck,’’ he ordered the men. The orange bin got wheeled out and the gardener was left to do his job. This man should have really been called the cleaner. With him he had brought cleaning supplies and I had watched him mob off the man’s blood like it was just a mere coffee spill. He was very proficient and swift.

I returned to my hiding spot as his footsteps echoed the passage again. Following the car would have been risky so I had made my way to the security camera room. Sello, one of the security guards was in today so I had sweet talked my way into copying the security footage for the past three hours.

Fortunately I had found him catnapping and he knew if I spilled it to the boss he would never set foot in the building again. And adding to the mix the crush he had on me made it easy.

Getting away was a piece of pie.

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