Rosco's Pit Lane

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California is known for aspiring actors, authors and musicians but there is more lurking behind the scenes. The aim of these people's dreams is speed and strategy, well all except one of the best street racing teams in America. They call them 'the Kings of the turf' and they are not out for fame but revenge. Nothing will stand in the way of these 6 terrifyingly talented drivers who some even say are out for blood. However someone does, and it flips everything around. A girl is running away from her wealthy family who are determined to bring her back home. She has no interest in finding fame and lives in the shadows and so when a friend invites her to California she ends up in a different part of town. Her stubborn personality and unexpected skills shock not only her friend but the racing team. Will they both team up to achieve their goals or will she have to run again? Because the trouble is the mysterious girl has a unique past that she wants to escape, but the chase will never end. Secrets will be spilt along with the blood of their enemies but at the end of the race will they be in one piece? Prepare for mystery, drama, some romance and one huge adventure that could end in so many different ways. 'Who is this? Another actor looking for a part time job whilst she hopelessly strolls the street?When are they going to see-' Silence. She heard me and I don't think she's an actor.

Drama / Scifi
Amy Jo
Age Rating:

Crazy Carlos To The Rescue

Coral's POV

'WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!' I wince back from my phone as Jo screams her head off on the other line. My Starbucks is grasped in my other hand and I take generous sips of it as it wakes me up from my lack of sleep. Okay, so I'm late for the airport whilst a group of scary men want to put a bullet in my chest. No big deal. But of course, Jo is sweating like a pig because I am still half an hour from where I should be. If there is one thing you should know about me, its that I am stubborn. Especially when it comes to caffeine and alcohol. However, Jo isn't a close friend of mine but neither is she an acquaintance or stranger. I would say she's an old friend, meaning, she should have known this would happen-meaning it's her fault.


I slurp up the final drops of my coffee and drop the cup in the bin. I sigh dramatically in the speaker whilst Jo continues her lecture bringing up some memories of the past times I have been late.

'Okay, Okay I'm coming now so just give me half an hour'

'But the pilot says-'

'Thanks! You're the best Joanne!'

'My name is-'

I hang up laughing. I only act like that with Jo because she is so easily stressed and annoyed. Some would call it cruel but others, who have friends like these, would be like I would have done the static phone trick! Gets them every time. So yeah, don't judge. I walk to my car-or more like Jo's car since my one got towed-when I spot them. Three men in black suits standing by Jo's old, black ford mustang and watching pedestrians pass by. Shit! I subtly turn around and mumble more curses under my breathe.

Okay, Coral this is what you need to do: Don't look back, wait at a traffic light to subtly check your back, then find a lift. When it comes to these situations I am a pro. I stop at a traffic light, press the button, flick my hair and get a glimpse of the three huge men weaving through the crowd. Deep breathes, now find a lift. A blaring signal grabs my attention and I look up to see a bright green man telling me to cross. I walk with the crowd confidently and normally whilst I scroll through my contacts.

Alice(Someone to talk to)

Ali (Good Indian Food)

Benny(Owns Club)


Beth(Old Boss Number 6)

Cat Lover Carlos(4th oldest)

Crazy Carlos(Youngest)

Ah-ha! Crazy Carlos! I tap his contact and listen to the repetitive ringing whilst I bite my lip nervously. Carlos's family are very close friends of mine, in fact, I see them as brothers. There are 12 of them in total and they are all called Carlos so it's kind of hard to keep track. This is the youngest brother who I call Crazy Carlos because he is...well crazy.

'Hola! Coral what do you need mi amiga?'

'I'm being followed and I was hoping I could get a lift to the airport pronto.'

He chuckles deeply. 'You are always up to something now aren't you mi amiga! I'm coming, send me an address'

'Gracias Carlos, Adios'

I hang up and start sending him the address and which way I'm heading. Now to tell Jo. Hmm, how to tell her...

Hi Jo! Might be a bit late C u soon

Nah...Something maybe more....dramatic and detailed?

Hi, I'm being chased by three big men in London but my crazy maybe drunk or hungover Mexican friend is coming to pick me up on his motorcycle and I left your car so it's going to be towed. C u soon!

That could work...hmm

I look up from my phone when I hear rushing footsteps. I pick up my pace slightly when I hear a woman complain about being pushed, and I clench my fist just in case of an attack. When I come to another traffic light I don't bother waiting but instead, I rush across earning myself some horns from angry drivers. When I reach the other side the huge men have just started crossing and they seem to be getting faster. All I can do is hope Crazy Carlos gets here in crazy good time or this trip to America is off.

Here comes the cliche. Yup, Carlos arrives on his old Harley -which I love so much-with no helmet but instead some cheap black sunglasses. His jet black hair is flowing through the wind and he wears a white tank that shows off his tattoos and muscles along with his worn denim jeans. He doesn't stop but slows down just enough so I can leap on the back and wrap my arms around him.

'Hola amiga!' He shouts over the engine as he speeds away, swerving through the traffic

'Gracias! I owe you big time! What can I get ya?'

Crazy Carlos has done me many favours- since he says yes to any request I have -and each time I give him a gift for my gratefulness. Last time, he asked for a pet monkey which he gave to his cousin in Mexico as a birthday present. The cousin found it a bit odd but excepted it anyway. All the Carlos brothers have a huge heart which is probably why we got on so well.

Carlos changes gear making us speed faster and at this rate, we might make it on time.

'Hmmm, I dunno amiga! Where are you going from the airport?'

'LA, America! My friend Jo has people she knows there! Apparently, they can help!'

He laughs loud tilting his head back slightly, nearly hitting mine, and I can't help but join in. His crazy hysterical laughs are just too contagious.

'I will come with you! I always wanted to be Moviestar!'

Just the thought of Carlos on a stage or in a movie makes me smile. The only roll I could see him playing is the crazy evil mastermind in a cringe cowboy movie that plays at 2 am for drunk people. I think he read my thoughts as he won't stop laughing till we reach the airport.

I walk in with Carlos by my side and we go straight through when I show my ID. Long story short, I'm rich - well my parents are. I, however, have some of that money and it comes useful when you are trying to run away from them.

We get to the runway finding my Jet and a very angry Jo sitting on the steps. She jumps up when she sees me and storms over in rage. Her bobbed black ombre red hair bounces on her shoulder as she marched over and the ring piercing in her lip reflects the bright morning sun. Jo is quite into piercings, since her mum used to own a shop. She has them all up her ear along with one ring on her lip, two rings on her left eyebrow and a huge metal rod in her tongue. Many would call it disgusting but I think it suits her and makes her quite pretty.

'I said ten o'clock! Not ten thirty-five!' Okay so it isn't too pretty now but still, nobody is pretty when they are screaming down at someone like the world going to end. '...why can't you just be on time!?'

'Sorry, but I got in a bit of trouble and I had to call Carlos here. Plus Carlos is coming and your car is probably going to get towed.' I close my eyes and start counting. 3...2...1...BOOM! Ladies and Gentlemen Jo Ross is about is explode please stand back from this page.

'WhAt! ToWeD!' She storms off growling, marching up into the Jet with loud heavy footsteps.

I turn to Carlos who is amused by the whole situation, as usual, and makes his way on the plane with me following. I walk over to the cockpit and poke my head around the corner.

'Hey! Dan!'

'Coral! Lovely to see you again'

Dan is my usual pilot and good friend of mine who used to work for the RAF. He is a divorced man with three kids who are all working in the army and he has the best war stories ever- like no joke.

'Lets get moving Dan, Jo is already planning my death'

'And funeral!'

Jo shouts from the back and Dan chuckles, soluting me playfully and starting up the Jet.

I take a seat opposite Jo while Carlos stands by the minibar inspecting the drinks. Jo looks out the window with her arms crossed tightly at her chest as her usual scowl crosses her face, so i try and make conversation.

'I was thinking of buying us all motorbikes.' She doesn't move but Carlos gives me a toothy grin whilst chucking me a beer can. 'And I was going to get my hair dyed, maybe a new look. It might help to stay in disguise' Now she gets interested.

Jo is all about designing looks or outfits. She told me that when we lost contact and went to college she studied fashion and design. I trust her creative mind when it comes to blending in with the current fashion.

'Really?' She asks with a small ghosted smile.

'Yeah' I reply smiling. 'In fact...'

I walk over to where the minibar is and take out a huge black box that's covered in tribal designs, street art, logos and random artistic gems.

'No...' Jo stands up with her hands covering her mouth in utter shock.

'Yup! It's our old makeover kit!'

I found it in Jo's attic a couple of weeks ago and I HAD to bring it with me. So, I stocked up the supplies and delivered it on the Jet. Just to make this clearer: Me and Jo were best friends in secondary school which is where she taught me fashion and I taught her fighting. Every Halloween costume party me and Jo would use the makeover kit to build our characters and win best dressed 3 times in a row.

She is now grinning from ear to ear and I rush over placing the box on the table. I take a quick look in Carlos' direction to find him using the Xbox on my flatscreen whilst drinking beer. He's playing some zombie game and seems to find it hilarious.

'Right London girl, get ready to become a typical movie star wannabe.' Jo says excited and doesn't waste time searching around in the box.

Just decided to post the 1st Chapter as a taster of what is to come. I might not post another one in a while since I'm still writing the book but more shall be coming don't you worry. Thanks for giving my book a chance! Enjoy

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