In the Name of Friendship

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Chapter 9: Good News

A year went by since Aiman and his sisters disappeared without trace. This year, Nina and Shinta graduated from high school. Nina decided to stay in her hometown. She wanted to help her parents run their rice mill business. Meanwhile, Shinta enrolled to the police academy to chase her dream of becoming a policewoman.

After waiting for days, finally the notification letter from the police academy arrived at Shinta’s house.

“Mom, Dad, the letter from the police academy has just arrived!” Shinta shouted excitedly while running into her house after she received a letter from the postman.

“Come on, open it, Sweetie!” Andra, Shinta’s father encouraged her, “I can’t wait to see the results.”

“I’m curious too,” added Vina, Shinta’s mother.

“Okay.” Shinta slit the envelope open carefully and pulled out a piece of paper. Enthusiastically, she read the letter.

“How is it, Honey?” Shinta’s mother asked apprehensively.

Shinta lifted her eyes from the letter and looked at her parents with seriousness. “Mom... Dad...”

The expression in Shinta’s face made her parents nervous.

There was a long pause before Shinta yelled happily, “I’m accepted!”

“Are you sure, Sweetie?” Vina wanted to make sure.

“Yes, Mom. Look!” Shinta showed the letter to her parents.

After reading the letter, Vina and Andra hugged their daughter happily.

“Congratulation, Honey. Finally, your dream to become a policewoman will become true,” said Vina.

“Yes, Sweetie. I’m so proud of you,” Andra said.

“Thank you, Mom, Dad,” Shinta responded.

Once they pulled away from their embrace, Andra said to his wife, “Vina, you’d better call your brother, Rizwan now. Tell him that you and Shinta are going to his house tomorrow because Shinta has been accepted in the police academy.”

Rizwan is Vina’s younger brother. He and his wife, Penny, now lived in Jakarta. Vina had made an agreement with Rizwan that if Shinta got accepted in the police academy, she would stay in her uncle’s house.

“Yes, Honey.” Without another words, Shinta’s mother immediately went to her bedroom to call her brother and tell him about the good news.

“So you’re not going to come with me and Mom to Jakarta, Dad?” Shinta asked her father.

“Yes, Sweetie. I’m so sorry I can’t go to Jakarta with you and your mother because I must attend a meeting with a very important client. And the meeting can’t be canceled,” her Dad explained.

Shinta found it difficult to hide her disappointment when she knew that her father couldn’t come with her and her mother to Jakarta.

“But don’t worry, my beautiful daughter!” Andra added, “I will come to see you in your first day at the police academy.”

Shinta’s face lit up. “Promise?”

Andra nodded and gave her daughter a smile. “Yes, Sweetie, I promise you.”

“Thanks, Dad.” Shinta hugged her father.

After relinquished their embrace, Andra suggested, “Now, you’d better pack the things that you will bring to Jakarta tomorrow, Sweetie.”

“Aye captain.” Shinta put her right hand at the side of her head to salute her father.

Andra laughed at his only daughter’s behavior.

At last, Shinta excused herself and headed straight towards her bedroom.

“Thank God, I’m finally accepted at the police academy. My dream of becoming a policewoman finally will become true,” Shinta muttered to herself gratefully as she walked into her bedroom.

“When I’m in Jakarta, I will try to search for Aiman. After I meet him, I will bring Aiman back to Karawang so that I, Aiman, and Nina can be reunited,” Shinta initiated.

“Speaking of Nina,” Shinta added, “she doesn’t know yet that I’ve been accepted at the police academy. I think I should go to her home now to tell her about the good news. And I also want to say goodbye to her because I’m afraid I won’t have time to do it tomorrow.”

Couldn’t wait to share the good news with her best friend, Shinta finally decided to go to Nina’s house.

Shinta knocked on Nina’s front door and shouted, “Assalamualaikum.”

“Waalaikumsalam,” someone answered from the other side of the door.

Shortly after that, Nina opened the door. She looked surprised by Shinta’s sudden arrival.

“Shinta, why didn’t you tell me first that you wanted to come to my house?” Nina queried.

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you first that I wanted to come here, Nina. But I just can’t wait to share this good news with you,” said Shinta.

“What is the good news?” Nina asked curiously.

“Guess what, Nina! I’m accepted at the police academy,” Shinta told her excitedly.

“Really?” Nina asked in disbelief.

“Yes.” Shinta nodded her head.

Nina engulfed her best friend in a hug. “Congratulation, Shinta. Finally, your dream of becoming a policewoman comes true.”

“Thank you, Nina,” responded Shinta.

Nina said, “Never mind!”

After they pulled away, Shinta said, “But I have a bad news too.”

Nina frowned. “Bad news?”

Shinta nodded. “While studying at the police academy, I have to stay in my uncle’s house in Jakarta.”

“So you’re going to leave me too like Aiman?” Nina inquired sadly.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Shinta replied.

“But promise me that you’ll keep in touch with me while you are in Jakarta, okay? Don’t be like Aiman who never calls us and makes us worried of him!” Nina warned her.

“Yes, don’t worry! I’ll keep in touch with you and I will also return to Karawang to visit you when I’m on my holiday,” Shinta promised.

Nina felt relieved when her best friend promised that she would always keep in touch with her. She had lost contact with Aiman, and she couldn’t imagine what would happen to her if Shinta did the same thing too.

“And about Aiman,” Shinta continued, “I’ll try to search for him while I’m in Jakarta.”

“Good luck, Shinta! I hope you can find Aiman and bring him home. You know, I miss our best friend, Aiman terribly,” Nina said hopefully.

“Yes, Nina. I will surely bring Aiman home and then we’ll be reunited,” said Shinta.

“Oh I’m going to miss you so much, Shinta.” Nina hugged her best friend again.

Shinta hugged her back. “I’m going to miss you too, Nina.”

Detaching their embrace, Shinta said, “Okay, I have to go home now. I still have to pack my things because I’m going to Jakarta tomorrow.”

“So you have to go tomorrow?” Nina seemed quite disappointed to know that her best friend had to leave so soon.

Shinta nodded. “Yes.”

“Be careful, okay?” said Nina.

“Okay, I will,” Shinta responded.

“Bye Nina.” Shinta waved her hand to Nina as she walked away from her house.

Nina waved at Shinta in return. “Bye.”

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