In the Name of Friendship

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Chapter 16: The Mysterious Robbers

Brigadier Shinta parked her car in front of the crime scene which was a jewellery store in the outskirts of the city. Several witnesses testified that a four-man gang dressed in black carried out the robbery in this jewellery store last night. The owner claimed that half a billion Rupiah worth of jewellery and silver had been stolen from his store.

The robbery came as no surprise to Brigadier Shinta and other police because this wasn’t the first time a robbery occurred in this city. There had been an increase in the number of robberies in the city recently. The police had linked this robbery to similar crimes in the area for the past few months. Police suspected that all of those robberies were done by the same gang of robbers.

The identities of those robbers were still shrouded in mystery. According to the witnesses, the robbers always wore balaclavas every time they executed their crimes, so the witnesses had never seen their faces. Right now, the police were trying hard to discover the robbers’ identities. The police hoped that they could arrest the robbers as soon as possible because those robbers had sparked fears to the people.

Shinta swung herself out of the car and walked towards the jewellery store which was roped off with yellow police tape. Yes, the area had been cordoned off by the police overnight, and as dawn broke, forensic investigations began at the crime scene.

A small crowd had gathered outside the jewellery store. It seemed that the people who lived nearby the jewellery store were very curious to find out what had happened. Besides those people, this place was also buzzing with journalists who came to report the news about the robbery. Dozens of officers formed a police cordon in front of the jewellery story in order to prevent people from entering the building.

Shinta pushed her way through the crowd, ignoring the journalists who bombarded her with a lot of questions, and then went into the jewellery store. She saw specialist police forensic investigators carrying out an in-depth search of the building for evidence and also taking photographs of the crime scene. Shinta soon joined her co-workers in scouring the crime scene for clues.

A few minutes later, a black Toyota Avanza pulled up in front of the jewellery store. One of the police officers who was guarding the crime scene approached the car and opened the back seat door, revealing Police Commissioner General Arifin, the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency.

These robbery cases had attracted nationwide attention. That’s why the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency thought that he had to interfere in the investigation.

As Police Commissioner General Arifin stepped out of the car, reporters all stormed forward trying to interview him. However, the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency would not elaborate, saying that the robbery was still under investigation.

The Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency passed the journalists and marched over the jewellery store.

The line of police officers who were posted at the entrance saluted him, and the Police Commissioner General returned the salute. One of the police officers then opened the door for the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency, and he stepped in while nodding his head at the officer.

When the door of the jewellery store flew open, all eyes turned to the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency. All of the officers stood to attention and saluted Police Commissioner General Arifin as one man, and he quickly returned the salute.

“Are there further developments in the investigation?” Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency, Police Commissioner General Arifin asked.

“I’m sorry, Sir. So far, our investigation has drawn a blank,” Shinta’s senior, Inspector Rico answered.

“I hate to admit it, but these robbers are really clever, Sir,” said Mandala, one of the members of the forensic team, “They never left any fingerprints or footprints behind, and not a single hair or skin cell could be found in every crime scene either. There’s hardly anything which may give a clue to the identity of the robbers.”

“Have you checked the CCTV footage?” The Police Commissioner General inquired.

“All the security cameras in this store are busted, Sir, so the robbery wasn’t captured on film,” replied Shinta’s partner, Brigadier Elisa.

“I have studied the security cameras around the crime scene too, Sir,” added Shinta, “To my surprise, all of the security cameras weren’t working during the robbery. It seems that their security systems had been hacked by someone.”

“Apparently, we can’t underestimate these robbers. They know perfectly well what they’re doing,” Police Commissioner General Arifin spoke in a low mumble, as if to himself.

All the police officers nodded their heads in agreement.

“Keep searching! There must be something we can use as a clue to reveal the identity of the robbers. These robbers are the criminals we must catch and the sooner the better. Is that clear?” Police Commissioner General Arifin commanded.

“Yes, Sir,” answered all of the officers in unison.

“I must be going now. Find out as much as you can about this gang of robbbers and report back to me once you get a clue!” The Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency ordered.

“Yes, Sir,” again, all of them replied at the same time.

The police officers saluted the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency who returned the salute before leaving the crime scene.

Seeing the Chief of Criminal Investigation Agency walking out of the jewellery store, his driver got out of the car and opened the back seat door for him.

Police Commissioner General Arifin climbed into the car. The driver shut the door before he came back to the driver’s seat and finally pulled off.

Her General’s command was still ringing in Shinta’s ears. He was right. They must catch the robbers and the sooner the better. Whoever these robbers were, Shinta vowed she would do her best to find the criminals and bring them to justice.

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