In the Name of Friendship

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Chapter 20: The Man Behind The Mask

The Man Behind The Mask

A week later

Mr. Ongky Alexander Tan walked through his jewellery store, rapping out orders to his staff. Giving his employees a full briefing like this had become a daily routine every time the jewellery store would be opened in the morning.

The staff listened carefully to their boss’ instructions. Because they didn’t want to get reprimanded for disappointing the owner.

Out of the blue, three armed robbers broke into the jewellery store. The robbers raised their guns and fired the guns into the ceilings.

A wave of panic spread through the owner of the jewellery store and his staff. Screaming out in terror, they made a dash for the door, but the robbers were barring their exit.

“Put your hands up!” The robbers barked an order, brandishing their guns around the jewellery store.

Mr. Ongky and the jewellery store staff held their hands up with fear.

“Squat down over there!” one of the robbers ordered, pointing to the far corner of the room with his gun.

Frightened, they obeyed the robber’s command.

The other robber produced a folded drawstring bag from his jacket pocket and marched over to the hostages.

“Put your wallet and cell phones into this bag!” he ordered as he thrust the drawstring bag forward.

Reluctantly, the owner and employees of the jewellery store pulled their wallets and cell phones out of their pockets and put it into the drawstring bag.

“Who is the owner of this store?” another robber demanded.

Hesitantly, Mr. Ongky Alexander Tan raised his hand. “I— I am the owner.”

“You, stand up now!” the robber commanded.

Mr. Tan rose shakily to his feet.

Other robber crooked his finger. “Come forward!”

Mr. Onky Alexander Tan took a few steps forward and moved closer to robbers.

“Follow me!” One of the robbers grabbed Mr. Tan by the lapels of his jacket and dragged him towards the counter.

One robber came after them, while the third robber stayed behind as he drew his gun on the employees of the jewellery store.

One robber shoved a drawstring bag into Mr. Tan’s hand. Meanwhile, the other robber pulled his gun on Mr. Tan’s head.

“Put all the money and jewellery into this bag! Now!” The robber ordered.

“O—okay,” Mr. Tan stuttered.

Finally, he stuffed all the money and jewellery into a drawstring bag with trembling hands.

While those three robbers were carrying out the robbery, the fourth robber kept watch outside the jewellery store.

All of a sudden, he heard police sirens blaring somewhere in the distance.

“Oh no! I must warn my friends now,” the robber thought.

The fourth robber burst into the jewellery store.

“We have a situation, Guys,” he told his partners in crime.

“What’s the matter?” asked one of the three robbers.

“The police are on their way here,” he replied.

“We have to get out of this place now!” one of the robbers stated.

“Okay. Let’s split up and meet again at our den!” another robber suggested.

Other robbers nodded their heads in agreement.

Three robbers hurriedly stormed out of the jewellery store. The last robber wrested the drawstring bag from the jewellery owner’s grasp before he followed his partners in crime out into the road.

Before the robber could escape, a fleet of police cars suddenly arrived. Dozens of officers piled out and trained their guns on the robbers. Brigadier Shinta was among those police officers.

“Don’t move—we’ve got you covered!” one of the police officers yelled.

A look passed between the robbers. The four of them exchanged a nod before they cleared off in different directions.

Looking at that, the police split up into groups to chase after the robbers.

Brigadier Shinta ran after one of the robbers, who bolted down one of the dark alleys at the back of the shops, by herself.

“Stop!” Brigadier Shinta shouted at the man dressed in all black whom she was chasing.

Instead of obeying her order, the man who was wearing a balaclava covering his face ran faster.

“I said stop!” Shinta yelled one more time. But the man ignored her.

Brigadier Shinta stopped running, not for giving up the chase, but to pull her gun out of the holster wrapped around her hip. Then the policewoman pointed her gun at the robber.

When Brigadier Shinta intended to pull the trigger, her conscience suddenly protested. Her soft heart couldn’t stand watching someone else hurting because of her, even though he was a criminal. At last, she decided to fire the gun to the sky.

The robber’s heart missed a beat hearing the sound of gunshot. He came to a halt abruptly and checked if he was shot.

Taking advantage of the situation, Brigadier Shinta hurriedly approached the robber. Knowing the policewoman got closer, the robber started running again.

The chase at that dark alley carried on. Both of them were out of breath, but neither of them wanted to give in.

The robber turned to the left alley with Brigadier Shinta in hot pursuit. Unluckily, it turned out to be a dead end. Now, the robber with the ski mask was cornered.

“Hold up!” Brigadier Shinta barked while training her gun at the robber’s head.

Spontaneously, the robber dropped his gun and held his hands up in the air.

“Turn around!” Brigadier Shinta ordered firmly.

Carefully, the robber spun around. His eyes widened when he saw the policewoman standing before him. Quickly, he bowed his head, trying to conceal his expression from her.

Brigadier Shinta approached the robber slowly whilst pointing her gun at him. And finally, she whipped the balaclava off the robber’s face.

Shinta gazed at the robber’s face in horrified disbelief. “You?!”

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