In the Name of Friendship

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Chapter 27: Incident

Aiman sat in a chair beside Adinda’s bed, watching his little sister who was sleeping soundly. Dinda had been off school for a week because she was ill. But until now, her condition was not improving yet.

Leaning forward, Aiman placed a hand on Dinda’s forehead to check her temperature. A frustrated groan escaped his lips knowing she still had a high fever. Aiman then soaked a small towel in the cold water, wrung it out, and then laid it across Dinda’s forehead to help reduce her fever.

Even though it’s Monday, Aiman didn’t go to work. He deliberately took a few days off in order that he could look after Adinda, and so that Alya was able to focus on studying for her exams without having to worry about their youngest sister. He didn’t care if the company where he was working right now would threaten to fire him because he often took French leave. For him, his family came first. If he lost his current job, he could find a new job. But no one could replace his family in his life.

Aiman’s stomach suddenly rumbled. He hadn’t eaten anything since this morning, thus, he was so hungry. Lastly, he decided to leave his sister for a while in order to get something to eat.

Rising from his chair, Aiman stole out of the bedroom so as not to wake Dinda. He gave his sister one last glance before he shut the door after him, and finally headed to the kitchen which was located in the first floor.

No sooner had Aiman left her bedroom than Adinda woke up. When she opened her eyes, the room was reeling. Closing her eyes, Dinda’s hand went up to her throbbing head. After she felt her head ceased spinning, she opened her eyes again.

Adinda’s mouth felt as dry as a bone. Struggling into a sitting position, she looked at the bedside table. But she was disappointed to find that the glass on the table was empty.

“Teh Alya?” Dinda called for her sister, but she made no reply.

“Teh Alya?” she repeated, but her sister still didn’t answer.

“A Aiman?” This time, Dinda called her brother, but there was no response either.

Dinda hauled herself out of bed. Her head swam again and she swayed dizzily. Fortunately, she managed to keep her balance, so she didn’t fall. After she felt a little bit better, Dinda started tottering to the door and pulled it open.

Adinda hobbled across the room towards the staircase. She held on to the banister as she descended the stairs slowly. When there were only a few steps left, her legs suddenly felt so weak. Consequently, she lost her footing and tumbled down the stairs before she landed heavily at the bottom of the stairs.

Alya, who had just returned from college, was stupefied to find Adinda lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs. Blood was gushing from a wound on her head.

Dropping her bag on to the floor, Alya hurried across the room to approach her little sister. As a medical student, she had initiative to give first aid to her sister. Going down on her knees, Alya checked Adinda’s pulse on her neck and wrist. She heaved a sigh of relief when she could feel Dinda’s weak pulse. Quickly, Alya divested herself of her cardigan and tied it around Dinda’s wound to staunch the bleeding. And at last, Alya called out to her brother for help.


Aiman, who was having lunch in the dining room, heard Alya shouting for help. He then made a dart for his sister to find out what’s going on.

“Dinda!” Aiman shrieked when he saw his youngest sister’s condition. He soon crouched down beside Adinda and carefully laid her head on his lap.

“What’s happened to Dinda?” He asked Alya.

She replied, “She seems to have fallen off the stairs.”

“Dinda? Dinda? Wake up! Open your eyes, Dinda! Please wake up!” Aiman gave Dinda a shake to wake her while calling her name, but Adinda didn’t want to open her eyes.

“Alya, get the car ready! We need to rush Dinda to the hospital soon,” Aiman ordered.

Yes, Alya could drive. She was twenty years old now. So, Aiman had taught her how to drive.

Alya nodded her head. “Okay.”

Without wasting time, Alya sprinted out of the house and pushed open the gate. After that, she strode towards a white car that was parked in front of their house. She climbed into the driver’s seat and got the car started.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Aiman swept Adinda up into his arms and carried his sister out of the house.

When Alya saw her brother walking out of the house with the unconscious Dinda in his arms, she hurriedly swung herself out of the car before she opened the back seat door.

Aiman laid Dinda down gently on the back seat. Shortly after that, Alya hopped into the car to accompany their youngest sister.

Aiman shut the door, then he quickly got into the driver’s seat, and finally drove his car to the hospital.

Aiman paced up and down outside the emergency room while Alya was sitting on a bench. Adinda was receiving treatment for her injury in the emergency room now. They had been waiting for twenty minutes here, but the doctors hadn’t come out yet to inform them about Dinda’s condition.

The door to the emergency room finally flew open and out stepped a doctor. The name tag on his lab coat read: “Dr Firman S.”

“Adinda’s family?” the doctor called.

At that very instant, Alya sprang to her feet and walked over to the doctor. “I’m Adinda’s sister, Alya, Doctor.”

At the same time, Aiman also came up to the doctor and asked, “I’m her brother. How is my sister, Doctor?”

Dr Firman shifted his gaze from the Aiman to Alya before he spoke, “Let’s go to my office, shall we? I need to speak with you privately.”

Aiman and Alya nodded their heads in agreement, and finally, they were shown into the doctor’s office.

“Please take a seat!” Dr Firman said as he seated himself behind his desk.

Alya and Aiman lastly sat down across from the doctor.

“How is my sister, Doctor? Is she okay?” Aiman asked anxiously.

“Your sister’s condition is stable now. She has a concussion. But fortunately, it’s not severe. We have made sure that there is no damage to the brain either. And the most important thing is, she is very lucky to survive the fall with no broken bones,” Dr Firman elaborated.

“Thank God!” Aiman and Alya said with a sigh of relief.

“But there is one thing that bothers me,” the doctor said.

“What is it, Doctor?” asked Alya.

“Her cancer is apparently much worse than we have expected. Therefore, Adinda will require to have a stem cell transplant as soon as possible,” Dr Firman explained.

“Take whatever action is needed, Doctor. The most important thing is you have to save my sister’s life,” said Aiman.

“But I’m afraid Adinda’s stem cell transplant will cost a lot of money, Mr. Aiman,” Dr Firman said.

“How much does it cost, Doctor?” Alya inquired.

“The total cost to you is about Rp 9,5 billions,” the doctor answered.

Alya and Aiman were staggered at the amount of money they had to spend for their sister’s operation. They didn’t imagine that the stem cell transplant would be so expensive.

If Aiman still became a robber, money was no object for him. But now, after he quitted being a robber, he didn’t have much money with him.

However, Aiman refused to give up easily. He needed to think of ways to make money for Adinda’s operation at all cost. He didn’t want to lose his sister like he lost his parents.

“So what is your decision, Mr. Aiman?” Dr Firman asked.

“Do it, Doctor! I’ll get the money. So please you have to help my sister!”

“All right then, we will do the stem cell transplant on Adinda. There are 2 main types of transplants, Mr. Aiman. First, Autologous: the stem cells come from the same person who will get the transplant. The second is Allogeneic: the stem cells come from a matched related or unrelated donor,” Dr Firman explained.

Aiman and Alya nodded their heads in understanding.

“In Dinda’s case,” Dr Firman went on, “we need to do Allogeneic stem cell transplant or get the transplant from a matched donor. Therefore, her stem cell transplant will take place as soon as a suitable donor can be found.”

“Don’t bother searching for a donor for Adinda, Doctor! I’m ready to be her donor,” Aiman said with certitude.

“Me too, Doctor,” Alya chipped in, “We’re her siblings. I’m sure one of us if not both of us are her suitable donor.”

“Okay, but we’ll need to carry out a series of tests first to find out who the perfect match is,” Dr Firman said.

“Okay,” Aiman and Alya agreed.

After that, Dr Firman led Alya and Aiman to the laboratory and then did some tests on them.

“When can we get our test results, Doctor?” Alya asked after they had finished doing all the tests.

“You will get your test results tomorrow,” Dr Firman answered, “Now, you both can see your sister. We’ve moved her to her room. She will wake up once the anesthesia wears off.”

“Thank you so much, Doctor.” Aiman shook Dr Firman’s hand.

“You’re very welcome,” the doctor responded.

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