A Cradle of Wolves

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Chapter Twenty-One: A Past Remembered.

Theo found himself laying in a hospital bed when he regained his consciousness. The small light above his bed buzzed—it was a sound that irritated him to no end. His head was throbbing but despite his pain his memory had become much clearer. He now remembered what he couldn’t remember from his infancy. His fall had cured his amnesia, but it all seemed too good to be true…

He rubbed his head while he looked around in the darkened room. By the door was a single chair where Theo distinguished a silhouette sitting in the darkness. The silhouette was slim with a feminine composure, sitting with her legs crossed. As Theo’s gaze was fixed on the silhouette, the small lamp that sat on the table next to the single chair suddenly flicked on, illuminating the room.

Theo glared at his visitor, whose identity was revealed due to the sudden illumination from the lamp.

“Surprised to see me?” Constance said with a cool tone of voice. She spoke with confidence and airy pride.

“Not at all. I knew that the one responsible for my accident would show up sooner than later,” Theo shot back with the same tone as he sat upright in his bed.

“How do you know that it was me who put you in this situation? Are you just going to assume that every little bad thing that happens to you is my fault?”

“I say this because I know it. Either you did it or your brother did it under your orders. Plus, everything bad that has happened in my life has been your doing!”

Constance began to walk towards Theo with a menacing countenance. “I beg to differ. I haven’t been there all your life. Just recently.”

“You can tell me whatever the hell you want but your lies will never work with me. I know who I really am,” Theo narrowed his eyes at her, clenching his fists under his blanket.

Constance sat on the edge of his hospital bed. “Who are you really?” she asked with a teasing scoff, waiting for an answer.

“There’s no need in me wasting my breath on the matter. You know who I really am. You’re the one wasting your time by lying and making me want to believe that I am not who I really am. Anyways, what brings you here?” he paused and gazed at his adversary, wholly unafraid of the murderer who sat before him. “That’s right! You’re here to finish the job, aren’t you?”

“On the contrary,” she laid one hand on his leg with mock reassurance, “I’m here to inform you on something that you ought to know.”

Theo raised a brow and jerked her hand away from his leg. “Go on. I’m listening but don’t think I’ll believe you.”

“Whether you believe me or not is your choice,” she clasped her hands together while she audibly exhaled through her nostrils, sounding somewhat pestered. “Now how should I put this into words? Ok, so you know that Cristina is a widower correct?”

Theo nodded as he gazed at Constance dubiously.

“But no one knows how she became a widower. She was married to a very healthy man, and I shall add that he was handsomely rich as well. All of a sudden, he had a heart attack or something along those lines. It’s only obvious that she killed him just so she can further her plans in coming back to Old Willow. She got the necessary amount of money to get back to her position in society and start her revenge. It all started with her killing her second husband! Don’t you see Theo…you’re working for a killer.”

Theo clapped his hands and chuckled sarcastically. “Wow, wonderful story! Not everyone is like you who is willing to kill in cold blood to get their way. I know Cristina very well and I know she wouldn’t do such a thing. Also, there wouldn’t be a point in killing her rich husband when she’s a countess. You can just get hell out of here and take your shit story because I’m having none of it!”

“Do you really think she’s your mom?” Constance jeered with an amused smile. She noticed that Theo defended Cristina as if he were her son. “Poor fool. She’s only using you. Once this war between us is over she’s going to discard you like a dirty rag.”

“I don’t think. In matter of fact I know that she is! My amnesia is gone, and I remember everything,” he retorted with certainty.

“Yes, but you can only prove that with a DNA test. Right now, you’re just sounding like a mad man with really high hopes of being a typical rag to riches success story in every damn way.” She got up and headed towards the door.

“You killed her. I know you did.” Theo’s words stopped Constance just as she was going to open the door to leave.

“Rita or my mother?” she spoke without scruples whatsoever.

“In that case since you’ve mentioned it: both. You killed Ms. Rita and Marie Edmunds, didn’t you?”

“If you know me as well as you claim then you know the answer.” Constance said those final words before leaving Theo’s hospital room altogether.

The sun outside began to rise when she left, it was as if Constance had taken the dark of night along with her. Theo’s head had ceased throbbing as he rested back on the bed. His amnesia had faded but due to Constance’s instigation he began to doubt his memories. Indeed, the only way to prove whether he was truly Dante Clearwater was getting a DNA test done—a test in which he was waiting to see the result of.

Outside his room he began to hear the early morning bustle of the hospital. Phones began to ring. Nurses and doctors walked to and fro. The door to his room opened and in came a doctor with Cristina, Helen, and Benjamin behind him. The doctor inspected Theo, ultimately concluding that he was fine before giving him an order of release.

Theo gladly got ready and left, unscathed from Constance’s attempt at his life. On his way home he had to listen to Cristina explain in lengthy detail how much she worried for his safety; Theo believed her. Helen explained to him that when she saw him lying unconscious at the time of the accident, she thought she had lost him forever. Finally, Benjamin didn’t speak of what he thought when the news of the accident came to him, instead he expressed his thanks that Theo was alive and well.

“Is something wrong?” asked Cristina when they finally made it to Theo’s house. Cristina had observed that Theo was awfully quiet and pensive on their way back from the hospital as if a troubling thought was plaguing his mind.

Theo immediately sat on the couch when he walked inside his house. He was hungry but he would only eat after he was left alone. “Constance came to me shortly before sunrise and did what she does best.”

Cristina shook her head regrettably. She was incredulous at how Constance bypassed the security at the hospital. At the same time, she was infuriated over the fact that Constance came to Theo, only to harass him. “That bitch. What did she say?”

“She said that you killed your second husband…”

“That’s not true and I hope you know that.”

Theo nodded, assenting in Cristina’s favor.

“I can explain…”

“There’s no need. Another day is fine,” Theo interrupted her when he caught onto a certain sadness in her eyes that he thought was more important than any petty rumor. “Now it’s my time to ask you what’s wrong.”

Cristina looked at him sincerely. She began to pour out her feelings almost instantly. “I thought that all of this that had happened to me would have only strengthened my relationship with Richard Clearwater, my husband, but that’s just wishful thinking. He and I have been having marital problems ever since Dante was born. Even though things between he and I had gotten better before Constance ruined my life, our marriage was already broken. I tried to pretend at the time like everything was alright, but it wasn’t alright. The love he and I shared when we first married had run out by the time Dante came along. We only had Felix to see if there was anything there between us, but it didn’t work out. That’s why it was so easy for him to move on because there wasn’t any love by the time Constance broke our family apart. Sure, he might have grieved but he grieved for his kids. Recently he developed the illusion that he truly loves me, but it only lasted a second.”

Theo gulped. He was utterly taken aback by her confession. “What are you going to do, if you don’t mind me asking? Surely he’s getting his marriage with Constance annulled and therefore restoring your marriage with him.”

Cristina shrugged half-heartedly. “Simple. We’re getting a divorce.”

“Things happen for a reason, correct?” Theo lightened the atmosphere with his seamless smile. “Thanks for taking me home and all.” He proceeded in walking her out the door when he saw her getting up, ready to leave. “One little question before you leave if you don’t mind please.”

She turned, gazing at him with a motherly look of concern. “Yes?”

“About the DNA test…when are we getting the results?”

“Soon, I hope. Within a month.” She hugged him and for the first time kissed him on the cheek. With that done she walked down the steps, exiting the premises.

After Theo closed the front door behind him, he immediately sought out Helen and found her sitting in the green house on an ornate white bench. She smiled gorgeously at him when she noticed him come in. Theo sat next to her and wrapped one arm around her, pulling her close to him without having said a single word. Helen quickly separated herself from his hold, looking at him with a curious gaze. He was being so strange and extremely loving; she didn’t understand this weird behavior of his. Sure, he would randomly cuddle with her all the time and whatnot, but something seemed off about him. She furrowed her brow and pursed her lips, pondering all these things.

Theo put a rose behind one of her ears before he took her hands in his. “I could have died from that fall if I was elevated a little higher. I could have left this world without saying the one thing that I have been wanting to say to you so badly.”

Helen’s eyes sparkled in anticipation at what he was going to declare to her.

“I love you so damn much, Helen.” He finally said it. He didn’t know why he was holding it in for so long but now it was out. His love for Helen had been declared. Their lips met in a passionate kiss as the flowers and orchids around them began to almost bloom and glow beautifully. The light that came through the greenhouse blanketed everything in a rosy, warm hue while the two lovers shined like angels under the golden sunlight.

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