My rapist's brother

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What happens when the brother of your rapist becomes your boyfriend ? Rachel Alvarez‘s childhood best friend doesn’t recognize her after 3 years and rapes her.Will all go well when the brother of her rapist becomes her boyfriend? Will Rachel ever be able to forgive him or will she hold a grudge forever?

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Rachel's P.O.V
Hi I'm Rachel Alvarez and my life is pretty simple yet, so complicated. Let me tell you my story. But I'm warning you, it's no Cinderella story. It all started about 2 weeks ago when my Mum had come home again, complaining about how the memories hurt her. You see, my father died in an accident about a year ago. He and my Mum had gotten drunk and then they had started arguing. He said he was going out for a drive and Mum went to bed. He didn't come back and we had no idea where he was until, a police officer knocked on the door and told us that he had died. My Mum still hasn't forgiven herself and she doesn't want to live in this house anymore. So we are moving and of all the states we have to move to Las Vegas. And I am transferring to a school full of players. But also the school of the biggest player: Jason Black. And his little brother Jack Black. We were best friends since child hood and our mum's are best friends. That is exactly why we are moving to Las Vegas,. My mother thinks it is a good idea to re-connect with them. She does know we have grown up though, right?
"Rachel come down stairs we are leaving!" my mum's voice sounds from downstairs. Ugh why is my life so miserable?
"Mum I don't want to leave!" I scream. I probably shouldn't have done that but I don't want to move. What about the few good friends that I have here? Doesn't she care about what I want.
"Rachel Violet Camila Garcia Alvarez! Get down here now!" Now I know I'm in trouble. She used all of my 5 names. I grab my last suitcase and throw myself down the stairs.
"Bye house. I'm gonna miss you" I whisper to myself and I stroll down the second flight of stairs.
"In the car now!" Sometimes my Mum is so annoying. She thinks she has won but I still got plan B which is going to be launched now. Let me fill you in on my plans. Plan A was to beg her to not make me move. It was a simple and ineffective plan.It didn't work but I didn't really expect it to so I created Plan B, Which is to not speak to her or anyone in Las Vegas. Then I will become invisible and disappear to a far away state. I get in the car and look out the window. The engine springs to life and we start driving. I look into the mirror as we are moving further and further away from the home I have grown to love so much. I mean I have been living there since I can remember. Before I know it my eye lids get heavy and I doze off. When I open my eyes I realise that we are parked in front of a huge house which is detached but still close to the one of our neighbours. Semi-detached. Our neighbours house was taller than ours but other than that all the houses looked the same to. I was so going to get lost all the time. I grab one of my many suitcases and roll it to the front of the door.
"Mum! I am locked out of the building"
She tosses me the keys and mumbles something about this being our new home. Oh please, this is so not my home. I want to go back to my old house where I have memories. I unlock the door and see that it is already furnished and painted. Great! I thought sarcastically. I drag my suitcase up the stairs and walk to what I realise that is my room. I put my suitcase in the corner. At least it looks nice. It is also bigger than my old room. It has a king sized bed in the corner and a wardrobe. Then I see that there is a door attached to my room. I open it and see that it's a bathroom. I walk back to my room and look out of the window. I have a perfect view of the room opposite which seems to be owned by a teenage boy. It's got weird posters on the wall ad looks messy. After I bring up the rest of my stuff o lie down on the bed. Opening my eyes, I realised that I fell asleep again. There is a knock on the door. I groan,"Yeesss." "Wake up, we've got a visitor". We have been here for a few hours and we already have visitors. What is this?! I'm not planning on sticking around so the less people I know the better for when I leave. I mope down stairs, still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. But what I see wakes me up 100%.
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