A Knock From The Past

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“It’s suicidal” Antalia muttered to her big head brother

“I didn’t ask you to accompany me” Jed responded “did I?”

“no” Antalia grumbled being put on spot “but, still you think roaming the pack grounds without mum’s knowledge is great. You know how she been these past few days”

“Paranoid” Jordy stated

“More than that actually” Jed joined the conversation again “she is freaking out”

“When you know that my dear brother, then why are we roaming the place life stupid crazed wolfs, attracting the attention of you know who?” Antalia logically pointed out.

“She might be right” Jordy sided Antalia

“Really Jordy” Jed asked his mate disbelievingly.

Who merely shrugged and continued walking around the pack grounds. They only stopped coming face to face the training grounds, where many of the wolves training; warriors, kids and warriors in making. Sensing them all of who were training stop , gazes at them upon recognising one of the people among them is none another than their uncle; alpha of this pack and with them devil himself Dante.

“Well we found the Satan incarnated” Antalia whispered to them

“Antalia” Jed warned her.


“she is right” Jordy again took Antalia side


“you both” Jed said “impossible but, let’s have some fun.

Aaron, the alpha and their mothers older brother looked them interestingly before he could address them Dante himself took the responsibility “what do we have here?”

Not addressing him Jedrck instead addressed his uncle “can we join the training?”

“You all three” Aaron eyed three of them with new curiosity.

“No” Jed responded “just my sister and I”

“Why can’t him?” Dante butted in the conversation.

Again ignoring him Jed asked the alpha “can we?”

“sure” nodding at his uncle, he turned to his mate and sister “ready”

“Always” Antalia replied

“and you Jordy” Jed asked his mate “stay on high alert”

“you got it” Jordy replied

Jed and Antalia joined the bewilder troop gazing them with interest, curiosity, hate and much more “are you sure about this?”

“Never been surer” Jed replied “trust me”

“Whatever you say brother” and they mingled with the training wolves.

“Ok” Aaron gathers their attention “back to training guys”


Jed knocked out another one of his opponent into ground looking for another one but, it’s clear to say he is the last one standing , if you not considering his sister dusting her hands away.

“well that was fun” Jed mumbled turned around to face the two alphas eyeing him with interest “well I don’t want to sound conceited but, they need more training clearly.”

“Yeah well they do” Aaron agreed “but, I might say this you guys both have good skills, especially your sister who I think taunting them still?” with amusement in his voice

“Well she likes to gloat” Jed replied.

“well I know we haven’t talked much but, you guys mind joining me in my way back” Aaron offered

“sure” Jed replied without any reluctance.

“if I might cut in” Dante voice irritated Jed but, he looked straight into his eyes “if I might ask? Who taught you such skills?”

“oh wouldn’t you like to know” Jed mocked “but, I’m afraid it’s none of your business”

“If I were you” Dante replied with tick in his jaw “will defiantly sound little respectful, after all you talking to an alpha.”

Again ignoring his jab for respect “well are we good to go” asked his uncle, who only nodded and together they four of them existed the training field leaving a very fuming Dante behind.


“What you did back there you got guts?” Aaron stated to his nephew

“I did what?” Jed asked

“Don’t act clueless”

“Trust me he is not” Antalia took jab at his brother.

Aaron just laughed it off “well you definitely got some spunk there”

“Dearest uncle you got that right” totally in her element

“Don’t boast her” both Jed and Jordy chimed together “she is already horrifying” Jed continued shaking in terror.

“but, on serious note” Aaron advised “don’t spite Dante, he is someone who you don’t want to be on your bad side”

“what if I tell you? Jed said “that’s what I want”

“why would you want that?” Aaron enquired

“for that you have to wait for the right time” Jed stated “until then I would say you make amends with your sister, who knows maybe it’s the last time you seeing her.” With that they completed their trek towards pack house in silence.

When abruptly Antalia stopped, her eyes glazed over “he is here”

“Who is?” Aaron asked

“Someone” Jed replied abruptly “it’s been nice walk but, we will see you when we will see you.”

“Ciao” Antalia shouted over her shoulder and from there, they left without any explanation to their uncle, who left utterly confused gazing the backs of three retreating teens?

On other side, Lucy breathes from relief when she saw finally they arrived, on such short notice. An utter chaos awaits them and Lucy wants as many people here with her, to minimize the impact called, Dante.

“I’m so relieved now that you guys are here” Lucy breathed out her thoughts seeing her friends from England Rylan and Serene, referred to as Alpha and Luna.

“you know we would” Serene replied instantly reciprocating Lucy’s hug.

“how you got permission so fast” Lucy enquired, as they require permission from the American King of werewolf to pass the borders, stating their course of work and period; how long they will be visiting American lands.

“Well my darling you forgot” Serene replied “I’m the niece of the alpha king of Europe, it’s easy to get the permission”

“and not to forget they have very good relations you see” Rylan joined the conversation “so no worries, we got this Lucy and in order for that you have to fill us up with all the blanks, crooked rows of this so called fairy tale Dante” this is Rylan to you straight to the point.

“Always so straight forward” serene rolled his eyes at her mate

“Well I don’t like to beat around the bush” Rylan dismissed the diss from is mate.

“Momma Lucy” called a voice halting the bickering duo and in return they gazed Lucy in question, who ignoring the questioning glances from her friends instead called out “in here”

Then came; a boy with blonde hairs, piercing blue eyes not much older than eight or nine holding what seems a lollipop in his hand, abruptly halt seeing the new faces other than what he knows and shyly shielded himself from the strangers view.

“well guys meet Julio” Lucy introduced the shy boy , her first time seeing him this timid and all shy “and Julio these are my close friends and family from England, alpha Rylan and Luna Serene”

“Hi” Julio mumbled still behind Lucy

“Usually he’s not that shy” Lucy informed her friends

“Well I didn’t know you adopted a pup” serene questioned

Before Lucy can further explain the Julio presence the front door slammed open and the voice of none other than Antalia floated their ears

“Princess is here for her king”

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