A Knock From The Past

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Silence engulfed them not like warm blanket but, ice cold water when Lucy narrated the events and assumptions they have reached so far.

“Wow” serene exclaimed “when your life became so dramatic?”

“When I decided to come here? Lucy mumbled

“I don’t like this Dante guy” Rylan drew the line

“Join the club” Lucy supplied

“What about the kids?” Rylan questioned “do they know?”

“yup” Lucy filled him “they drew that conclusion their own. I don’t have to tell them much; they dig it all by themselves.”

“I did well” Rylan self praised himself

“What” both Lucy and serene called out.

“what?” Rylan sound astonished “I did raise them and taught them well.”

“Whatever” Lucy mumbled “that’s one of the reason one of them is too dramatic and other one is always straight to the point.”

“hey” Rylan said “I raised all my kids equally and properly. Don’t be jealous?” teased them back.

“huh” serene dismissed his diagnosis “as if”

“well Lucy” Rylan again asked “your mum hosting dinner tomorrow right.”

“Right” Lucy replied confused “why?”

“And we are invited” Rylan asked again


“Good” Rylan beamed getting up from chair “well I’m going to bed” and left abruptly.

“What’s up with him?” Lucy questioned.

“Don’t ask me?” serene replied “I, myself question his sanity from time to time.”

“No wonder you are perfect for eachother” Lucy stated

“Yup” serene agreed absentmindedly “hey what”

“Nothing” Lucy abruptly said “you should head to bed too, it’s getting late”

“Don’t act cheeky” serene said in mock stern voice “but, I do need mu sleep ciao” leaves Lucy behind with her wondering thoughts.


It’s true you can never stop time but, they never said that you can’t stall it. So, Lucy is doing so.

“she is still doing it” Rylan mumbled

“I know dad ry” Antalia mumbled back, both watching Lucy with hawk eyes; following her every moment closely.

“give up already” Rylan called out Lucy’s attempt to delay them for today’s diner. “It’s not going to work” but, Lucy chose to ignore them.

“she’s ignoring you now” Antalia stated “typical Lucy move” and sighed dramatically at end.

“what you are mumbling about?” asked Jedrck behind them.

“nothing watching someone repeatedly fail in their attempt to stall some time” Rylan intentionally called out loud.

“you two stop being dramatic” Jed said before walking away in search of his mate.

“We are not” both called out at the same time at retreating back of grumpy pants.

“Keep telling yourself that” Jed shouted back at them.

“lets ignore him” Rylan suggested

“copy that” Antalia agreed


“Why isn’t she coming down?” groaned Julio and fall dramatically on sofa.

“You should not spent time with Antalia” Jedrck suggested

“hey” Antalia glared at her twin “I’m not that dramatic”

“Yes you are” all of them coursed together

By all, I mean; Julio, Jordy, serene, Jedrck and even Rylan joined them too.

“Whatever” Antalia mumbled “I’m going up to see what’s taking her so long.”

“Finally” Julio mumbled from his lying position

“Aren’t you too impatient today” Jordy questioned his brother

“No” Julio replied “just want to be around someone more sensible that’s all” and silenced fall upon them all looking at Julio has poured hot boiling at them, sensing all eyes on him, Julio got up “what truth hurts?” and went up to look for Lucy

“That kid” Rylan commented

“is something else” Antalia completed his sentence


“we know” both Jed band Jordy agreed.


“mum” Julio called out knocking at her door “I’m coming in” and let himself in only to see Lucy all ready but, far away from reality.

Julio gently pulled her dress skirt for her attention only then her train of thoughts were broken “Julio what you doing up here?” questioned Lucy

“Just checking on you” Julio said taking seat beside her “we all were waiting for you to show up, it’s almost time and we are running late; grandma already called three times.”

“she did” Lucy breathed out


“or were you getting impatient with every one down their” Lucy teased

“That too” Julio dejectedly grumbled “but, you are ready so why don’t come down so that we can go”

“I’m ready” Lucy agreed “but, just little scared”

“Scared” Julio pondered “don’t be I’m going to protect you”

Lucy smiled at him innocence, sometimes we want a simple touch of innocence to be less scared; even it’s for moment only “promise” Lucy hold out her pinkie and without any second glance Julio linked his with her “promise” smiling so big.

“Well should we go” Lucy asked her youngest.

“Yes” Julio shouted with glee and pulled a laughing Lucy behind him.


“You guys are late” that’s what they were greeted with.

“Fashionably late” Antalia supplied.

“we are here aren’t we” Lucy said finally “stop pestering”

“hey grandma” Julio beamed at frowning old lady.

“ahhh” suddenly she broke into smile “ my favourite grandson” and together they left them standing at entrance.

“Did we just got ditched?” Rylan concluded

“What’s new?” Antalia filled the silence “that’s her favourite grandson” and followed where they went, followed by Jed and Jordy.

“Are you ready?” serene questioned Lucy trying to read into her emotions that she already concealed far away.

“Too late for that” Lucy said “but, are you?” questioned them back

“Darling” Rylan said in serious alpha voice “this shit is going down” and left the two ladies watching at his retreating back.

“He is serious” Lucy called out

“Deadly” serene confirmed

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